Republican Party tinkering on fascism

The Republican Party under Trump had really a problem with promoting several right wing groups.

On MSNBC Saturday April 30, Democratic National Committee Chair Jaime Harrison gave to know that the Republican Party is a “hot mess” built on “fear” and “fraud”.

Harrison’s comments came during a discussion with MSNBC host Tiffany Cross, who asked him how “millions of voters” could be

“so eager to turn this country over to the right-wing extremists that now comprise the GOP.”

Because more than once we could see how fascists and neo-Nazi were present at protest meetings and backing MAGA the same as in a Third Reich manner.

Harrison agreed

“They are tinkering on fascism right now in the Republican Party.”

The question now is, to what extent do the republicans want to allow this decay in their democracy to continue?

After the controversial storming of the Capitol, they should have woken up in the party and realised what a danger Donald Trump is not only to democracy and the unity of the United States but also to peace against other peoples in their own state and other nations.

To counter Republican messaging, Harrison said, the Democratic Party

“has to be a party that is about hope.”

For the coming years, it would be best that the other political parties in the states try to heal the wounds Trump caused in that huge country that now has been divided more than ever since the Civil War.

In the coming months, the political parties will now have to take better care that a whole new round of disinformation is not started up by Trump’s supporters and himself and his entourage.

Former Democratic congresswoman and presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard denounced President Biden’s new Disinformation Governance Board as

“the kind of thing that you see in dictatorships”

during an appearance on Fox News’ Hannity on Saturday April 30. Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas, whose department will oversee the Disinformation Governance Board, said a few weeks ago that the board’s mission would include combating the threat of Russian misinformatio, but Trump lovers are also aware it will be used to combat the spreading of dis-information from the Republican Party members.

Gabbard was not the only one to criticize the board. The network operated under the umbrella of the Fox Entertainment Group, Fox News, being viewable in several million more homes, having strong links with many leaders in the Republican Party and in the conservative political establishment, it also was not afraid to give ‘reality’ a twist and to give words to those who are in line with the right-wing thinking and nationalists.

Its host Tucker Carlson compared the Disinformation Governance Board to the Ministry of Truth in George Orwell’s 1984 and suggested that the parents of the American researcher, writer, and government official specializing in disinformation, Nina Jankowicz, who will head the board, had “failed” and should feel “shame.”

Lots of Republicans have forgotten that Abraham Lincoln, the founder of the Republican party, sacrificed his life to end slavery in the United States. When we hear how many North American talk about coloured people we can only have the impression that his crime was offering human living standards to slaves.

Today we have a totally different Republican party. The GOP embraced nationalistic hate because, according to Shankar Narayan,

what other choice do they have after hitching their wagon to a shrinking demographic? {You Are Not a Republican. I’m Sorry}

Everybody shall agree with the fact that times change and that political parties must evolve over time.

Shankar Narayan says about those political parties, that

They change according to the forces on the ground. {You Are Not a Republican. I’m Sorry}

But also sees how the Republican party has changed course and

continues to drift further and further away from its beginnings.{You Are Not a Republican. I’m Sorry}

She  looks at a new Republican party:

Ron DeSantis, Greg Abbott, and Donald Trump should be named the founders of the new Republican party. Three men will complete the transformation by untying the GOP from conservative values. {You Are Not a Republican. I’m Sorry}

The GOP has changed its ideology to fit its electoral projections and going for gaining popularity, as we see many right wing parties aiming for the votes of the majority.

Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott have already thrown the idea of limited government under the bus. State machinery has interfered with businesses and citizens to the fullest extent possible. {You Are Not a Republican. I’m Sorry}

Dominating the headlines has become the aim of the Republican party, which hopes to have all the white Americans behind her. Freedom has become for them something to be restricted to the white conservative Americans, and by preference to the conservative Christians.

By redefining trade agreements as exploitation of American resources, Trump shifted the party away from anti-tariffs to protectionism and isolationism. As a solution, he offered himself. Trump’s supporters rallied in their support with 67% saying free trade agreements are bad for the United States. {You Are Not a Republican. I’m Sorry}

Personal liberty was what the GOP used to preach. Though it claims still trying to preach this, we can only notice that their ‘personal liberty’ goes up for only a few. There are many people in the United States that those republicans prefer not to see in their state and whom do they not want to give any liberty or free choice.

Narayan remarks:

You sort of need it to keep the trickle down economics going. Is it possible for a party that supports specific ethnicities to truly speak for personal freedom? Of course not. The GOP still does this because the Democrats allow them to. {You Are Not a Republican. I’m Sorry}

We should look carefully at that party which has sold itself as a patriotic party. The GOP has become a party which does not choose to take care of the Nation itself, but for making it to be a gaining place for their own sort. The last Trump government instead of making America great again has divided it, and made it so unbalanced by ethnic-centric self-deception and absorption that the State may lose its republic.


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