Russian forces first not succeeding in Ukraine, but finding some change near the end of May

2022 May 16

On the 30th of April Russian forces pressed the attack in eastern Ukraine on Saturday April 30, but failed to capture their three main objectives, the Ukrainian military said.


Sievierodonetsk has the status of a city of regional significance, It is located nearby the Seversky Donets River, approximately 110 km (68 mi) to the north north west from the Oblast capital, Luhansk.

Popasna railway station

Popasna railway station from where many were looking to find a way out of the violence

Per the general staff of Ukraine’s armed forces, the Russians were attempting to capture the city of Lyman in the Donetsk Oblast and the cities of Sievierodonetsk and Popasna in the Luhansk Oblast.

The Pentagon said Russian forces were making minimal progress in the face of intense Ukrainian resistance.

The Azovstal in besieged Mariupol was shelled “non-stop” by Russia since early in the morning of May 2. More than once they prevented people to get away from the plant to find a safer place. Kremlin claimed “it cannot guarantee security.”

The Kremlin also prepared to create a proxy state in the occupied Kherson Oblast, but failed.

Ukraine’s Armed Forces; beginning in May, did also liberate Ruska Lozova along with several more villages in Kharkiv Oblast.

According to the UK intelligence, Russia has sent over 120 battalion tactical groups when it launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, which is approximately 65% of its entire ground combat power. Some of Moscow’s elite units, such as the VDV Airborne Forces, have suffered severely and it will probably take years for Russia to replace them.

Russian gains in Donbas had been “minimal at best” and “quite frankly anaemic”, and Vladimir Putin’s troops appeared to be displaying a risk aversion to casualties. Russians were moving in and then declaring victory, and then withdrawing their troops only to let the Ukrainians take it back.

The Russian government can become very frustrated having to see how Ukrainian tanks rout Vladimir Putin’s exhausted and over-extended troops and chase them all the way back to the border. Though the West should be careful by crying victory: The Russian army may have botched its blitzkrieg; it may also have clear problems with morale, logistics, and leadership. But Moscow still has more men and more guns, and it has historically been very tenacious on the defensive.

While the West hopes to grind down Russia economically, the Kremlin will be hoping to hold out until cracks appear in the Western alliance.

2022, May 31

Since last week, Russia managed to advance in the East of Ukraine.

Petro Andriushchenko, an aide to the mayor of Mariupol, on the 16th of May made known that the Russians in Mariupol, used incendiary shells or phosphorus bombs, which are banned by international conventions.

The Russians tried to advance towards Slovyansk in Donetsk Oblast and Severodonetsk in Luhansk Oblast, as well as along the entire frontline near the city of Donetsk, and according to news messages on May 30, they seem to make progress. At the end of May the Russian military was regrouping in Donetsk Oblast near the town of Lyman seeking to launch an offensive. An attack is also expected in Kharkiv Oblast, near the city of Izium, and in Sumy Oblast. On May 30, Russia’s troops kept conducting offensive operations in Luhansk Oblast, near Sievierodonetsk, Toshkivka and Ustynivka.

On the 30th of May a large number of military personnel, as well as additional weapons in the form of artillery and rocket launchers, had arrived in Kursk Oblast. We got to see pictures of Russians entering several towns, them telling they are the liberators of those places. A man interviewed by the Belgian reporter just showed he was fed up with the situation and answered it did not matter who would take the place, as long as the fighting would stop.

In any case, around Sievierodonetsk, Luhansk Oblast, the fighting is ongoing. Luhansk Oblast Governor Serhiy Haidai said the situation in the city where more than 100,000 people used to live is very complicated.

“There are ongoing street fights, and there will be more,”

he said.

According to Starukh, Russian troops continue to increase their military presence in the region of Zaporizhzhia Oblast.

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