Angry at the greedy state

Are you cross with your government?

Are you seeing your government taking away your rights one at a time? Do you see the ones in charges running away with them money of other hard working people who are forced to do the job of two or three people? We can not ignore the modern slavery system which is growing faster and making more casualties every day. Little local shops can’t survive and around the cities they are constructing more mega shopping complexes, willing to impose on every body a world of luxury we can less and less afford. The government twing more and more on the peoples income and savings. In Belgium the average income tax is about 57 %, plus 25% on your savings and an extra Tobin tax of 1 to 6% for the increase of your wealth, by the growth of shares or funds, but the losses you may not deduct. The Value Added tax for necessary goods go up to 25% (like drinkable water in bottles) but gold has only a VAT of 6%. Normally you could say the VAT is the most fair tax, if it would be really that the luxury would be taxed the most high and the necessary food and hardware (educational books, stationary, etc.) and cultural ‘luggage’ (theatre, exhibitions, etc.) would be taxed very low. But today we can find luxury boats and expensive cars, only with a ‘smal’l tax, compared to the water, of 21%. the state has become so greedy, we are nearly paying 80 % of our income to taxes (1. When you earn; 2. When you save; 3. When you buy products to use directly; 4. When you buy products to invest; 5. Taxes on the gains of the investments; 6. When you sell the investments.) For the 85% taxes on petrol the government is not going to do away the golden calf and bringing a very easy income in danger, by promoting public transport or by reducing the taxes and making petrol cheaper, because they know people need their cars with ‘golden liquid’ fuel (cheapest petrol: 1,56 € per liter = 7.68390139 U.S. dollars / US gallon) to go to work.

In the United States of America, the Land of milk and honey, the federal government once again has reached the limit of its legal ability to borrow money, meaning it cannot issue new Treasury debt without action by Congress to increase the debt ceiling limit. As of this month, their “official” national debt- which doesn’t include the staggering future payments promised to Social Security and Medicare beneficiaries- stands at $14.2 trillion.
The debt ceiling law, passed in 1917, enables Congress to place a statutory cap on the total
amount of government debt rather than having to approve each individual Treasury bond
offering. It also, however, forces Congress into an open and presumably somewhat shameful vote to approve more borrowing.

Ron Paul says: “The debt ceiling is a self-imposed limit on borrowing. The signal congress sends to worldwide markets by raising the debt ceiling is simple: business as usual will continue in Washington; no real spending cuts will be made; and fiscal austerity will remain a pipe dream.”

Punch cartoon (1907); illustrates the unpopula...

Punch cartoon (1907); illustrates the unpopularity amongst Punch readers of a proposed 1907 income tax by the Labour Party in the United Kingdom. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Governments all over the world got so corrupted that they bring their country on the ridge of the gorge. But the inhabitants of those countries are not all without fault. Greece would not be in such a mess when people themselves would not have done so much fraud.

Do you think people should get into a revolt or just have to react, or does everyone has to look how it evolves.

How many think the game is not worth the candle?

In many industrialist countries we are all tarred with the same brush, so perhaps it would not be bad to have the same think-thanks in those countries and to put the heads together.

What annoys me is that the people still take to much without reacting. Most often at work because they are afraid of loosing their job, knowing that the bosses heave the weapon of ‘there is some one else behind the door to take over the post.’

At work people are willing to cope with a lot and in the shops people do not react against to high prices. But the government may not mistake it, they should not think most people are dormant. There are some who are really awake. And if our communities are not careful and continue to be so greedy and not alert or not reacting enough against anti social behaviour, those who want to have a liveable social community shall go into an other gear. The people their patience shall come to an end. Today some of the populace feel already the water up to their chin.

Would it not interesting for some to have a look at what happened in the French king period and the tsarist times of the 19 th century? Or more recently to look at Iran, Iraq and Egypt?

Marjane Satrapi

Marjane Satrapi, Author of ‘A MisBehaved woman’ and the article ‘Like A Phoenix: Power Beyond The Fall’

Those who would think revolution are not dead yet, could perhaps have a look at the article of the Iranian Marjane Satrapi (مرجان ساتراپی) [ of which I am not sure if she is the great-granddaughter of Naser al-Din Shah Qajar, Shah of Iran from 1848-1896], and video of StormCloudsGathering.

Amelia Earhart hit the nail on the dot saying “Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved.”

When coffee caused a revolution

Egyptian artists and activists celebrate on top of the painted concrete blocks of the “No Walls Street.” (Credit: AP Photo/Nasser Nasser)

History also has proven that many trials brought fort other systems, but not always the expected solutions, and not always the good or better way of living. But what we can notice is that humans are stronger than many think. And the soul who want to get somewhere, if they have the stamina, can reach more than many would think. Humankind has proven to be full of resilience and the go-getter who were not afraid to press hard or to go ahead with what they believed or for what they would stand could proof the stayer were there to stay.

There are those who are convinced that no people have ever gained freedom without a non-peaceful struggle. But I think they are mistaken. Lots of people who believed in the aggressive action and violent overturn of governments afterwards received a cold shower and often where confronted with new people in power who fast took care to do away with people who were standing in their way to insure the new conquered positions of power.

What is left over from the luxurious life of the time of the shah in Iran? What did the revolution in Iran brought for the better?

remarked that Hosni Mubarak’s ambitious modernization of Egyptian telecommunication opened, somewhat ironically, an entirely new space for Egyptians to gather and sow revolution: The Internet.

With the electoral success of the Muslim Brotherhood’s candidate Mohammed Mursi, Egypt has opened a new chapter in the country’s most recent revolution. Yet, as is all too often the case in Egyptian history, the veneer of revolution conceals the deep power of the military.

Mao chinese revolution

Laura Ingalls Wilder would perhaps agree that today nothing would be changed about the reason and success of revolutions. Because we have to face the reality of the ‘human sin‘, the human weakness and his egocentric attitude. “The real things haven’t changed. It is still best to be honest and truthful; to make the most of what we have; to be happy with simple pleasures; and have courage when things go wrong.”

But being pleased with all the lovely things we can have, all the blessings God gives us, does not mean we have to take everything like it comes our way. Knowing that there shall never be such a good governing system like the most perfect system which shall come into being at at the return of Christ,when we shall have the honour to come into the theocracy of the Kingdom of God, until then we do have to create a liveable system for as many people as possible.

I am a pacifist, totally against any form of violence, but that does not mean I have to be a naive (though a am naive) stupid, lunatic, ignorant of political and economical circumstances and let it waltz over me. Not liking violence does not mean we do have to sacrifice this world to those who are its worst and do not respect mother nature and their co-citizens. In the name of the values that keep us alive we do have to be conscious of the weaker ones and have to protect them and come up for them. We should take care that not theirs nor our vision of man will be distorted by the ugly, the cowardly, the mindless in those who have never shall achieve what their greedy egoist heart demands nor titles and positions they would love to carry in their world of power and might.

Do not lose your knowledge that man’s proper estate is an upright posture, an intransigent mind and a step that travels unlimited roads. Do not let your fire go out, spark by irreplaceable spark, in the hopeless swamps of the approximate, the not-quite, the not-yet, the not-at-all.

Top Ten Gadgets for Realtors – Photo

The problem today of many people is that they are so taken in by all the modern gadgets, and are kept quiet like little children with their favourite toys. It also seems to take much longer before they seem to be ‘grown ups’. In our country they now are considered adults at 16, though they shall never be ready there, until perhaps at 21, but even at 25 they live in their Facebook world with all the Facebook games and with reality shows transvestite, world of glamour and glitter far from their bed, and try to escape the real world.

Many of those youngsters living in the cocoon of their after war boom parents should perhaps listen more tho the voice of stubborn women who saw the fall of their free nation…and forcedly saw their eyes opened by the terror of those imposing their ideas to others by violence. We all can learn from those who saw the terrifying rise of the Corporate Police State. It is good that there are from those regions people willing to share random stories about current events, from their point of view with their experience of oppression and cry for liberty. Even when Marjane Satrapi may think there is no rhyme or reason to what she might post other than whatever it might be that has her hackles up on any particular day, that is what more people should do. And by doing so people should also find more similar voices and become aware that they are not the only ‘lunatics’ in the world with a sound thinking mind.

We need more voices in the contemporary world to make that people do not fall asleep, but would also be aware of the precaution they have to have about the to be taken steps.

It is a hard reality that many government representatives have gone deaf and blind for the more valuable social way of life. Many have forgotten that it is not all the material which shall create the nice living atmosphere. Lots have been blinded by the ‘violence’ of commercials imposing on them all sorts of gadgets they really do not need to have a nice comfortable life.

No one can deny that we are in dire straits both as a nation and as part of the global community of human beings…things are not good and changes absolutely must be made before we all end up in darker times and conditions than most of us could ever dream of living in – or even surviving. But…since it is premature to jump into a revolution…and it is obvious that we cannot continue on the path we’re on without serious negative consequences, where does that leave us?

Please do take some time to watch the video and read the article “Like A Phoenix: Power Beyond The Fall

We may not be able to prevent all of the hard times coming our way, but we can sure make the decision to learn as much as we can…while we can…and use what we learn to see to it that the hard times are not harder than they have to be. We can provide for ourselves; we can learn to be better neighbors and trade skills, produce and time so that fewer people are left to go without when the dollar bill finally reaches its realistic value…Zero.




Do you want to be part of a new awakening?

How are you going to treat members of your community/family as we slip into darker times, and what information can you give them now to help them prepare for themselves (so they won’t come banging on your door and taking what you have)…


That Is Power.

We ALL have power, there are things that each and every one of us can be doing to help soften the blow; if we use our power and combined knowledge carefully, it will become a spirit that no police state or insane government can ever crush.

Peaceful Revolution Graphic – Freedoms phoenix


Additional reading:

When coffee caused a revolution (see next article reblog)
Revolutions are successful insofar as they incorporate the lessons of past periods of political upheaval. More than a year since Mubarak’s historic overthrow, the revolution stands on the edge of repeating precisely the steps which in the past have brought the country to its knees: creating a new veneer for the same institution, which might lead to elections, but hasn’t led to real change. In the uncertain climate of Egypt’s presidential election season, the first of its kind in the country’s layered history, there is a word that never seems to be far from the lips of Egyptian’s mouths: Feloul. Roughly translated as “remnant,” the term has become a catchword for everything connected to the Mubarak regime, from his security apparatus to his relationship with Israel. As in 1950′s Egypt, fear of the old regime’s reach is a persistent feature of contemporary Egyptian society. While cafes don’t serve the role they once did, Egyptians have taken their discontent to the Internet, to the streets, and to newspapers.

Daniel Guérin: Three Problems of the Revolution (1958)

Like Voline, I think that the two great historical experiences of the French revolution and the Russian revolution are indissolubly linked. Despite the time differences, the differences in their contexts, and their differing “class content”, the issues they raise and the pitfalls they encountered are essentially the same. At best the first revolution displays them in a more embryonic state than the second. Also, men today cannot hope to discover the path leading to their definitive emancipation unless they can distinguish in these two experiences what was progress and what was backsliding, so that they can draw lessons for the future.

Australian Politics – Get Your Greedy Government Hands Off Our Superannuation Money
There also appear to be some outright errors in Treasury’s calculations. Imposing marginal tax rates for contributions and earnings ignores the fact that higher taxation on contributions reduces the inflow of funds. The higher taxation on earnings applies to a lower (post-tax) base, a fact overlooked by Treasury. The effect of its mistake is to inflate significantly the estimates of total super tax concessions.
While ordinary workers retire with less than $200,000 set aside for their future, the Prime Minister and 10 of her cabinet members will enjoy one of the nation’s most generous retirement schemes.

The Necessity of Revolutionary Violence in Egypt

Violence is related to notions of justice. In Egypt there are two forms of justice that we have been fighting for since 25 January 2011: social and retributive. Their absence has been compounded by the ongoing application of structural forms of violence against us: primarily economic and judicial. As a result, Egyptians increasingly see the state as having lost its monopoly over what Weber calls the “legitimate use of physical force”.
On 11 February 2011, governments across the world praised Egyptians for completing what they took care to depict as nothing more than a political revolution against a dictator. The hypocrisy in these statements was lost on many observers, who failed to consider these same governments’ close political and economic ties with Hosni Mubarak’s Egypt and their role in propping up his thirty-years-long regime of suppression and exploitation. The most appropriate label for the dynamic of this relationship is neocolonialism, a term coined by former Ghanaian president Kwame Nkrumah to describe how foreign powers maintain their economic interests in a country by partnering with a local elite as proxy rulers, thus directing the governance of the country without undertaking the costs of a military occupation.
By repeatedly forestalling retributive justice against members of the police and military for murdering and maiming protesters throughout the revolution, the Muslim Brotherhood has revealed its interests in maintaining the same neocolonial system, in which the gatekeepers – the security forces – remain unpunished before the population. The Brotherhood’s economic policies, mapped out below, are a further manifestation of their commitment to their predecessor’s logic of governance.


  • Allies: the Islamic Republic and the Jewish State (
    For the last thirty years, the Islamic Republic of Iran has not only been constantly calling for the destruction of Israel, but has also been acting to make it happen.
    After the fall of Mosaddegh, the Shah was not yet powerful enough to stand against the rising Islamists and couldn’t restart diplomatic relations with Israel.
    Before the revolution, the two countries had worked with each other in several areas including oil, military and intelligence, agriculture, construction and other fields that were beneficial for both nations.It seems these days that such fruitful relations in partnership between Iran and Israel are far from ever happening again, but it only seems so on first sight. One must only remember demonstrators in the streets of Iran after the stolen elections of 2009 chanting ”Not Gaza, not Lebanon – my life for Iran.“ This was a sharp departure from the Islamic Republic’s hateful propaganda against Israel. In just one powerful sentence, Iranians revealed their true views on how much they detest the regime’s militant support for other Islamists in the region and its constant threats towards Israel. And by that they proved their true democratic vision.

  • This is Bad (
    Our credit rating is based on the likelihood that we will pay all our bills on time. Even the suggestion that we might “prioritize” our payments is an invitation to downgrade our credit rating. The last time the House Republicans played around with the debt ceiling our credit rating was downgraded even though we never had a late payment. It was downgraded because it was evident that the House Republicans are insane and might “prioritize” our debt payments in the future, which is exactly what is being discussed now.
  • Our Massive $15 Trillion National Debt Made Real And Understandable (
    When you look at the number $15 trillion it’s hard to see anything but a lot of zeros. For most of us, it’s a number so huge as to become meaningless. However, the people of America will have to repay that debt eventually and that $15 trillion works out to be about $132,000 for every household in the US. Now, think how you would work that into your household budget this year.
  • They’re Making Love to the Third Rail: What Are We Gonna Do About It? (
    the President has officially proposed the “chained CPI” cut to Social Security in opposition to what the heavy majority of American voters want him to do and in contradiction with promises he and Joe Biden made during their re-election campaign. So, what punishment should we exact from this Administration, and what should we do to prevent cuts from happening in addition to signing petitions, and calling Representatives and Senators?
  • Press regulation: a charter for lying, greedy scuzzballs (
    the moment you try to muzzle the rabid attack dog of the free press, it’s not just the reasonably nice guys you protect. It’s also, the really bad ones – the people wholly deserving of being torn to bits because if they are not torn to bits by the avenging media then they’re going to carry on doing bad, bad things to the rest of us with complete impunity. Is it really a mark of a more civilised society that we have laws in place which make it easier for the rich, powerful and malign to get away with murder? I’d say not. I’d say any form of press censorship – like they have in Australia and like we’re about to introduce now – is a retrograde step right back to that ugly era when even reporting on the goings-on in parliament was illegal.
  • Sovereign Debt Crisis Conference (
    Nothing will escape the greedy hands of government today. They can cancel currencies, outlaw gold, and unplug entire countries like Iran and the Vatican until they comply. They can resort to Forced Loans where they just take what you have replacing it with government bonds. In Cyprus, they just confiscated 10% as a tax. So if you really think there is some safe place to put your money, wake up and smell the roses before they close the casket.
    If we realize that money has become like a share rising and falling in value based upon confidence in the economy, then perhaps we can make the next leap forward in this evolutionary process that will Restore our liberty and create a more secure world. Saying where to keep your money for the next 10 years does Nothing for your future or your posterity if we lose our freedom. Those who only ask that question cannot see the forest for the tree.

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