2010-2015 words delivering a Sunshine Award

In 2015 on several of my blogs I tried to bring positive news and react to unlawful matters and injustices. This caused some to react negatively and others positively.

Black Horn and Not in my world have an “Our Circle” were they try to bring together like-minded people. “Not In My World!!!!is as such the product of a Circle of Friends on Google, who believe Pricele$$ is the only value we can place upon Love, Honour, and Duty to Our Children, and to every Child in this world.

I and my own community of believers in the One True God recognise the value of each human being from the early beginning or conception. The beginning life in the mother womb is often not recognised or forgotten or overlooked. Not many voices are coming up for that life in the beginning. The silent ones do need voices and therefore it is good we can bring some voice in to the ether, placing some articles on the international web.

“Not in my world” is

a nonprofit information resource center, serving families, parents, and the general public on issues related to good parenting and giving Our Children every opportunity they deserve to grow up in a non-violent, family setting;  being loved, feeling safe at all times, with proper nutrition and healthcare, where they can learn the basic qualities it takes to be a good family member,  good friend, and good student. {0ur Home}

They like me sincerely believe certain values, morals and ethics should be clarified and promoted. They and me also want to point out the importance of educational background and want to promote equal opportunity education. Convinced that only by non-biased, non-propaganda information, followed by an annalist review and discussion, we should also bring people come to see the importance of certain issues and standpoints, for coming to a loving peaceful community and a safe, free, family environment for the coming future.

For we believe there is a basic set of values parents should possess to be good, productive members of a community and citizens of this country, as well as teaching Children these same values. {0ur Home}

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Haile Selassie, Emperor...

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Haile Selassie, Emperor of Ethiopia, in his study at the palace CALL NUMBER: LC-USW33- 019078-C (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Emperor Haile Selassie said

“Throughout history, it has been the inaction of those who could have acted;
the indifference of those who should have known better;
the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most;
that has made it possible for evil to triumph.” {Our World’s Mission}

Because of the importance people having to know history we try to bring a view on what is happening in the world and look also at the past to compare what is going on today and where it can bring us.

Like “Not In My World!!!!” my other blog “From Guestwriters” is to serve as an information centre for parents, families, and the public, to help all children, who are the future of our world; by raising awareness to Child Abuse, and it’s lifelong detrimental effects, which can include both physical and mental problems, but we also want to look at the general environment in which the next generation shall have to survive. With the knowledge that we are responsible for the life possibilities of the next generations we dare to question our way of life and to bring a call to ask the present population to take on her responsibilities.

Due to the fact that we only can get adults formed by what happened before we want to show the failings of our society and where we can get in to avoid Child Abuse, a-social behaviour and violence.

sunshine-blogger-award-200On the internet it is said that

The Sunshine Blogger Award is given to those who are inspiring and bring sunshine into the lives of their readers and fellow bloggers.

therefore I may consider it an honour to receive and a recognition of the work I am trying to do on the internet.

Jolien Davies, a Blogger & Research Consultant, with her In the know with Jo tells us a little bit more about “The Sunshine Award”. She was able to dig as far back as 2008 and then the trail started getting colder due to old and deleted URL’s,

so it’s not my fault. I was not able (yet) to find where this ‘award’ officially began but I do have some good leads on what it is all about.

she writes. {Blogger to Blogger Awards: The Sunshine Award Unveiled}

Liebster AwardIt appears that the Liebster Blogging Award and the Sunshine award may have been the same award at one time. {Blogger to Blogger Awards: The Sunshine Award Unveiled}

some years ago I got also a letter from some blogger (I think with the name Zoe from thatszoe.blogspot) offering that Liebster Blogging Award but because of me not loving so much chain letters, and perhaps being a little bit paranoid about possible fishing. I did not react on it, also because of the personal questions and having to mention again eleven other nominees, I left it aside.

Jolien Davies tracked posts to 2008 that had them intermingled.

It’s not clear when they split off into distinctive threads but clearly it happened. The purpose of the ‘award’ hasn’t shifted too much over the years. It is essentially a virtual ‘pat on the back’ for a positive or creative blog that inspires others or brings ‘sunshine’ to their world. Typically it appears to originate from one post that really ‘shines’ on that person’s day.

Hopefully “Marc Ampe’s Space” and “From Guestwriters” can live up to the expectations what might be expected from such an awarded blog.

Liebster-blog-awardTo be honest, I also am sensitive for a ‘pat on my back’ and I think it might also give an impression to visitors of a certain attitude taken on the awarded site and of what sort of articles a reader may be confronted with. Therefore I decided today to place those emblems for those two offered awards also on my personal site “Marcus Ampe’s Space’ and on the other site “From Guestwriters” which got also the Sunshine award presented to it.

I am thankful to Black Horn and Not in my world and the others who presented me with these awards.

“Sunshine Sometimes Strikes Twice” is said. Again being presented the Sunshine Award I think it is time I made it also known to others. My subjects may be of little interest or not so popular but I am thankful for all those readers who come along and are willing to take time to read my “scrabbles or writings of my thoughts”. Thanks also for all those who show their appreciation for my writings with a “like” or nomination for an award.


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  2. Congratulations and thanks for the mention. It is refreshing to see such a well-referenced piece.


  3. Mother Theresa said there are two things we need to do in life: smile more and find mention of joy more than 500 times in scripture. No matter how I feel, I try to put a smile on and have a kind word for others. Thank you for the post.

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