Keeping healthy whilst not going to far away from home

The past weekend it became too busy in many places where people came to look for cooler temperatures and for some water to swim in.

With lockdown many people were restricted to their small flat or little house, feeling like imprisoned in their own house. We can imagine for some this made their frustration grow. For many, all confrontation with inactivity has been detrimental to their physical and mental health.

Lots of people forget that this time of lockdown could also be used to come closer to the inner self and to start an own fitness program for the soul and body, a regulator for the renewal of the own self.

We may not forget that physical activity reduces the risk of chronic disease and eases anxiety. A virus can catch us more easer when we are not healthy enough or weak.

Physical activity does not have to mean that we have to sweat and suffer. Very easy, simple movements, like walking can already help. Each of us can now take more time to improve his or her defense activity and work at the his or her metabolic health.

Those who feel stressed by the present limitations should find out they can liberate themselves by daring to put the workload aside and to think of better times and relaxation, now creating more time for the self, not having to go to work so much or having the opportunity to do the work at home in the own time.  Working at home can be a blessing but also a curse. So from the beginning doing work from home, make sure that work does not chain you in your own place. Let yourself be the boss of the time regulation.

What is important is that you exchange time for work, exercise and relaxation in good order. Do not sit for too long. Regularly stand up and move around. When going to exercise let it not happen once a week or in a fortnight, or take care that it does not happen occasionally with heavy programs, but happens regularly. Exercising regularly helps reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, various cancers and obesity. It has also been shown to ease anxiety and depression and reduce the risk of dementia.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has provided some simple tips to help keep as active as possible at home.

These include:

online fitness classes; dancing for a few minutes; walking up and down stairs; playing active video games; working out with a skipping rope; and doing stretching, muscle strength and balance training exercises.

The WHO recommends being as active as possible at home.
Image: WHO

The Be Active campaign is aimed at people of all ages and abilities and is part of the WHO’s wider #HealthyAtHome challenge, which suggests ways to look after our mental and physical health during coronavirus restrictions.

The WHO recommends 30 minutes of physical activity per day for healthy adults staying home, and one hour for children.

I would advise regular short breaks in a day. Standing up from sitting, walking around for a few minutes, going up and down the stairs, and twice in the day going for a longer stroll, makes a difference. Do not forget that already three or four minutes of light intensity movement, such as walking or stretching, helps already to improve circulation and muscle activity.

Plus, regular physical activity can help to lift overall mood and provide structure to days spent at home.

When you are not alone in the house, going out with two is always more pleasant than doing the exercise of getting some fresh breath alone. All activity can be done close to your house. You do not need to travel far away to relax or to exercise outdoors. A park nearby or the fields shall do.


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