Why certain people are so stubborn and keep going against the mainstream

I first started to write about “Why certain people don’t understand some things” but this night wrote first more about the lack of empathy we encounter in this world. Being 4 am, I got lost in writing, forgetting the initial title. So today I changed the title of my first writing on the question

What’s something most people don’t understand?


Why certain people don’t understand some things

Throughout history, one can find several people who could not and did not want to understand the differences between them and others and did not accept that they thought differently about political and religious matters. So now I come to

What’s something most people don’t understand? & Why certain people are so stubborn and keep going against the mainstream?

Because we should question why so many people do not want to accept matters they are confronted with every day and over which so many people thought and spoke already for so many millennia. For several thousand years, people have sought answers to their questions about life and death, the origin and the disintegration or decay of things but also about the reasons for events. Many have wondered how everything came about and why things happen the way they do. They want to investigate and explain what’s happening, plus find answers to the many questions they and others have. Daily we are confronted with existence. It keeps us muddling and wondering. For an infinite number of years, the alternating generations have tried to discuss and answer any questions about the emergence of life and death. There could be brought Biblical, logical or ontological, teleological, cosmological and moral arguments to show that there must exist a Superior Being that caused everything to exist, but a lot of people did not and do not want to hear those arguments and answers. Even though we are confronted daily with the things of life, it is hard for the majority to believe that there would be Someone behind it, Whom they cannot see or touch. Indeed, it is very difficult to believe in Something imperceptible. And that is the least one can say of that Something or Someone Who is behind all this in life. Strangely enough, throughout life, we as human beings have some inner feelings that bring us some ideas. But even when we have some instincts and inner thoughts, some of those ideas we resist taking as real or as to be granted. Lots of people got in their mind already had questions about that Superior Being. Somehow they got the feeling that there had to be a Superior Being that would have created everything. But for many, this would place them in second place, something they can not veil. Searching for a solution to be mightier than all the things around him, man even came to create all sorts of gods. To believe in their many gods is for many much easier than going to believe in that only One True God. To accept That Causer or Provoker God or Supreme Maker declared Himself to be the Eh-heh-yeh ashair Ehheh- yeh (I Am Who I Am) Jehovah God.

Caught in the mystery, lots of people are either not willing to go and look for answers, though it intrigues them a lot, and when someone talks about it or about Him Who Created, they tear the other person down or mark him down as a madman who believes in such things.

We came to accept that probably when there is light, there can also be found darkness. Light challenges the darkness and banishes it. When you switch on the light, the darkness disappears. Spiritually, lots of people do not want to switch on the light but prefer to stay in the darkness, though many before them had found the light switch and wrote their findings down so that others after them could more easily find that light. But there comes in the stubborn man who in his selfishness does not want to believe those who went before him and found answers to oh so many questions and could find light in the darkness. Certain people created for themselves a system they called religion to enable themselves to transcend. For them, that religion was, and is, a means to get away from the daily grind. They found a way to transcend the ordinary of the mundane. But in their hopes of feeling better in a cherished environment where they wished to rely as on certain certainties, they came to misunderstand people who did not wish to believe what they believed or accepted as truth. What is striking in the totality of human existence is that a very large movement has started where people have started to feel good about all sorts of human philosophical thoughts, while ignoring a very important and distinguished collected masterpiece, the Book of books or the Bible. It may be regrettable that man has right there in front of his nose a book with many answers to and solutions for man’s many questions and difficulties. But man is so sufficient and so vain that he usually thinks he can find all the answers by himself and does not need anyone to guide him in life or tell him what to do. The majority of people prefer to feel safe and count on it that going with the mainstream is therefore the best solution. Some even think they might level themselves up in their life and get the self to the level of the gods they have in front of their eyes, or even to that Supreme Being (God, the Elohim Hashem Jehovah). By doing so man also thinks he can bring to himself the utmost peace. They seem not to understand how there is Only One God and not such a Trinity like many believe, whilst the texts in the Bible are very clear when people would take the words for what they are and say. But for many, it’s a whole lot more ruffling if they can disappear into a crowd so that they can dispose of themselves in that large group and not have to take on responsibilities or express themselves personally. Giving themselves away and letting others do things for them makes it so easy for them to let themselves float quietly along with the flow of the masses, without having to worry too much about whether it is this or that. Thus, many people are left with many uncertainties in their lives, when they could take up a Book in which they could find so many solutions to all their questions. They do not understand that life lies in each individual and that each of us has to take his own responsibility, making the right choices.

What is over my head is how many people want to adhere to human doctrines, instead of conforming to Biblical teachings. The Holy Scriptures record that God is an eternal and invisible being, which means he knows no birth but also no death. Similarly, the Bible records that no human being can see God. Yet many believe Jesus, who had a birth and actually died, and was seen by many before and after his death, while Jesus himself said he is not a spirit as his heavenly Father is a Spirit.

Most people do not want to understand that Jesus is not God and that Jesus and God are two different entities. Though in the Bible (once again) Jesus himself says God is mightier than him and that he can not do the things without his heavenly Father letting him do those things. The Bible tells us also that God authorised His beloved son and took Him to sit next to Him to be for Him a high priest and for man to be a mediator.

Instead of believing the God of the Bible that Jesus is His son, most people choose to believe that Jesus is a reincarnated God, even though the Bible indicates that God does not tell lies and that He abhors reincarnation. The Bible also indicates several times that Jesus prays to the God of Abraham, which is also Jesus and his disciples’ God. Further, Jesus asks that not his will be done, but rather the Will of God. If Jesus were God, his will would also be that Will of God.

I have no idea how long it will take for people to realise how certain clerics do not follow the teachings of the Bible or the teachings of God, at all. I can only hope that as we get closer to the last days, more people will start accepting Biblical Truth as the only Truth, and shall recognise, honour and praise the Only True God of Truth.

Real lovers of the True God do prefer to be stubborn followers of God’s Word and to keep to His commandments.

Even though they receive so much contradiction and opposition, they choose to persevere with the teachings of the Bible in order to gain the approval of God.

True Christians live by the hope in Christ and with the assurance that the resistance they now have to face here on earth is only temporary, as a much better world awaits them.

As a believer in the Only One True God, I also have been a stubborn person rowing against the mainstream and facing a lot of opposition. But I am convinced it all shall be worthwhile. Reason enough to stay put, and to stay stubborn following the Biblical teachings or Biblical doctrines,  in place of human doctrines.

There is no such thing as an Old Testament God and a New Testament God. There might be stubborn people who want you to believe the God of the Old Testament is an other God than the one from the New Testament. But it is One and the same God, the God of Israel, Who does not change and has been from ever before to last forever.

Even though many will try to convince you that non-trinitarian Christians are not Christians, they are in fact the only ones who should be allowed to call themselves Christians, because being a Christian means following Christ and also adhering to and loving the same God of Christ as Jesus loved his heavenly Father and not himself.

Best to go through the Bible and think seriously about what is written there and compare it with what several churches claim it would contain. Then don’t let anyone stop you from sticking to the words of the Bible which is inspired by God. Your steadfastness to that Word of God will be appreciated at the end of time. Therefore, like me, you have every reason to hold fast to that Word of God and continue unbitterly, even if it means rowing upstream.



Why certain people don’t understand some things

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