Migrants to the West #5

Limited freedom

In Islamic countries is the trend going on of limiting people in their freedom; This has not so much to do with the religion of the followers of Muhammed. The example we can find about the female Turkish writer activist, Rabia Kazan in the article Bestselling Turkish Writer is receiving death threats, after she took her veil off is worthwhile to take in consideration, for guidance in awareness and treatment of those who would like to impose more rules than really dictated by the prophet Muhammed. It are those falls teachers who try to get the power over people whom we see tyrannising women in Afghanistan and other Eastern Islamic countries. It are the Western governments who should take care that such extremist teachings do not get funding grounds in the West.

In the end there is nothing left to cover

In the end there is nothing left to cover


We should not get islamophobic but could learn from some warnings of some Islamophobes but we should not get into an attitude of the crusade period.

Painting by Edwin Lord Weeks (circa 1880) depicts an old Moor preaching the holy war against the Christians at the mosque in Spain. – The Walters Art Museum.

That there would have been no “social values” in Islamic countries is not right. For years they had even better values than in certain so called Christian countries and they had a very intellectual uprising and high standard culture. Look for example to the Moors in Spain or Muslim Iberians. The mixed Arab, Spanish, and Berber population living in the South of Europe created the great Arab Andalusian civilization in such cities as Córdoba, Toledo, Granada, and Sevilla. The ‘alien’ and ‘non-Christian’  who conquered Visigothic Christian Hispania, in a certain way liberated the people from a more barbarous group of people. Many native Iberian inhabitants converted to Islam because they found it a better way of live, more according to the Laws of the One and only One God, without doing such idolatry the Visigoth were doing.

Those against the witnessing of Muslims and certain battles they did forget that next to the Islamic conquests there where the Roman Catholic conquests with a lot of bloodshed and the horrible barbarian actions of the Inquisition. {The grand inquisitor Tomás de Torquemada was responsible for burning about 2,000 heretics at the stake.}

Believe in Allah

Allah in Arabic

Allah in Arabic (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Not only Muslims believe in Allah. Many good Christians have Allah, or God, as their Guide and prefer to live according to His Will instead of to adhere to the tradition of men. Those who want to Observe the commandments and becoming doers of the Word would not agree with a lot of people their lifestyle in the West. This is also one of the reasons why in the last few years we can see so many people looking for an alternative for their slipped down church. It is the responsibility of the Christian churches or communities to offer a good value and to present the real Judeo-Christian values according to the Law of God.

Rich culture

English: Muslim_troops_leaving_Narbonne_to_Pep...

Muslim troops leaving Narbonne to Pepin le Bref in 759. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It were Muslim Arab scholars who translated all scientific and philosophic Greek texts we still use today. Thanks to the many Muslim scholars the west got a rich library of scientific and mathematical books. {Arabic books translated in Toledo in Spain into Latin were taken to a place called Cambridge where they formed a house of learning.} We also not forget that the Jewish European and Asian knowledge including that of the Greeks Romans and Persians were gathered and compiled by the Muslim, Jewish and Christian scholars in  Baytul ghikma. Without Muslim scholars, working closely with Jewish and Christian scholars in the 9th through 12th centuries, much of what was discovered by the Greeks and Romans would have been lost to modern Europe and it’s descendant the US during the Dark Ages that followed the fall of Rome.


In Europe there is such a mixture of people from different conquerors of the past and living in such young countries that you may question if they really have one identity? The Cultural Detective recognises that we have an increasingly global and interconnected economy. They look at the multicoloured Dutch society and how they manage to combine royal glitter and soberness, place their King in the middle of the egalitarian society and together they guarantee freedom and democracy.

Royal Glitter in the Sober Dutch Egalitarian Culture agrees that some people came to the Netherlands for the cannabis and perhaps forget the cheap sex. Over the centuries people from all continents have come to the Netherlands in search of jobs, education, freedom of speech, a strong social system, and tolerance of race, religion and sexual orientation.

Holland and Belgium are a melting pot of people and languages, but also of different religions with many denominations. In Belgium there are five state religions and next to them we can see that even in the Muslim population there are so many different groups, of which some are even very strongly opposed to each other. The same opposition can be found in the many different Christian groups, were the Roman Catholics saw their members going fast away the last few years, because of the many scandals in that church.

The Dutch, Belgians, Luxembourgians and French may  believe in equal rights, equal responsibilities and equal treatment – with the law as the authority – no matter who you are, but I do believe there has to be done a lot of work on that equality element.
Like other Northern European countries, the Dutch trust the ability of their national institutions and the government to function well. Favouritism or bribing is punished severely in Holland and Belgium. It is this trust which makes the social economic climate of the northern countries pleasant and predictable.

Autochthonous coming in minority

In the Low Countries (Holland and Belgium) people live very reasonably, though there is a serious increase of the poor by the autochthonic population. The well being by many is felt to be becoming in danger by the increase of unemployment and the continuous flood of people from Africa and the East of Europe coming into the country. The fear for those ‘invaders’ is more based on the economical aspects than on the religious aspect.

Concerning the fear of the Islam, strangely enough the most radical groups seem to be made off by people from local origin and not so much from immigrants. The Belgian radical Salafist organisation Sharia4Belgium is formed by a Belgian and gets also many Belgian youngsters in their regions, to become enthusiast to go fighting in Syria for example. (20 Flemish boys went to the battlefield as warrior for freedom but also for the jihad.) The organisation denounces democracy and calls to reform Belgium into an Islamic state.

vader belkacem fouad is een belg

Fouad Belcacem a Belgian – Photo Gazet van Antwerpen

The Belgian leader Belkacem was sentenced in Morocco for possession of illegal drugs, but incomprehensible Belgium did not want to deliver him to Morocco because he is a Belgian and do not want to take away his citizenship because in Belgium there is the right of free speech and democracy. The city of Antwerp, which oversees the safety and respect for the law, including human rights, can not accept that freedom of expression is undermined and that is particularly what Fouad Belkacem does. To prevent such occurrences in the future the city now spans a lawsuit against Sharia4Belgium. In that interim measures Antwerp claim that all attacks on freedom of expression, the anti-discrimination legislation or anti terrorism law are punishable by a fine of 25,000 Euro, according to the aldermen. Though it took many years before the imams took a stand publicly against such fundamentalist organisation, many foreign Muslims found that Belgian Islamic organisation more a treat than a blessing to the Muslim world.

Bringing closer to or further away from God

That the West would be a culture of greed and nepotism as well as a decadent society may perhaps be true. But not everyone in the Benelux behaves indecent and most of the people in those three countries will not hesitate to still know how to behave and manage to maintain ethical standards. No doubt that many inhabitants of the Low Countries have drifted far from God, but neither the Sharia movement or any other fundamentalist Islamic or fundamentalist Christian group, which are also growing, will bring the people closer to God. I fear that they will achieve the contrary. Such fundamentalist groups call for an aversion of religion and give the idea to people that all religions use violence to get their ‘thing’ and to oppress people.

In Sharia een kwaad voor Islam I said already that Shariah4Belgium claims to be “composed of young Muslims in Belgium who want answers to the Command of Allah” They consider themselves as a group who answers at the calls to the good (Tawheed – Islamic Monotheism) and warns against the bad (i.e. Shirk – idolatry). “Sharia4Holland has the same Belgian leader and considers itself as a “group of young people from the Netherlands” willing “to fight for the law of Allah.” Also they write only to stop “until death will overtake, or flag of shariah will blow up the Royal Museum in The Hague us.”

The flutter of the Islam fundamentalism is laughed away by the Arabic Muslims in Belgium, while the Turkish Muslims are not so sure if those fundamentalist Muslims would be such an innocent mixed bag. I also do believe our capitalist world should be more afraid of what comes from within than for what comes from abroad.

Possibility to live in a big city

Nearly half of ethnic minorities – 4 million people in Great Britain– live in communities where native British make up less than half the population, the study by the Demos think-tank found. On the Flemish television we could see how the British capital is making it impossible for small-income families to stay there. Many areas in the capitals come to stand empty and derelict.  But this is not so much brought on by the Muslims entering the country. The Daily Mail wrote:

“More than 600,000 white British Londoners have left the capital in a decade, it was reported earlier this year. Census figures show that between 2001 and 2011 the level of ‘white flight’ reached 620,000.”

“It is the equivalent of a city the size of Glasgow – made up entirely of white Britons – moving out of the capital. The figures mean that for the first time, white Britons are in a minority in the country’s largest city.”

Xymalf who is unemployed and has a Site containing Satire which may offend some, writes in The death of London  that the report provides a shocking glimpse into the future. And I am afraid what he says shall be appropriate for more capitals in Europe. Our children or grand-children will be a minority in their own capital but I do not believe that they would be the minority in their own country. But the exclusion of the white people and the original habitants of those cities is more a matter of economics and of the expansion drift of those cities.

Recession and seed for nationalism

He understands that there is a recession raging at the moment, but is afraid that the campaign to ensure his children’s future and his nation’s survival continues regardless! He is willing like other British citizens to fund a modern, responsible patriotic political movement that claims to use the latest campaigning methods to fight the many injustices that are routinely inflicted on the British people who have, in effect, been left defenceless, voiceless and marginalised by the political ‘elite’.
He and his patriots with the same feeling show the bigger danger of the economical bad situation of Europe today.

It are not only English people who feel that they begin living a country which has not enough interest in the own population, the own history. He gets the feeling, it seems, that traditions and culture are effectively forbidden and systematically discouraged, because otherwise he would not support such a nationalistic movement.

In Flanders we saw the Flemish nationalist and right wing Vlaams Blok as Vlaams Belang loosing voters, but they mainly went to the Nieuw-Vlaamse Alliantie, or New-Flemish Alliance NVA, because there they could find that the votes would be counting, having  became excluded undemocratic by the cordon sanitaire.

NVA Onthulling naamThe Flemish centre-right political party, founded in the autumn of 2001 promotes civic nationalism and speaks about a confederate state instead of the Belgian Kingdom. As of the 2010 federal elections the party gained a substantial plurality in the Dutch-speaking region of Belgium with 28% of the votes in Flanders and 17% of the national vote, becoming the largest party in both Flanders and Belgium altogether, but once again the public votes did not seem to count to get the division of seats, proving that there is something really wrong with the so called ‘democratic system’ in Belgium where the Roman Catholic Church and the Walloon conduct the whereabouts of the country. This was the first time in which a non-traditional political party dominated the outcome of a Belgian election.

Mixing people

VB thumb_aff__affiche_eriseenbeterewegOpposed to the far-right character of the Vlaams Belang the NVA does not seem to be so afraid of the mixing of people in their regions. They understand the economical importance of the mix and are convinced that when both Belgian communities separately would obtain more powers, all parties would benefit. According to that Flemish party the Flemish government has to overcome the crisis by saving the coming years and maximizing the Flemish competences. They also, like any reasonable thinking person in Belgium see that not much happens at the federal level: no savings, no asylum and migration policy, no energy policy, no judicial reform, no state reform.
On 13 June, the Flemish voter sends a clear signal that things can not go on. The NVA convincing wins the federal election and the largest party in the country, but many other political parties made arrangements quickly so that the NVA  could not do much to seal the fate.

Christians facing discrimination

“A huge surge in migration has caused the number of foreigners living in the UK to almost double to 7.5 million in just 10 years.” writes xymalf in Immigration into UK.  In other key results, the number of Christians in Britain fell 4.1 million to 33.2 million while the number of Muslims went up almost 2 per cent to 4.8 per cent of the population.

Christianity in Britain is under ferocious assault: many Christians now face discrimination and persecution because of their beliefs in many areas such as employment, business, and adoption. But the writer forgets to see that a lot of discrimination of Christians also does come from English people, like we do see the same problem arising in the Low Countries where, especially in Belgium, certain Christians get it more difficult to receive respect at work. Bullying of Christians seems to have become a popular sport. But not by Muslims. First of all by those who call themselves Christians or more often by atheists. The non believing Belgian population considers religion the source of all evil. They also do not understand the difference between a Catholic and a Christian and confront all the believers with the terrible sexscandals and paedophile acts of the Catholic clergy.


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Give Peace a chanceRespecting all different people, giving them the hand of love and peace


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    “The killing evokes this passage in the Quran: ‘When thy Lord was revealing to the angels, ‘I am with you; so confirm the believers. I shall cast into the unbelievers’ hearts terror; so smite above the necks, and smite every finger of them!” – Quran 8:12.”
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  • The Bipartisan Folly of Our “Islam Delusion” (secaa23.newsvine.com)
    Too many Democrats – and Republicans – still do not understand that, contrary to the biblical view of man, the root of Islamic ideology declares that man is of no consequence. Allah is.
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    According to an article about a speech he gave last week in Toronto, scholar Daniel Pipes “suggested it is Islamism, a political ideology, that inspires hatred of ‘the other,’ rather than Islam. … He emphasized that while Islam has existed since the age of the prophet Muhammad, Islamism is a recent phenomenon and need not be considered an authentic expression of Islam.”Need not be considered an authentic expression of Islam by whom? By Muslims? Yet so many do, all around the world. By non-Muslims? What would that accomplish, since so many Muslims think it is an authentic expression of Islam, except to render us complacent in the face of the jihad threat?
  • Sounding the Sharia in Sweden (americanthinker.com)
    Calls to summon Muslims to prayer were broadcast over loudspeakers for the first time ever in Sweden this past Friday on April 26th at the Fittja Mosque in the Stockholm municipality of Botkyrka.  The Islamic call to prayer (adhan), resonating from the towering 104-foot (32-meter) minaret, began with the ear-shattering “Allahu Akbar” (Allah is Great) and was followed by the Shahada, the Muslim declaration of faith: “There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah”.  Every Friday, people from as far as two kilometers away will be subjected to hear what U.S. President Obama called “one of the prettiest sounds on earth”.This is what Swedes in the Stockholm municipality of Botkyrka will have to get used to, now that the decision rendered by the Botkyrka Municipal Assembly and authorized by the Botkyrka Police to approve the public call to worship, has taken effect.  Whether or not Swedes find it offensive, loud, or disruptive, they have no choice but to listen every Friday to the live three-to-five-minute amplified recitation of the Muslim declaration of faith that calls the people to come together and pray.
  • Religion VS Racism; The ultimate debate. (gammaatheist.com)
    Religion and Racism are separate issues, they should not be entwined into one dispute. You can have one without the other, because as I said previously, we are all one race; the Human race.
    The next time you see a Muslim, do not automatically assume the worst. There are amazing people in every religion. It is just a shame that the ones we see publicly are the ones that cause the problems and tensions between countries, faiths and people.
  • Reflections on Islam:Understanding the West’s most implacable enemy (iranaware.com)
    Points of contention between Muslims and non-Muslims have gradually increased in recent years. In the opinion of many, they represent the most serious risk for world peace. It is not merely a conflict between Israel and the Arabs, but rather, the policy of Iran and Al Qaeda, who openly express sheer hatred of Israel and the West. In the words of the Iranians, the United States is the “Great Satan”, while Israel is the “Little Satan”.Moreover, dangerous conflicts are occurring between India and Pakistan, between the Chechnya rebels and Russia, and between the people of Uyghur and China. In the major cities of Europe – from France to Russia – tensions between native residents and Muslim immigrants is on the rise, as well. It appears these conflicts are not coincidental; rather, they reflect a core problem which, if not thoroughly understood by the Western world, will lead to increasing tensions, until the conflict is likely to result in terrible bloodshed throughout all of Europe and the Islamic countries.
  • Islam as a Hegemonic and Expansionist Religion (robertlindsay.wordpress.com)
    There are plenty of cultures who are content with not trying to dominate the world and don’t keep pushing for a takeover when they go abroad. I sure as heck don’t notice: Polynesians, Copts, Greek Orthodox, Saivites, Buddhists, Shintoists, Tibetans etc…imposing themselves in the same manner as Islam. As shitty/wicked as Vedic Hinduism is, it pretty much limited itself to the SubCon. Buddhist Nationalists run pogroms in Burma and Sri Lanka but they don’t try to colonize other regions of the world.While the West went on a world domination binge and still does run the world, they have changed significantly. They opened their countries to all religions and cultures. What Islamic country accepts non-Muslim immigration in any meaningful capacity and doesn’t keep its minorities in ‘their place’?
  • Peace And Love Are The Essence Of Islam (islamolife.wordpress.com)
    The West must make its Muslims citizens, but Muslims have a right to import generations of infidel bonded labor who have no hope of ever obtaining citizenship, lest the Islamic nature of the society be challenged. Muslims have a right to limit proselytization and the building of infidel houses of worship in Muslim lands, but the infidels must not put limits on the building of mosques in infidel lands or Muslim conversion efforts of infidels in infidel lands. The blatant hypocrisy of Muslims is stunning and audacious.
  • Radicals, Moderates and Islamists (sultanknish.blogspot.com)
    The radical-moderate continuum that has defined the dialogue on Islam in the War on Terror is not an authentic perspective, it is an observer perspective.To the Western observer, a suicide bomber is radical, a Muslim Imam willing to perform gay weddings is moderate and the Muslim Brotherhood leader who supports some acts of terror, but not others, is moderately radical or radically moderate.These descriptions tell us nothing about Islam or about what Muslims believe, but do tell us a great deal about its observers and what they believe. They turn Islam into inkblots that reveal more about the interpreter than the splotch of ink being interpreted.Muslims are not radical or moderate. The radical-moderate continuum is how liberal countries rate individuals and countries to decide how well they will harmonize with the national and international consensus.
  • Changing religious affiliation (africanspiritualitynow.wordpress.com)
    At present the two world religions are approximately equal in their strength among the Yoruba. Islam predominates in Ibadan and Oyo, but there is also a large Christian minority. In Egba, Ijebu, Ife, and Igbomina the religions are more equally balanced, while in Ondo, Ekiti, Ijesa and Kabba there are large Christian majorities.
    The expansion of Islam was most rapid in the period around the turn of the century. With the end of the wars, the return of Muslims to other parts of Yorubaland helped the religion to spread, even in the eastern areas where it had previously made little impact. Resistance was strongest in Ekiti, and the most rapid progress was made in Ijebu, partly thanks to the conversion of Seriki Kuku, the leading military chief after the British invasion (Abdul, 1967: 27ó38).
    Given the Yoruba’s instrumental attitude to religion and their tolerance of religious pluralism and innovation, it is not surprising that members of both religions are quite prepared to use the services of other religious specialists when need arises: prominent alufa often have a number of Christian clients
  • The Savage History Of Jihad In India (themuslimissue.wordpress.com)
    Jihad In India met ferocious resistance from the Sikh Faith.  The Sikhs and the Islamic invaders fought for nearly 300 years and at the end of the period the  Sikhs had prevailed.  Ahmed Shah Abdali made the last of  his eleven invasions into India  around 1763 and returned disheartened never to return to India again. Effectively, a long period of muslim domination of India had come to an end.

    The prime characteristic of  Islam and Christianity is the denial of individual conscience. They are systems which are based on complete coercion. If you are not a Muslim or a Christian you will go to hell.

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