Conservative and Communist Climate Change Scam

In World Agenda for Sustainability I mentioned already how afraid many Americans are for this call to take care of the environment.

Hard time for social programs

President Barack Obama signs legislation in th...

President Barack Obama signs legislation in the Oval Office, Dec. 22, 2010. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Barack Obama did have a real hard time to get his social programs through the bill.
America having now a president who really is concerned about the people and those who have to live in the United Statesin the future, is disowned for what he tries to do for the nation of many Americans, and not for just a few rich ones.

Lots of Americans fail to appreciate what their president is doing, in the knowledge that everybody can have good and bad days. At last the United States got again a president, like we do remember John F. Kennedy, who had an eye for what was really necessary for more than one group of American citizens.

Commitment to social issues and welfare of own citizens

English: Cass Sunstein Speaking at Harvard Law...

English: Cass Sunstein Speaking at Harvard Law School (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cass Sunstein,  President Obama’s author of many executive orders and programs, depicts socialist nations as being more committed than their capitalist parts to the welfare of their own citizens.

“During the Cold War, the debate about (social welfare) guarantees took the form of pervasive disagreement between the United States and its communist adversaries. Americans emphasized the importance of civil and political liberties, above all free speech and freedom of religion, while communist nations stressed the right to a job, health care, and ” social justice.”

Hidden Agenda

This saying lets the group election2012facts think they need to inform the public of the facts around it overlooked by the mainstream media. According to this group the world has to look at those whom surround Obama to see that his agenda does not include the middle class, nor does it include the poor. But according to what I got to see the previous years I got convinced that Obama was one of the ordinary people who did not mind to go into a hamburger take-away to get some fast-food for his staff with whom he tried to get his plans through, notwithstanding several democrats in the higher eschalons advised him to stay away from certain matters not to lose to many voters. For him what mattered was not so much to be re-elected, but to get the best for “All Americans”.

Healthcare was the most difficult achievement, but a big step in the advancement of love for the neighbour. (One of the Judeo-Christian values)

Documentary picture

The Panorama edition on the Flemish Television channel Canvas Thursday night showed a portrait of the sincere Obama trying to get a lot of work done for the Nation he loves and he is willing to give of his time. The documentary film takes viewers inside the fortified doors of the White House, the arena where ‘Mr. President‘ had to deal, make judgements on crucial global issues.

English: President Barack Obama speaks to a jo...

English: President Barack Obama speaks to a joint session of Congress regarding health care reform (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In it we could see how the president had a natural smile all the way through. Though in his tenure he not only had to deal with economic emergencies, but also combat constant criticism from various fronts, even from his own ranks. We saw also the stress caused by the continuing opposition of everything Obama tried to have done for the lesser wealthy.

Perhaps he put perhaps Harold Trump too much for joker on the press-diner, but he mostly respected all the classes.

Election2012facts do find that Obama parrots only those who direct him and lead him, but that is not what we got to see from the man behind the screens in the Wight House in Washington. We got the total opposite idea of the President of the United States who did not like to be an imposter, but, as one of the presidential film-makers told, he was easy to follow with the camera because he always was himself, and not as other presidents previously, who showed every time somebody else to the public than the one in the White House.

He showed to be a man who demanded not only from himself self-sacrifice. The sacrifice he dared to ask from others was the sacrifice he wanted to take as well.

Obama is a man who seems to be willing to win advice and to look at the greater picture, being aware that America is also part of the whole world and should made aware of its role in the universe, not having to think it can impose anything on others in the world, without demanding any sacrifices from the own people.

Seeing fellow Americans

Though many Americans do not want to see the poverty of their fellow Americans, and the need of the many ill, Obama was aware that there should be build a protection system for the less fortunate, and this could only be done by showing solidarity. But that seems one of the most difficult things for many Americans.

I do agree the weapon industry brings in a lot of money for a country, so the majority of Americans would love to see that booming again by screwing back the Obama measures. Mitt Romney plans to “put the country back on track to a balanced budget,” and also wants to reverse President Obama’s cuts to military spending and cuts to Medicare. He wants to talk up the virtues of free trade while taking a tougher line on China that could spark a trade war.


Obama knows what change looks like because he fought for it, but knows also very well that much has still to be done and could be endangered in case Romney is voted for president.

“Giving power back to the biggest banks isn’t change,” Obama said, according to TPM.  “Leaving millions without health insurance isn’t change.” Obama cast his own policies as change, but argued that they’ve bumped up against obstruction in Washington, and that is what Europe has seen the last four years.


In the documentary on Thursday we could see a normal caring person, and that is also what Obama his message is to the general public, perhaps him not being a champion but doing the works of a champion for the ordinary folks.

Obama in Green Bay, Wisconsin

Obama in Green Bay, Wisconsin – Photo Associated Press

“See, the folks at the very top in this country don’t need another champion in Washington,” Obama said. ”They’ll always have a seat at the table.”

Instead, Obama named small restaurant owners, cooks, autoworkers, teachers and kids. “They need a champion,” the president said.

“The protectors of the status quo are a powerful force in Washington,” Obama warned. “And over the last four years, every time we’ve tried to make a change, they’ve fought back with everything they’ve got.” Which is exactly what Obama, fighting to keep his job after four years in which his approval ratings sank, is doing now.

Closed eyes

File:Impacts of Global Warming.png

Temperature deviations from 1990 readings.- Photo Markus Koljonen (Dilaudid)

Many Americans close their eyes for the difficulties the president had to make his plan of change come true and which difficulties many unemployed have. They also do not want to see what damage the big industry can do to their environment. Lots do not want to believe thousands of scientists that warned for the global warming and for the devastation people are causing for nature.

Many also may think we can not change anything, because it is already too late, and lots of damage was done in the 19th century.  It would be wrong to believe because some scientists stated that climate change is a natural process and the earth goes through period swings of hot and cold, that we do not have to take care of the evolution of this earth.

According to several opponents of Obama there would be no one who has any proof that climate change is contributed to by oil, natural gas or coal. According to me, they are mistaken, and there is enough scientific proof of the damage that is done by human people,  their careless attitude and misuse of natural products.

“Climate Change Justice” which held that it was”desirable” for America to pay “Justice” to poorer nations by entering into a compensation agreement that would result in a financial loss for the United States is what most people are saying, but not seeing the gain for future generations.

“In the strength of great hope we must shoulder our common load,” Obama said, quoting the former president. “That’s the strength we need today. That’s the hope I’m asking you to share.”



Barack Obama – The Road We’ve Traveled.


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    Meanwhile, Reuters reports that the carbon trading scheme that has brought the countries of the European Union to their knees is on the brink of imploding!


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    I was reading one of the angrier conservative bloggers the other day when I came to a sentence where he referred to President Obama as a “communist.”It stopped my eye. I am no fan of Obama, and I have a high tolerance for vituperation. (I like the late Auberon Waugh’s definition of opinion journalism as “the vituperative arts.”) Still, “communist”?
    Used as an insult, the word “communist” has a quaint, musty look to it. It brings to mind the half-remembered politics of sixty years ago, much of which looks absurd now—John Birchers telling us that Eisenhower was a communist. To direct the word “communist” at some person not likely a member of any actual communist party is naff—not ironic enough for our very ironic age.
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    I left off, in a previous article, with the exploration of one man named Cass Sunstein whom has some of the most weird and strange ideology of all Obama’s appointees.

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