Charlie Hebdo, offensive satire and why ‘Freedom of Speech’ needs more discussion

In a certain way the Muslim community did not help much to safeguard a good impression the Western World would have to have.
At their mosques and Islamic centres they do not seem to do enough for tackling extremism in their and our community.
They should not as such apologise for the acts of a minority. They should proof to the world that those fundamentalists are not following the sacred holy books, the Quran nor the prophet Muhammad and that they really are not liked by the majority of Muslims.


To remember:

  • In wake of the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris > a lot of emotionally driven debate.
  • Comment sections across a wide variety of news websites filled with trolls and damning analyses of the Koran, countered by those who insist Islam is still ‘the religion of peace’.
  • Muslims fed up with apologising for the acts of a minority
  • cloak racist or sexist political satire in relation to minorities
  • Is their right to be offended more important than our need to challenge their beliefs and religious figures?
  •  It seems that no politician or religion is spared in Charlie Hebdo’s broadbrush mockery – with many citing caricatures of the Pope as an example. To paraphrase this argument, ‘There can be no double standards in satire.’
  • satire has been a tool of challenging the establishment since Medieval times
  • media critics and journalists persevere in their work.
  • we must examine underlying problems
  • toxic mixture of Islamic extremism
  • need for society to challenge political and social issues,
  • responsibility to extend freedom of speech to other areas of politics and social justice
  • principles mean nothing if we do not stand by them when it suits us least.


  • School of Mock (
    Way back when Salman Rushie got his fatwa from the Ayatollah Khomeini for The Satanic Verses,* I wondered immediately: How come Richard Grenier (RIP) didn’t get a fatwa for the much more blasphemous novel, The Marrakesh One-Two?
  • Peaceful Religion: Saudi Arabia Imprisons, Publicly Whips Blogger For Anti-Islamic Writings (
    it is Islamic law that tries to justify harsh punishments given to a blogger who simply expressed some anti-Islamic ideas and opinions through his writings. Imagine setting up a website called Free Saudi Liberals to call attention to some of the things you were not happy with in your country and government…and then being thrown in prison for this?
  • Honor “god” and Queen of Heaven (
    The Koran brands Jesus as Jesus son of Mary. Not Jesus the Son of God. The Vatican includes Muslims as a part of God`s plan of salvation.
  • The Sword Is Mightier Than The Pen (
    The world is being rocked by a rash of “workplace violence,” though what the Administration believes the Koran has against workplaces remains unclear. Those who eschew the willful blindness of the cowardly and foolish see clearly that the Islamofascist freaks are running up the body count across the globe. The question is what, if anything, are we going to do about it?

    Vigils are nice. People get together, hold candles, talk about solidarity and hug, and thereby reinforce the view that Western civilization has lost the intestinal fortitude that kept the jihadi hordes from overrunning Europe during the Middle Ages and that has kept a lid on these fanatics ever since. It’s nice to pick up a pen – as we will see, writing, persuasion and mockery are all vital supporting efforts in the counter-offensive in what Senator Lindsey Graham accurately told Hugh Hewitt is “a religious war.”

  • Islam Defamed by Terrorists, Muslim Regimes (
    The Bible prescribes death for anyone who “blasphemes the name of the Lord” (Leviticus 24:16), but Jews and Christians have long since discarded this law along with most (though not all) of the Old Testament’s anachronistic prohibitions. In citing the Biblical rule, foreign affairs commentator Fareed Zakaria joined the many other experts who have stressed during the past week that the Koran contains no analogous prohibition against blasphemy.
    To the contrary, the many experts say that Mohammed preached tolerance for persons of other faiths during his life. Yet despite the lack of any scriptural basis, too many present-day Muslims — not only jihadists, but also Islamic governments — believe that they are entitled or even commanded to punish those who take Mohammed’s name or image in vain.
  • Muslim solutions to Terrorism in Paris (
    Outrage, condemnation, candle light vigils and revenge talk is all good, but the need is practical solutions beyond condemnations. Obviously the burden squarely falls on Muslims; we have to grudgingly admit that almost all acts of terror are committed by men claiming to be Muslims in the pretext of defending Islam, Quran and the Prophet. It is our duty to build a better world for all of us to live in peace, and that is all God wants, here is the first step.

    Islam stands for freedom of expression, there is no compulsion in the matters of faith, and you simply cannot force anyone to believe against his or her will. God insists the plurality of religion many times in Quran – he says, weather you are a Jew, Christian or other, you need not worry, I will take care of you, as long as you take care of my creation; your fellow beings and environment. I gave you a well-balanced world for you to live enjoy and manage, and if you subscribe to that, I will call you a subscriber, follower, surrenderer and submitter to my will in preserving the well balanced peaceful world. Don’t mess with me and my creation, and you are a tiny insignificant speck in the scheme of things, and I am the most powerful, say God is great (Allahu Akbar). Indeed, Allahu Akbar is a call for humility and not killing.

  • Let the Excuses Begin: Howard Dean Claims Paris Gunmen Were “Not Muslim Extremists” . . . “Basically Mass-Murderers” (
    Listen as Howard Dean claims that the Paris gunmen who murdered 12 people today were  “not muslim terrorists.” In fact, according to Dean, we need to “treat these people as basically mass-murderers.”

    This very foolish man goes on to allege that ISIS is not really muslim: “ISIS is a cult, not an Islamic cult.” He also thinks incidents in which devout muslims kill innocent people is not representative of what the Quran teaches: “That’s not what the Quran says.”

  • Malawi Muslims to reduce divorce rate with Qur’an (
  • How Paris attacks are a wake up call to radical Islam threat? (
    (Why do they refer to “radical” and “extremist” Islam when, as noted in the video, a majority of Muslims want to impose Sharia law and all of the “blessings” it brings? The actions of the “radicals” are clearly commanded by the Koran. Please see also this article, which provides a Koranic analysis. —  DM)
  • Why I Know It Ain’t the Koran (
    A priest of the Russian Orthodox Church (who is a son of family friends) posts on his Facebook page: “Thank God, these cartoonists were killed! Serves them right!” I’m guessing he hasn’t been reading the Koran a whole lot. And before you tell me he hasn’t killed anybody, let me remind you that his spiritual buddies have been killing Ukrainians since March with the slogan, “Fuck the degenerate West!”

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