10 Responses to Changing screens

  1. Pippa Sheehan says:

    Thanks for the pingback, Marcus. Great article.


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  3. shelbystapleton says:

    Hi Marcus, just stumbled across your blog post and feel surprised and flattered to have been mentioned, so thank you! However, I did notice that some of the ideas in this post are direct quotes from myself, so I was just wondering whether you could give credit for them? Thank you 🙂


    • Marcus Ampe says:

      Dear Shelby, when you would look at all articles I write I do try to give everybody the honour for what they have written. I also try to bring my readers onto other articles which may be of interest. By quoting from them or by placing a reaction on them under the link I do hope the readers on my site also would take time or consider to look at the other mentioned places.

      When I quoted you I also mentioned your name, saying “Shelby Stapleton correctly points to the fact that:”. I might agree that I forgot to place the link to your name and the article. Sorry, in case you send me your links I shall place them on the wordings and refer to the article.


      • shelbystapleton says:

        Hi Marcus, thank you for replying!

        Whilst I can see that I have been quoted and mentioned in that particular par, I noticed that in other parts of the article, some ideas from my original post have been used and only slightly re-worded, for example: “Members of the public documenting on camera phones and other devices, recording the unfolding events in places that are less accessible to the media” and “Helped by the internet, microblogs such as Twitter or Facebook, many made us of that modern technology to spread their ideas and comments. By those innovative means anyone is allowed to transmit information worldwide, aided by software and website features that incorporate direct multimedia upload links”.

        As I said before, I am flattered that you deem my ideas suitable for use in your article 🙂 However, for future reference I’d like to suggest that you re-word borrowed ideas in more depth so that they are distinguishable and do not read as though they are plagiarisms.

        Thank you!


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