26 September a day for those who cannot hear

Not all people can speak, or hear others speaking.  For those who cannot hear sign languages might be a very interesting solution to communicate with each other. Better still would be when hearing people also would learn some basic sings.

Sign languages and their users

Policy-makers consider sign languages in the context of the rights of people with disabilities, or as a linguistic minority right. The United Nations has launched International Day of Sign Languages, to be celebrated for the first time on 23 September 2018.

So, perhaps late in the day I come to mention this. But it is something so important we may not miss out.

Sign languages (SL) are not modelled on spoken languages, yet are languages in their own right, with equally complex rules, grammatical structures and vocabulary that evolve and vary by region, social and age groups; convey meanings and emotions; create social and family bonds; and meet artistic and identity needs. It is a pity there is so much variation in it, instead of one particular sign for the many words in the different languages which mean the same.

A shame there is no universal Sign La,guage, and the EU has a large variety of SLs, including a French SL in France, (a different) French and Flemish SLs in Belgium, as well as, for example, Catalan and Galician ones besides the Spanish SL in Spain. The United Kingdom, the United States and Ireland do not use the same SL; Ireland uses its indigenous SL, while the US SL, having been introduced by the French, has a lot in common with the French SL.

Nevertheless, there is an international system called the International Sign, a sort of lingua franca used at international conferences and meetings where participants do not share a common SL. It does not have a fixed grammar or vocabulary and relies heavily on gestures and context.

The users

One in a thousand persons in the EU (approximately half a million deaf or hard-of-hearing persons) communicates in one of 31 national or regional sign language as their first language. SLs have many more users, since people without hearing problems use them to communicate with deaf family members or friends.

In September 2018, in a recital to an own initiative resolution, the EP recognised that sign languages, being an element of Europe’s linguistic diversity, need to be supported by language technology. ICT solutions could be helpful in providing sign language interpretation. ICT is also seen as a factor for accessibility to audiovisual media services, in a recital of the Audiovisual Media Services Directive due to be adopted in plenary in October.

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Have corrupt kleptocrats and international criminals to make America great

In the last two postings we looked at the dangerous situation of one man wanting to control everything in the United States of America whilst he wants to do his own thing in the way he loves to do things and does not mind when foul play is at risk as long as he may be the one to be corrupt.

Whitehouse, SheldonIn Europe sometimes we wonder if the American citizens are aware what goes on under the skin of their president. Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) on July 27, 2017, near the end of one of the most compelling hearings yet on the Trump-Russia affair, offered an extraordinary insight. According to the American journalist and cultural critic Virginia Heffernan it shot through the proceedings like a comet.

“Corrupt kleptocrats and international criminals make themselves rich in criminality and corruption,”

he said.

“Then at some point they need the legitimate world in order to protect and account for their stolen proceeds.”

We might not be blind for the new bipolar world order Whitehouse sketched, in which the so-called legitimate world, which includes the United States, is not at war with, but rather deeply enmeshed in, the corrupt one, where governments are built on bribery, kleptocracy, electoral fraud, slush funds, legal plunder and nepotism.

All people living in their so called democratic state, should ask themselves in how far they are living in a real democratic state and how much the freedom of all is secured.

The last two decades we could see how the corrupt were allowed to steal the money from the ordinary working man and how many people with name and highly respected, could do whatever they wanted even when they went to commit their crimes and made that other people could be killed.

William F. Browder, the hedge funder turned global finance reformer, who was giving testimony on foreign-agent registry violations agreed

“The legitimate world, and America in particular, are failing in an absolute way,”

and looks at those who come to America or

“come here in the legitimate world with the rule of law, with the property rights, and with all the protections and keep their money.”

When even some one about is known he committed so many crimes, harassed and humiliated so many women,can become president and when he has told many more lies than Bill Clinton and people at the time of the Watergate matter, still can stay on as president, than it says a lot about the system and how it could come corrupted.

I am curious what shall bring down the Trump syndicate when all those cover-ups and calling names by Trump do not seem to do much to wake up enough Americans to protest to the present situation were the president even went against his own security and intelligence forces, telling the world that those were or are wrong and his Russian friend is right and should be followed and co-operated with.


Please find also to read:

The so-called first daughter proves that “laundering” applies to more than money. She washes and gilds just about everything she touches. Consider her warehouses upon warehouses of petroleum-based separates, many of them sewn for poverty pay in sweatshops. When you call this schmatte smorgasboard the Ivanka Trump Collection it does brisk business — if not on Rodeo Drive, then in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.


When an organization exists not to build buildings but to brand them, its business is optics. And Ivanka has long window-dressed the Trump Organization’s deals. She was born to make the shoddy look cute, to legitimize corruption.

And if it’s the coverup and not the crime that will ultimately bring down the Trump syndicate, Ivanka may turn out to be the point person for its demise.

Ivanka Trump: Born to legitimize corruption and make the shoddy look cute




Does he really not know #1 Lies and money laundering

Does he really not know #2 Casinos and inner circles

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Does he really not know #2 Casinos and inner circles

We know that Trump has been hiding many of his projects from the American public, and worse of it all, he kept insisting he barely knew the man at the centre of those projects. Though lots of Americans do not seem to see how this was serious deceit.

Strange also that not many wonder why Putin praises Trump so much for his Business Skills, and even goes so far to call him ‘Donald’. How does it come no sooner certain matters about Trump did not get investigated and people considering it strange that Trump was so much under the thumb of the Russians. On several occasions Donald Trump said he, nor his family, had had contact with certain people, even not knowing them, though later it clearly looked that they knew each other very well and even did regular business with each other.

Mr. Trump has many other businesses than his building projects. The casinos — which are classic money laundering vehicles are of important value for him. One of his casinos was 100 times found in violation of federal rules protecting against money laundering, and paid the largest fine ever levied against a casino for having “willfully violated” anti-money laundering rules. Trump has a legal obligation to do “due diligence” for all his businesses to prevent laundering. His senior executive’s comment on this was

Donald doesn’t do diligence”.

Trump has been working for Putin’s corrupt inner circle for almost 20 years. And it’s that corrupt circle that promises to make him rich for the next 20 (he’s refused, in violation of all ethics, to divest from his businesses as President).

Trump *may* be a Russian intelligence asset, he *may* have colluded with Putin to sabotage the US election. But what is clear is that he is a corrupt Russian money launderer, in the pocket of a KGB dictator. We also may not be blind that more than once he also showed similarities with classic dictators. And than we should wonder what the citizens of the U.S.A. are willing to offer for their “America great again” campaign. The whole world may dee that there is a lot of corruption around the person and family Trump and knows it is getting high time the American public starts seeing that also. Americans need to know this, and rally together to prevent the damage this corrupt alliance threatens.

We can only hope the American population shall not come to see that the American nightmare might be a reality doing so much damage to the economy of their country as well as bringing so much problems to them, so that the next president shall need more than one term to solve all the problems that came over the U.S.A. in the one term of Donald Trump, which surprisingly is still going on (giving enough reason for more concern).


If Trump the ‘organized criminal money launderer’ sounds like a stretch to you, consider it just the tip of the iceberg of Trump’s known corruption:

  • His ‘charitable foundation’ is about to be shut down for multiple examples of fraud.
  • Trump ‘University’ scammed legions of vulnerable people out of their money.
  • He had an affair with a pornstar and paid her to keep quiet — she says she was also threatened with physical violence.
  • His ex-wife attested in court documents that he brutally raped her while tearing out her hair after he didn’t like the hair replacement doctor she recommended.
  • He bragged, on tape, about sexually assaulting multiple women.
  • Hundreds of people hired by Trump say he simply decided not to pay them for their work — including dishwashers, painters and waiters, some of whom were making minimum wage.
  • He has been sued, and forced to pay out settlements, over a hundred times.

Trump is not a devil — he’s a human being, and like all people he has positive qualities and legitimate views. But anyone who denies that he is deeply corrupt, isn’t looking at the facts. To understand Trump, and protect our world from him, we need to understand his corruption.


More information

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Trump’s Business of Corruption (The New Yorker)

Trump lawyer ‘paid by Ukraine’ to arrange White House talks (BBC)

After becoming President, Trump has sold millions in real estate in secret deals (Newsweek)

Just What Were Donald Trump’s Ties to the Mob? (Politico)

Russian lawyer from infamous Trump Tower meeting admits to being an informant for the Kremlin: Report (CNBC)



Are United States of America citizens going to show their senses

A busy 2017 #2 From hero to zero

Does he really not know #1 Lies and money laundering


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  12. @realDonaldTrump: ..This is a terrible situation and Attorney General Jeff Sessions should stop this Rigged Witch Hunt right now, before it continues to stain our country any further. Bob Mueller is totally conflicted, and his 17 Angry Democrats that are doing his dirty work are a disgrace to USA!
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  18. Paul Manafort’s trial possible vindication for Donald Trump Amid the bi-partisan mania over the Trump-Putin Summit in Helsinki, fevered, anti-Russian rhetoric in the United States makes conceivable what until recently seemed inconceivable
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Does he really not know #1 Lies and money laundering

Many may think we are set up for the ignorance defence,

“I didn’t know I was doing anything wrong.
I was only trying to Make America Great Again!”

For months we must now tolerate the rarely random pranks of a fickle person and have a lot of patience, enduring the childlike attitude inconstancy of that person that has gained the position to be the representative of a very large world nation. More than once we could see how he managed to bring the world at the brink of one crisis after an other, even sometimes to the edge of a war. Him loving to be in the centre of it all and loving calling others “pranks” and calling all the sayings of others “Fake” and “Lies”. But does he ever knows the truth and is willing to see the truth?

One of my friends (who died last month) was totally against Obama and praised Trump as going to be the best president for America. In case he would be or has to be the best president for that State one can wonder how the situation of that State must be and why there would be nobody else to bring better times for many of the citizens of that huge State. That friend of mine, who lived in New York City, was very afraid of anything that smelled as socialism which he very fast went to believe would be communism. My favourite Sanders was considered the devil in disguise and Clinton of the same tribe as Barack Obama taking away the independence of the people. As a conservative Catholic he was not yet so conservative as many of the Tea-party and those who want to bring America back into the European Middle Ages with all its restrictions of religious and educational freedom. For many Trump was and is the right one to play for God and even to decide ‘when’ and ‘which city’ has to become the capital of Israel. De even declared that what he does is according to the Bible and because the Bible says so he may do it.


Strange that those who are so afraid of communism and Russians did not see and still refuse to see the link with their favoured candidate and his many Russian connections.

For Europeans it may be strange that not more people from the Republican party could be standing up against that bully who seems not to be one of the stablest man, who at the moment is still on free feet though accused of so many molestations of women. For us it looks incredible that not many more Americans come to see how they are led around the garden and have been told many lies and falsehoods. One can wonder how it comes that no more Americans not see that Donald Trump more than once concealed the truth and minimised what others were saying that he would have done to them. for him it was clear women wanted to be used by him, so it was normal he took advantage of them. Also about a lot of other things, concerning the safety of the country he told many lies.

He’s lied about the Russia scandal. He’s lied about his ties to organized crime. Perhaps he’s lied so much that freshly excavated prevarications don’t register greatly. Yet recent news reports revealing that Trump was pursuing a huge development deal in Moscow in late 2015 and early 2016 show that during the campaign Trump committed a tremendous act of deception.{How Donald Trump Lied to Conceal His Moscow Business Partner}

We can even wonder how it can be when Trump‘s businesses went bankrupt so many times in the 1990s that many legitimate banks wouldn’t lend to him any-more, but that most of the Americans were willing to give him all credit?

Perhaps many who were the victim of the Bank-crisis in 2008 thought so see in him the man that could bring much more money into the country. They probably knew and where convinced that as an experienced money launderer he would be the best man to bring in enough money to the United States of America.  I wonder if they never thought about the treason to the U.S.A. he committed to to turn to Russian oligarchsPutin’s ruling clique — to bankroll his projects, and launder their dirty money for them, and to make sure certain people would not be favoured by the American public to become their next president. All means seemed good to eliminate figures like Clinton and Sanders.

Were many Americans so short of memory they forgot how Trump in 2014 already said:

“We don’t rely on American banks.
We have all the funding we need out of Russia.”

Donald Trump JR, 2014

Did the majority of Americans not know,or thought it not relevant, that Trump’s main financial backer for the Trump Tower Toronto was a Russian-Canadian billionaire who got the money by selling a massive steel mill in Ukraine for nearly a billion dollars. $100 million of that money was paid to a Kremlin-backed fixer, likely as a bribe to very high Russian officials. Having as the Chairman of the Bank who financed the deal, Vladimir Putin.

When we do know that Trump bought his home in Palm Beach, Florida for $40 million and a few years later, with no real increase in the value — he sold it for almost $100 million — the most expensive home in America at the time! Should that not have us to wonder why a major Russian oligarch bought it? — We don’t know yet why he effectively ‘gave’ Trump $60 million, a lovely extra for nothing. But it’s classic money laundering practice. Normally the process by which criminals attempt to conceal the illicit origin and ownership of the proceeds of their unlawful activities would be considered illegal and punishable. In many cases were Trump is involved the governement turned its eye and allowed his activities to be successful, giving legitimacy to the proceeds, over which the criminals and Trump maintained control.

In 2008 that businessman, who many feared more than loved, said already

“Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets”
Donald Trump JR, 2008

Trump’s real estate deals were often fuelled by Russian money, typically passed through shady shell companies. 77% of Trump Soho apartments were bought with cash by such mysterious companies. At least 13 people with links to Russian oligarchs or mobsters lived in Trump properties, including one of Russia’s top mobsters. One even ran a high-stakes illegal gambling ring in the apartment right below Trump’s!

All the time here in Europe we have to hear there is no relationship between Trump and Russians. Though Trump’s financial broker and “Senior Advisor” was a Russian convicted felon named Felix Sater, widely known as a mafia figure who once stabbed someone in the face with a broken margarita glass, requiring over 100 stitches. Sater helped set up shell companies, and arranged funding for Trump’s projects, including plans for Trump Tower Moscow. He’s also part of Putin’s inner circle. Here’s one email he wrote to Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen in November, 2015:

“Michael I arranged for Ivanka to sit in Putins private chair at his desk and office in the Kremlin. I will get Putin on this program and we will get Donald elected. We both know no one else knows how to pull this off without stupidity or greed getting in the way. I know how to play it and we will get this done. Buddy our boy can become President of the USA and we can engineer it. I will get all of Putins team to buy in on this, I will.”
New York Times, August 27, 2017



Are United States of America citizens going to show their senses

When so desperate to hold onto power

Brexit No. 2 Blow-up

Nigel Farage called Donald Trump’s victory ‘bigger than Brexit’

A busy 2017 #2 From hero to zero

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Melania Trump wears ‘I don’t care’ jacket en route to child detention centre

First lady Melania Trump visited an immigrant detention centre Thursday in McAllen, Texas, and participated in a roundtable with the staff there. The facility houses children ages 12 through 17.




America’s hidden agenda and detention of children

Migrant children in cages #1

Migrant children in cages – part 2


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  2. Migrants caught at the Mexico-U.S. border
  3. Three Mexican window-washers and their world
  4. Court: Legal Immigrants Can Be Held Indefinitely
  5. Nation of Immigrants
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Migrant children in cages – part 2

The English journalist/copywriter Nicholas Rogers (El Catracho) living in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, since 2011 came to work with Casa Alianza, which supports street kids and vulnerable youths. He then stayed on, after meeting Pamela Cruz Lozano, to work as a freelance journalist.

Despite Trump’s cancelling the Dreamers and Temporary Protection programmes for those who came to the US in the aftermath of Hurricane Mitch in 1998 he continues to look at these caged people who sit in a inhumane situation. Though we wonder if Donald Trump really would know the best thing to do is to reverse this practice.


To remember

Donald Trump has revealed himself as a cruel person. It seems nothing is beyond him. In reality, it is unlikely he’s had a change of heart; moreso he’s being forced to reverse the decision in an act of damage limitation exercise, even amongst his own supporters.



America’s hidden agenda and detention of children

Migrant children in cages #1


Dear readers,

Apparently Donald Trump had a change of heart, yesterday. He has stopped unaccompanied minors being separated from their parents. How nice of him. He said he is showing his “compassion and big heart”. However, “compassionate” and “big-hearted” are never going to be two adjectives to describe Donald Trump.

Furthermore, we all know that this shouldn’t have happened in the first place.

What the change implies is anyone’s guess. Are parents going to be kept in cages with their kids? Donald Trump has revealed himself as a cruel person. It seems nothing is beyond him. In reality, it is unlikely he’s had a change of heart; moreso he’s being forced to reverse the decision in an act of damage limitation exercise, even amongst his own supporters.

Having read an article by CNN, the bill reversal doesn’t mention anything about unaccompanied minors already separated from their parents; just that they’re…

View original post 200 more words

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Migrant children in cages

After having crossed many dangerous paths lost of the immigrants looking for some peaceful world fled for the violence and danger they encountered in Honduras.

Many of those trying to cross the Mexican border have similar dreams like the many Europeans who came to the New world in the 19th century. Though most American have forgotten their roots of their immigrating parents.

Our guest-writer with the nickname El Catracho from Hall Green, Birmingham, remarks

We’ve all been watching on in shock at the illegal immigrant children being separated from their parents in, what I believe to be in towns bordering Mexico. The Trump administration have been trying to cover it up, then blame the Democrats for the immigration laws when they realised a smokescreen wasn’t feasible. It’s now turning into a damning state of affairs, with videos of caged children being played in Trump press conferences, while also prompting many memes comparing the crisis to the Nazi concentration camps in the 1940s.

He understands people’s concerns about illegal immigration but also looks at the US globalisation machine selling an image of the American Dream, while many Central Americans live in poverty and the threat of violence everyday, without adequate support of the state.


Dear readers,

I get political now and then. Usually because I like the rest of the world get angry or emotional at images of words that hit a nerve.

I am not a Donald Trump fan. Not in the slightest. I have tried to understand the reasons why people voted for him, and like Brexit, there is an array of reasons. I wanted to invite Donald Trump supporters to communicate with me on this blog.

No one did.

Donald Trump has hit many lows. Much of the media hysteria is hard to read, due to the polemic propaganda from right and left. He distracts people on Twitter with nonsense, while drafting through bill after bill in disclosure, making the rich richer and the poor poorer, which a large majority of this demographic voted for him. He’s lied through his teeth, admitted to not paying taxes, been accused of various acts…

View original post 455 more words

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America’s hidden agenda and detention of children

It looked to incredible to be true, so first I considered it “fake news“. After a few days hearing about incredible incidents and seeing unbelievable pictures I started wondering how it could be that the European Press only got to know about those horrible matters months after it had already started. That proofs that there is something going ‘very very wrong’ within the press office at the White House or that it might be that intentionally certain matters are not brought in the open, but stay uncovered until by accident some one would come to know about it. This would be a dangerous sign of which the American citizen should be much more aware and should make all concerned about the freedom of speech and of the attitude to human rights.

Mediterranean region

One would expect from a civilised country that the people in charge would know how to have a juvenile justice system based on the premise that adolescents have needs and capacities that are different from adults and that it is important for young children to have their own parents around.

In 2016 West Europe was already confronted with refugees arriving on the Greek islands from Turkey, on Kos, Lesbos, Samos and the big and beautiful island of Crete, normally tourist hot spots where authorities would be eager to please the many foreigners visiting. But what happened there in 2016 was considered not at all acceptable. We could see how refugee ships landed and got the authorities to react. The people were welcomed at the port, UNHCR representatives were present and they informed the people about the asylum process and about half of the people agreed to make an asylum application. Meanwhile helpers accommodated places for housing the refugees. The UNHCR people left and the local authority took over, the police. They presented a paper to the applicants and an interpreter started to translate, but after a few minutes he protested and refused to further translate, something went wrong. The interpreter left. Then police presented another interpreter and he explained the “content” of the paper the asylum applicants had to sign. So the people did sign.

Children In Greece Living On The StreetsThe paper they had signed was a declaration to approval for deportation, not for asylum. The police tried to cheat the people seeking asylum, then the translator refused to change the content of the paper and left, finally a translator, apparently belonging to the police force faked the translation and people have been transferred to a detention centre.

Today we see thousands of people detained having parents and their children not sure what is going to happen with them. Several managed to escape from the camps and tried to find their way into Europe. Though several could only find death on their way.

Refugee children in Greece were considered by us in Europe, in the worst situation ever. Many homes for unaccompanied children had to close because of lack of financing by the Greek state. NGOs who run these homes haven’t been paid for the services since more than a year. The Greek ministry is drowning the NGOs with bureaucratic and administrative controls having not paid even for the year 2017.

In the beginning of June it was 20 weeks the social workers had not been paid by their employers, the NGOs were on the ground now. One by one the services of the NGOs had to close down, which meant that refugee children are sent on the streets.

For most children it was good to have their parents at their site, and for some children whose parent had died other parents took them under their care.

In the United States we come to see a more cruel version of detention.

American version of refugees

The issue of juvenile incarceration encompasses more than youth who are determined by a court to be delinquent. One would expect youngsters be taken separate from their parents at a certain age and when they had done something of a criminal act. But two weeks ago we started getting pictures of very small children being detained, not having their parents around. We saw babies their napkins changed by other children which would have no family relationship with that baby. We heard and saw toddlers crying for their mammy.

The 44th president of the United States of America in his eight years of service was able to see neighbours and communities take care of each other during the worst economic crisis of the American citizens their lifetimes. It was a president who did not mind mourning with grieving families searching for answers — and with those who found grace in a Charleston church. That president could be proud he had seen the youngest of children remind us through their actions and through their generosity of our obligations to care for refugees, or work for peace, and, above all, to look out for each other.

But with this 45th president America has shown an other face to the world and clearly has a cold hard of stone. I wonder how many would still be pleased with their vote they gave for this (unstable) man, who does not want to know of the call Barack Obama gave at the end of his term for the joyous work of citizenship.

Not just when there’s an election, not just when our own narrow interest is at stake, but over the full span of a lifetime. {Thank You Letter from Barack Obama dated 19/01/2017}

Today we should ask for the American with a warm heart for children to react seriously to end this cruel situation where children are placed in huge cages.

How could it happen when this situation of caged children is already going on since March 2018 that we only heard from it in June 2018?  Where were the American eyes and voices to report injustice?

Now when more pictures came under the eyes of so many people, who could not believe their eyes, the Republican-controlled Congress felt the pressure becoming to warming, some not wanting to have their hands burned to become accounted for such atrocity.

Parents bringing misery onto their children

At last yesterday we got to hear Melania Trump visited a detention place (= prison with small children in cages) and some republicans also demanding for a change in the border policy, following widespread condemnation. But the president waves all those European and American negative comments on this child detentions aside. He finds it normal when parents do something wrong and entered the country illegally those kids illegal in the country should also bear the consequences of the act of their parents and be imprisoned. For him there is no pardon because, he says, it is necessary to stop illegal border crossings.

Jeff Sessions, official portrait.jpg

Jeff Sessions – 84th United States Attorney General

The “zero-tolerance” policy – brought in by US Attorney General Jeff Sessions last month – means that adults who try to cross the border, many planning to seek asylum, are placed in custody and face criminal prosecution for illegal entry. Their children are taken away from them and as a result, hundreds of minors are now being housed in detention centres, and kept away from their parents. If they do not like that they should not have come in the first place, according the republican president and his entourage.

On Tuesday, Mr Trump said children had to be taken away if their parents were jailed for illegally crossing the US border.

“When you prosecute the parents for coming in illegally – which should happen – you have to take the children away,”

he said.

US immigration officials say 2,342 children were separated from 2,206 parents between 5 May and 9 June.

Babies and toddlers have been sent to three “tender age” shelters after being separated from their parents, the Associated Press news agency reported.

Doctors and lawyers who visited the shelters described the infants as hysterical, crying, and acting out, according to the AP report.

Those children are so called being cared off and all the things we came to see are, according to Trump, fake news.



Audio initially obtained by investigative news outlet ProPublica appears to capture the heartbreaking cries of young Spanish-speaking children being processed by US officials after they are taken from their parents at the border with Mexico. Throughout the recording one child can be heard repeatedly calling for her father. The audio was recorded inside a US Customs and Border Protection detention facility, according to ProPublica




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Europese Unie moet bij de gevangenneming van de Catalaanse politici haar ware gezicht tonen

Carles Puigdemont – Foto: Salvatore Di Nolfi

De heer Carles Puigdemont mocht na het Catalaanse referendum rekenen op enige steun van Vlaamse nationalisten en andere separatistische politici in heel Europa, maar zijn oproep aan de Europese Unie om te bemiddelen in Catalonië, werd op dovemansoren gericht. Geen enkele Europese regeringsleider ging ermee akkoord hem te ontmoeten. Dat was al geen goed voorteken en gaf kansen om de geloofwaardigheid van de goede intenties van de Europese politici in twijfel te trekken.

Men zou verwachten dat de parlementsleden van de Europese Unie borg stonden voor een vrij democratisch systeem waar verscheidene politieke opinies kunnen geuit worden en waar mensen de vrijheid moeten hebben om hun stem te mogen uitbrengen over het reilen en zeilen van hun eigen regio.

Door haar onwil om samen te werken aan een confederale staat en een zeer agressieve houding aan te nemen tegen de Cataloniërs, duwde de Spaanse regering de Catalanen meer en meer in een hoek zodat zij meer en meer gingen inzien dat samenleven met de Spanjaarden een hopeloze zaak zou worden, doordat zij nooit zouden erkend worden en steeds in de verdrukking blijven. Na de arrestatie van Puigdemont in Duitsland, opperden meer Catalanen, die zich eerst ook als Spanjaarden uitten, dat zij nu helemaal geen zin meer hadden om nog Spanjaard te zijn.

Al veel te lang zwegen EU-politici, maar nu de Spaanse regering er in geslaagd is om Carles Puigdemont in Duitsland te laten arresteren wordt het hoog tijd dat de EU haar ware gezicht gaat tonen.

In een column op zondag in de Duitse krant Süddeutsche Zeitung, zei Thomas Urban dat de heer Puigdemont erin geslaagd was om het Catalaanse conflict te “internationaliseren” en dat dit “niet in het belang van Madrid kan zijn.” Hij voerde aan dat de harde lijn van Madrid dreigde de pro-onafhankelijkheidsbeweging te herenigen, slechts enkele dagen nadat de gekibbel-separatisten het niet eens konden worden over een nieuwe leider.

Met de arrestatie van de heer Puigdemont in Duitsland, richt de aandacht zich nu tot rechters in Europese landen die de Spaanse aanhoudingsbevelen zullen herzien, onder meer in België, Schotland en Zwitserland. De landen waar de separatisten voor toevlucht hebben gekozen, zijn belangrijk, omdat Europese landen verschillende criminele codes hebben. Sommigen zullen de aanklachten van Spaanse openbare aanklagers tegen de Catalaanse politici, met name rebellie, niet erkennen. Indien zij dat toch zouden doen houdt dat in dat zij er de voorkeur aan geven dat een land het recht op politieke uiting kan en mag onderdrukken.

De aanhouding in Duitsland zou ook een uitdaging kunnen vormen voor Angela Merkel, die deze maand haar vierde termijn als kanselier opende aan het roer van een coalitieregering na maandenlange gespannen onderhandelingen. Vooral omdat tot nu toe de leden van het Europese parlement veel te zwijgzaam zijn geweest en dat velen niet gewezen hebben op de vrijheid van meningsuiting alsook op het recht van elk volk in de unie om zich uit te spreken over haar eigen regio’s.

De Europese Unie zal dit maal nog meer moeten opletten om niet door een ergere crisis dan die van Griekenland zich te laten meesleuren in een ongeloofwaardigheidsscenario voor haar Europese ingezetenen, die nu al de indruk hebben dat vele politici ver van het gewone volk staan en geen voeling meer hebben met de werkelijkheid.

Spanje en de Europese Unie zal moeten erkennen dat de bevolking van Catalonië het recht heeft op zelfbeschikking en dat het ook de middelen heeft om een land te worden. De EU en andere wereldmachten moeten dit zien en ondersteunen door in te gaan tegen Spanje en het tot de orde te roepen betreft de mensenrechten.


Spaans Politiegeweld tegen vreedzame betogers en mensen die hun stem wensten uitte spreken betreft Catalonia


Lees: European Union having to show its true face by the arrest of Puigdemont and imprisonment of Catalonian politicians

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