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18 Responses to Your Idea

  1. marcusampe says:

    Love is sharing everything with each other, even the smallest thought.

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  2. Alan Gross says:

    Hi Marcus,

    I certainly am a ‘blogger for Christ’.

    I will continue to ‘blog Christ’.

    Below are current ‘categories’ on

    Praise the Lord,
    Alan Gross

    Anger, Wrath and Hatred of GOD
    Churches of the Godhead Bodily
    Duty of Sinners to Believe JESUS
    The Book of REVELATION
    The Lake of Fire
    The Personal BEING GOD
    The UNITY of the GODHEAD
    We Are Born Spiritually Dead
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    • marcusampe says:

      Having been raised a Conservative or Old Roman Catholic (with the different services on Sunday and the Saturday rosary) I recognise something in your story of Lucien J. LeSage, Jr. and his change of denomination. You though came into a trinitarian Baptist community. I came onto the non-trinitarian Baptists who like the Holy Scriptures present us the Word of God, believe only in that Word of God , who is only the One Creator we have to worship.
      After the Baptist churches in Europe started changing to the American Baptist Union Churches I like many others did have to make a decision about faith, either going whit the new trend of the trinitarist church or changing denomination again staying faithful to the Word of God which demand we only keep to One God and not maker or pray for any pictures of God.
      In the protestant churches all over Europe we saw the pictures and statues of holy figures, Christ and even whom they say is God, being brought in to the church-building and houses of the believers. In some places it is like the iconoclastic fury did not happen in the 16th century.

      By taking Jesus as god it is a pity you are minimalising the death of Christ, because God is an eternal Spirit who can not die, but according to the New Testament and civic documents the Jew Jeshua from Nazareth, know as Jesus Christ, really was put to death on a stake, was buried and resurrected on the third day he was in the underground or hell (sheol= grave, sepulchre).

      By the taking out of the dead we got an example of what can happen to us as well. Jesus, who was lower than angels (though God is the Most High of all) was made higher by his Father and allowed to sit next to Him (not on His chair as the God) to become a mediator between God and men.

      I do hope you shall once come to see the importance of that mediatorship and the value of Jesus his kingship here on earth, before he shall hand over the Kingdom back to his Father.


  3. Alan Gross says:

    Thanks, Marcus,
    When Jesus Gave up the Ghost on the Cross, it was His Soul that had been Made an Offering for sin, returning to God ( as our soul will return to Him when it is requested ).

    This Doctrine:
    is THE Doctrine of a Trinity of Persons.
    God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit,
    in the Unity of the Divine Essence is of pure revelation.
    Not from a man or a ‘church’, but from God’s Word.
    The ‘idea’ that Jesus died, while God is a Spirit and can’t die, is wonderful.
    Leaving it there and building a ‘teaching’ apart from God’s Word is not.
    The Spirit doesn’t die with the death of the body.
    Isn’t that a little simplistic ?
    Jesus’ Spirit never died.
    That there is a God, and that there is but one God,
    Who is a Being that Possesses of all Divine Perfections,
    may be known by the light of nature:

    But the teaching and understanding
    that there is a Trinity of Persons in the Godhead, Who are Distinct,
    and Not divided from Each Other,
    is what natural reason could never have discovered.

    The books of the Old and New Testament
    contain the “pure word of prophecy”.

    We “do well if we take hold of them, as to a light that shines in a dark place”.
    This “pure word of prophecy”, as “a light that shines in a dark place”
    is our guide in all mysterious doctrines
    and allow ourselves to RECEIVE the REVEALED WORD of GOD,
    on the subject.

    What would GOD have us to understand ?


    If we leave God’s Revealed Words on any subject
    and are led and governed by the false reasoning of our carnal minds,
    or reasoning of others, some man-made “religion”,
    or even our “Study Bible’s”comments and footnotes,
    it is no wonder we run ourselves into mazes,
    and their find it difficult to get clear minded
    and sober toward our reverence and worship
    of Almighty God.

    “To the law and to the testimony,
    if any speak not according to this word,
    it is because there is no light in them”.( Isaiah 8:20)

    So, there you have it.

    Most “Religion” was just done away with,
    By God, HIMSELF.

    Certainly, we know this should make
    most of the Craigslist Religion forum pack it in.

    And ‘the like’.

    Since this doctrine is revealed in scripture,
    it ought to be an article of our faith;

    Although it may contain some difficulties,
    which we cannot account for,
    however, what do we expect
    when we have God explaining Himself to us ?

    WE were ALL Born sinners.

    Which, IF NOTHING ELSE Means:

    And yet this is a ‘teaching’ or ‘doctrine’ of great importance.

    Evidence, of the importance of THE PROOF OF THE UNITY OF THE DIVINE ESSENCE:
    may easily be given by the fact of the great opposition
    which Satan has made against it.

    Satan has, indeed, used his recourse in many tactics, stratagems,
    wiles, and cunning devises to support his own interest,
    and hurt the interest of Christ.

    But there are two ways more especially, which Satan has taken for this purpose:

    One is, to attempt to depreciate the Divine Being
    ( in the carnal minds of individuals )
    in One or Other of the Three Glorious Persons
    wherein the teaching of the Divine Godhead subsists,
    by defaming God the Father, God the Son, or God the Holy Spirit
    in Their Characters or Their Offices.

    And the other to attempt to depreciate the Divine Being
    ( in the carnal minds of individuals ),by Satan,
    is to magnify and exalt the reason of man, man’s intellectual powers,
    and the freedom of a man’s will, in spiritual and divine things.

    So, Satan’s first tactic mentioned
    in attempting to ‘belittle’ GOD
    Satan employs all his strength and cunning,
    either to destroy or make confused and unclear
    the proper Deity of the Son and Spirit, within the Divine Godhead
    and to bring their respective Character and Deity of the Son and Spirit,
    the Divine Offices of the Eternal Son and Holy Spirit
    and God the Son’s Divine Works
    and those of the Holy Spirit’s Divine Works into contempt;
    OR, SATAN introduces a total confusion into the Sacred Trinity,
    by denying a distinction of Persons in the Godhead.

    Then, in SATAN’s second tactic to attempt the defamation
    Of man’s understanding of the One and Only True and Living Triune Godhead
    is by setting up the thinking and reasoning
    inside the sin cursed minds of men,
    so men will believe that they are endowed with ‘special’ powers
    and abilities to convert themselves to something pleasing to God,
    and to do everything that is spiritually good and acceptable to God,
    and therefore ‘man can decide his own present or future happiness.

    This is Satan’s design to throw a blinding veil
    over the Glories of Eternally Divine Giving Grace,
    and render the Merits and Value of Jesus Christ,
    and the Operations of the Holy Spirit, unnecessary.
    Biblically speaking, however,
    the Eternal Divine Godhead has Revealed to mankind
    that this entire scheme of Satan is properly called Antichrist.
    God tells us, “he is Antichrist that denies the Father.”
    “Who is a liar but he that denies that Jesus is the Christ?
    He is antichrist, that denies the Father and the Son.”
    I John 2:22
    Plain ?

    The one, also, who says ( whether it is Satan saying it or his servant ),
    That the Father is the Son, and the Son is the Father,
    as if there is no sense in which they are distinguished
    and allows of no distinction between Them,
    confounds them both;
    and by confounding them Both,
    tacitly denies that there is Either.

    Don’t do that.

    AwareoftheGodhead (
    treats of the Doctrine of the Trinity,
    By using God’s Words He has REVEALED to mankind
    and observe the following four general
    I. To to prove the Unity of the Divine Essence, or that there is but one God.
    II. That there is a Plurality of Three Persons;
    God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, in the Godhead.
    III. That this Plurality is neither more nor fewer than Three;
    Who are God the Eternal Father, God the Eternal Son, Jesus the Word,
    and the God the Eternal Holy Ghost.
    And, IV. We will consider the several Characters, the Proper Deity, and Distinct Personality of each of these Three Divine Persons.


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  5. Equipping The Saints says:

    Dear Marcus, Thank you for commenting favorably on my blog. I am now following your blog, please consider following mine. Blessings to you.
    Pastor/Equipping The Saints


  6. Thank you very much. Your writings are very complete, and clear in understanding.
    Many blessings to you.
    John 17:3
    Pastor/Equipping The Saints


  7. Hi!
    This is Saswata here for The Mystic Sandbox.
    If I recall correctly, I think you wanted me to guest write. I love the idea.
    I’d like to know more on the same.


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    • Marcus Ampe says:

      Sjalom, nice to hear from you and having you remembering my request.

      I do strongly believe people can influence each other and by pulling a chain of positivism could bring something positive going in this world.
      It’s a proven fact that an attitude of positivism and gratitude contributes to our well-being. In this world where much more thought is going on about materialism, I would love to see more impulses going around getting other people to bring to think more about better spiritual values and the so necessary love for our neighbours and environment.
      Many are looking for life-answers and for solutions for their many problems. In the lifestyle magazine Stepping Toes I want to offer ways of making an easier and better living. On From Guestwriters I would love to bring several writers together who bear in them that positivism that is so needed in this egocentric world. I would love to find several articles and poems and perhaps also some short-stories, published that can inspire people to come to a positive attitude and to have them thinking about the beauties in this world. Photographs, illustrations and texts that can contribute to have a nice view of what is going on or moving around in this world would be welcome.

      It would be nice to have different writers on From guestwriters, who bring different ideas about life matters, ways to come at ease, share their ideas how to relax and to make stronger minds and personalities.

      Whilst on Stepping Toes the main point of view would be form a non-trinitarian Christian view with a concentration on the reason why and how to come to a better living, on From guestwriters want to show the importance of a multiracial world with different religions that when there is understanding and knowledge of the other people can live together in peace. In order to bring such understanding it would be nice also to have people of different religions letting others to have a better insight in it and showing others that though people might think differently they still can be able to live in peace with eachother and perhaps on several points can have more similar ideas than they originally would think.
      The simple act of walking is wonderful. Stop by a rehabilitation center and you’ll see someone who is unable to move around like they use to.

      The ‘guestwriters’ as such could present the readers with all sorts interesting reading material, which they think more people should get to know or should find to read. As such you may write your own articles about different subjects you think could be interesting for others as well, concerning the included categories. (In case I would have missed an interesting category, you think I have missed, you may say so, that I can think about it and ad it.) Any article you come across your web-surfing, and you think would be interesting for others as well, in case it can be reblogged, you are also welcome to reblog on From Guestwriters, so that people can find in it a place where they can find a selection of interesting material. That way, having different co-authors and searchers on the net, we could build up a sort of free Readers-digest.

      Most interesting when you publish an article would be when you also ad related articles or give the reader some links to continue their reading. Those links may be to your own articles and to other material you could find on the net. Some quotes from those article could always get our readers to have a look at the articles. (We noticed that links with quotes get better results for people looking further than placing only the link. – though I agree I had already negative reactions from bloggers because I placed such quotes > in such case I leave them out, and like those who do not backlink I not link any more to them either.) By bringing other bloggers also to the attention of our readers, we can help them to make their own selection, being able to find some writers to their liking. Lots of people do not have enough time to scam the internet for good articles, so it would be nice if we could make a good selection so that they are happy to stay with us and to follow the presented tracks to get more reading on the subjects they are interested more.

      It also would be lovely when we could find some writers who make a review of interesting books, theatre productions, films, and television productions, or present some good poets, lyricist, a.o. writers.

      Perhaps it may interest you to share with us some of your poems and other writings.

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  8. Last night at University of Melbourne attended seminar with Ms Marjan Minnesma, the Director of The Urgenda Foundation…hope for the world…inspirations to make it happen here!!

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  9. Tom Roberson says:

    Marcus, I just wanted to thank you for linking to my article Denying the Obvious a couple of months ago. I’m reaching out here because I didn’t have another way to reach you personally. Thnanks again and check out my other articles.

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    • Marcus Ampe says:

      You are welcome. & I’ll keep following your articles. (May I give the advice perhaps better also to foresee a “Follow” button or way that people can indicate they want to follow you?)


  10. BelleUnruh says:

    I found your latest post very interesting. 2016 was a disheartening year to watch on the news. It looks to me as if evil has been growing and becoming widespread; or it was there, but it is now coming into the light where everyone can see it.

    I think the impression other countries have of the United States is that it is a land full of rich people, or people who don’t suffer like in other countries. But the reason, I believe, Donald Trump was elected was because people who, had lost their jobs because corporations moved overseas, were fed up with regular Republicans and Democrats. No matter who was governing, the poor were never helped.

    The working poor in the U.S. have a very hard time paying rent and if they get sick, most can’t afford to pay a doctor or have insurance. Obamacare is good for those who can’t work, but for those who do it costs a lot of money. What do you pay? The medical insurance or the utility bill?

    My sister became ill (Gulf War Syndrome and autoimmune disease) and had to quit her job at NASA. She eventually became homeless. She came to live with us but her allergies in our part of the country made her worse than ever so she moved down to Washington, State. It is one of the few places in the U.S. that has almost no pollen.

    She lived in her van in campgrounds. She has met many homeless people over the last 3 years. More and more come. Most have an illness and cannot work. There is no welfare for sick people unless you have children. So, people get their food from churches. You cannot get food stamps if you don’t have an address.

    Anyway, this is a long way of saying how poverty is huge in the States. The poor were hoping Trump could help them get good-paying jobs again.

    The other people who voted for him in a huge bloc were Christians. They finally saw their chance to get a Conservative on the Supreme Court who would overturn abortion laws and ban it completely. They know Trump is an awful person, but they have joined with the Devil to do the work of the Lord. They also hate the “gay laws” where men were allowed to come into women’s bathrooms if they said the were transgenders. They hate gay marriage and want that overturned.

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