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Untoward stuff going on in American political world

Can you imagine that citizens could be against raising the minimum wage so hard-working people don’t have to live in poverty? No way there seem to say several in a land where they have found enough money and wealth to … Continue reading

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Job lock opened by Obamacare

The importance of giving everybody an opportunity to have an affordable health-insurance shows already off. In the previous years there where many Americans who were really afraid of loosing their job in case something would go wrong. Many did not … Continue reading

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ObamaCare: What Part Are You Against?

Originally posted on Cognitive Relevance:
After the Great Depression we got the New Deal. During President Lyndon Johnson”s Administration we got the Great Society and his War on Poverty that yielded Medicare (Medical Care). Now after the Great Recession, we…

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Payroll tax to afford social security

How could Republicans in Congress, some of whom have pledged not to raise taxes by a penny, oppose extending the same tax cuts they just passed? After years of protecting expensive tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans, many Republicans now … Continue reading

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