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At the right site of this website you shall be able to find a “Link Exchange Blogroll”.

From 2012 August the 2nd I started to ad sites who want to share the knowledge of each other. Spreading the word about each other site, can help each other to get more readers, and that is one of the reasons we mostly write, that what we write is read and that we can exchange ideas. Therefore, in case you think my readers could be interested in your subjects or photographs too, you are welcome to let me know your site, to have it placed in the Link Exchange.

From my part, I would not like to have people get on spam sites, so these people please do not bother. The creative side of me doesn’t like ads; the business side of me doesn’t like unpaid ads. I don’t mind endorsing other blogs and websites that I truly appreciate, so if you think you could fall in that category, please you are welcome to let me know.
I like my blogs to have a clean, open look. The more stuff I have to fit in, the more crowded the page looks. So place can be limited.
Having an open mind to different ideas I would like a similar attitude of the sites I link to. All subjects, all matters of interest, which can be of use to others is welcome.
The blogroll links can be used by you and visitors as a jumping off point.


Spreading the word does not seem bad and helping each other is marvellous. So swapping links does not seem bad.

Want your site listed here on my blogroll page, just link to my site and I will be happy to return the favour.
Though spamming the Internet is not what I would like to do, so such enemies would be kept at bay.
The sites I link to on my site are selected for their value and openness to others ideas they provide, so if you are a spammer or a person who does not like other ideas than the one of yourself or do not like that I publish my ideas, don’t bother contacting me with a link exchange.

no spam!

no spam! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Claim your listing, so that you will not be missing one of the most important parts of your profile on this site – your website link!
Let us offer each other links that will help boost each other’s link profile and generate more readers and people interested in reacting.


2013 update:

For the Bloggers who write specifically on human rights or human behaviour and want to spread the message of peace, I opened the place Bloggers For Peace.

Bloggers For Peace Banner

  • Blogroll like Arts & Letters Daily? (
    I like the links found on Arts & Letters Daily; I wonder if there are other sites with a large, comprehensive list of blogs, columns, articles, etc.
    Are there any sites that have a similarly impressive choice of links but laid out a bit better? Again, sites with a political bent are more or less what I’m focused on, but anything and everything works too.
  • The Motherlode Blogroll: Freshly Linked but Never Final (
    Weeks ago, I set out to update the Motherlode blogroll.
    I had grandiose visions of choosing my 15 favorite personal blogs and another 10 or so “pro” blogs from people or newsrooms that I check daily, but that was impossible.
    There are so many blogs I’ve omitted or forgotten or just haven’t seen yet. But I’ve decided not to let the perfect be the enemy of the good. This, for now, is the Motherlode blogroll, subject to change or addition or subtraction without notice or apology. Add your favorites in the comments, and may the coming weekend bring us all plenty of time to read.
  • Improve Link quality and Develop a productive Link Building Campaign (
    Incoming links area unit like votes in election for your web site however it is not like majority is authority, quality incoming links area unit thought of a lot of valuable than poor links notwithstanding you’ve got 1000s.
  • Keep It Simple: Adding a Blogroll (
    As a blogger, you likely visit other sites regularly which readers of your blog might also want to check out. You can easily display a list of links – aka a blogroll – in your blog’s sidebar with a Links TypeList.
  • Check My Links Chrome Extension – A Link Builder’s Dream (
  • Master List of Websites

    Master List of Websites (Photo credit: anselm23)

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  1. Thank you for the links! Blessings!

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