Here is the truth or the lie

“Fake news” one of the “most damaging to trust” phenomena.

Lying is the first known informational vehicle.
The control of the truth, the propaganda and the attempts to influence the opinion of the population goes beyond mere social networks and the term coined by the “fake news” in recent years.
A real problem that has been in the containment plans of governments since the Cambridge Analytica and Facebook scandal in 2016.


Borja Adsuara, an expert in digital law and former director of considers that if you have a scrupulous respect

“you don’t regulate the freedom of expression, whose limits are already in the law and jurisprudence ».

In his opinion, the only measure that the Government can take to combat disinformation implies not entering into the truth of the news.

«In that he cannot bury.
What you can do, because social networks work with algorithms, is to encourage verifications with independent actors. But above all avoid the “bots”.

The problem is not that there is false news, but that it is disseminated thousands of times. ”

For Ofelia Tejerina, president of the Association of Internet Users

“One thing is to teach what distinguishes what is true or lie and another thing is to say that

“here is the truth or the lie”,

because otherwise it becomes manipulation.»

In his opinion,

«if you want to create criteria about what is true and what we will not be behind; if you intend to help citizens know how to distinguish between what is reliable information and what is false news, it seems positive to me ».

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