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Whose university is it anyway?

Ron Srigley, Los Angeles Review of Books, 22 February 2018 Administrators control the modern university. The faculty have ‘fallen,’ to use Benjamin Ginsberg’s term. It’s an ‘all-administrative’ institution now. Spending on administrators and administration exceeds spending on faculty, administrators out-number faculty … Continue reading

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Who is the Online Student?

Originally posted on Indiana Jen:
For years, online education has been the institution of for-profit educational programs (most famously the University of Phoenix). Now, non-profit institutions are “fighting back” and becoming more invested in online education. Online Degrees has posted an…

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Passion and burn out of a teacher

If teachers have the passion, they would strive to grab students‘ attention and produce a fruitful lesson regardless of the noise. Curriculum The curriculum describes what students are expected to learn and offers the promise of a similar education for … Continue reading

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Voice for the plebs

Citizens ought to value it most extremely when they are been asked to give their opinion.  In a community of men, each individual of that community should be fully accounted for and be taken into consideration. Wanting to know what … Continue reading

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