Why certain people don’t understand some things

What’s something most people don’t understand?

Throughout history, one can find some people who have acted weird, according to the majority of people. It was men and women who preferred to be themselves and not go with the mainstream. At their time they have strange things and did not mind following their dreams or thoughts. Some even went so far as experimenting with unknown things that they lost their lives with it. Thanks to their efforts, and continued enthusiasm, we can now enjoy their inventions or found a way to progress technically and socially.

Though for many people, it is very difficult to understand and accept others’ feelings and ways of thinking. It can be so difficult for people to accept that other people may be totally different to them and those around them, and from what is generally expected from man.

What is striking about those people who do not understand or accept being different is that their attitude is often due to a lack of knowledge of other cultures and customs.

In education and in the process of growing up, not enough time is spent coming in contact with other cultures and trying to understand other behaviours and attitudes.

We are expected by our environment to grow up and behave according to a certain pattern, but as soon as our attitude falls outside of that, people do not understand us or do not want to accept us.

But people also do not learn enough to be open to others, and other ideas; and have not learned to cope with so-called abnormal situations. Many challenges in our lives go unsolved, having not developed empathy, and not having learned to handle uncommon situations.

In case we as children would have been trained more to cope with ‘being different’, there would not be so many problems in this world. More time should be spent in life to understand how other people think and why. Also should be learned that other people

“may have different perspectives, beliefs, values, motivations, emotions, and experiences” .

Why certain people do not understand or accept things from others simply means that they have a lack of empathy. However, empathy is a matter that can be taught or worked on. There must only be the will to want to empathize more with the other and to be open to other customs and feelings.


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