Not many coming out with their community name

Looking back at 2013

In the month of January the Christadelphians from Belgium and Holland considered their position, facing the difficulties of ageing in the community and of a Man from the North boycotting having more meeting places in Belgium.

English: Flag of the Brussels-Capital Region L...

Flag of the Brussels-Capital Region (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nivelles (Belgium), the romanesque St. Getrude...

Nivelles (Belgium), the romanesque St. Getrude colegiate church (XI/XIIIth centuries).  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In 2013 the Belgian Christadelphians saw their Sunday-meeting place at the AC Heverlee E40 service station (at the East of Brussels, near Leuven) demolished and turned in a Texaco service station. In September we also lost our other Sunday and midweek meeting-place in the centre of Brussels, having our brother Andy going back to Wales.

Nivelles (Belgium), the lookout tower called «...

Nivelles (Belgium), the lookout tower called « Tourette » (XVIth century).  In Summer we do have our meetings in open air close by. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As such, now, we can only offer to the general public the weekly meeting at the ‘Aire de Nivelles’, or roadway on the A7/E19 in Nijvel or Nivelles (at the South of Brussels), on Thursday night from 7.30-9.00 pm and our three monthly meeting at the Quakerhouse in Paris.

At the discussion with our Dutch brethren we not only were confronted with the difficult situation of the Man from the North and his organisation not willing to join hands, but also both countries facing no new blood, having the older people dying, leaving lesser people in the congregation.

Internet world and the citizens

In the world of internet not many hear from Christadelphians because lots of them are from a non-i.t. generation, part of a more conservative generation, or not so eager to tell the world the name of the community which worships the God of gods.

Location map of Belgium Equirectangular projec...

Location map of Belgium Equirectangular projection, N/S stretching 157.218 %. Geographic limits of the map: N: 51.8° N S: 49.2° N W: 2.2° E E: 6.9° E (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

People living in Belgium and Holland are not interested in God and those who worship one God, notated by the census, in Belgium would be the official 6% Muslims of the population, but in reality they nearly reach 25% of the Belgian population, though the country is still categorised as a Roman Catholic country.

The estimated 650,000 Muslims Soeren Kern of the Gatestone Institute is talking about are those which are connected with the official Islamitische Raad or Islamic Council. In Belgium you can find many different Islamic groups which do not have big mosques but meet with each other in what we call ‘garage mosques’, because they mostly are in private garages or previous factories. Their imams are also not paid by the government, like the official imams and priests.  It is the same as for the many non-trinitarian Christians, who are not part of the official Religious council and as such are never counted and have their preacher not having a monthly income, paid by the ministry of justice. Ministers part of the Protestantse Kerk België (PKB) or Belgian Protestant Church are being paid by the government and by their official denomination.

Languages spoken at home in the Brussels Capit...

Languages spoken at home in the Brussels Capital Region (2006) French French & Dutch Dutch Neither French nor Dutch French w/ another non-Dutch language (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Belgian and Dutch cities have significant Muslim populations, comprised mostly of Turkish and Moroccan immigrants, as well as a growing number of converts to Islam. In several regions you will be able to find a majority of Islamic believers practising their monotheistic belief. Many Belgians may perhaps call themselves Christian, mostly meaning Catholic, but mostly they do not practice their faith and only keep to the traditional feasts, which are mostly the heathen feasts, plus child-baptism, first and second communion, marriage and funeral.

It is not exaggerated when Soeren Kern writes that the self-styled ‘Capital of Europe’ is now one of the most Islamic cities in Europe. Several parts of Brussels look more like in a North African country, with even the Arabic language on the window-screens.

In 2013, Muslims made up approximately 26% of the population of metropolitan Brussels, followed by Rotterdam (25%), Amsterdam (24%), Antwerp (17%), The Hague (14%) and Utrecht (13%), according to a panoply of research. {The Islamization Of Belgium And The Netherlands In 2013}

Not coincidentally, Belgium and the Netherlands have been at the forefront of the debate over Muslim immigration and integration in Europe.

Believers in name

Those Muslims are mostly the ones who practice their religion, though also many name Muslims can be found, who do like the many Catholics only keep to the tradition and common holidays. As such it is not rare to find in those communities Muslim families where they do keep the Ramadan, have the Sugar Festival, but also have presents at Sinterklaas (Saint Nicolas), decorated trees at Christmas and chocolate eggs at Easter. Like many Christians they also do not mind to have decorated pumpkins and fancy dress parties at Halloween and Carnival.

To have sincere believers keeping to the Laws of God is much more difficult. Not many shall be found, and it must be said in Belgium most religious citizens shall be found in the Muslim community.

by the Christians you also may find a lot of people who call themselves Christian but do not really belief and do not show what they belief nor go to worship services regularly.

Coming out

It is more than time that the Christian community comes out in the open, and gets people to know God. Belgians do have to proof to the Muslim world that there are real lovers of God living in the country.

Cd meeting Ht Queen Anne Brussels 2010 May 2

Sunday meeting at hotel Queen Anne, Brussels Centre, 2010 May 2

The most well known believers in Only One God from the Christian population in Belgium has 373 congregations, with 25,311 baptised people. They together with our Christadelphian community get 44,191 visitors at the Memorial Evening (Pesach/Pascha or Passover). Those worshippers of the True God, using His Name, are not liked very much by the majority of the population. Though they really do what followers of Christ should do. Jesus has given his followers the task to go out in the world and to preach the Gospel of the coming Kingdom of God.

Many Christians do not know there are lots of other Christians than the Jehovah’s Witnesses who also use the name of God and preach the Good News.

Jews in Belgium

Today there are officially only around 42,000 Jews in Belgium; The Jewish Community of Antwerp (numbering some 20,000) being one of the largest single communities in Europe. For many Christians who do not know Hebrew Antwerp is a good place to communicate and learn from the Judaic population. The Dutch speaking citizens of Belgium can communicate and get to know more of Biblical language by  having Yiddish as transit language. Some Belgians, like me, may have Jewish members in the family, which is of great help in understanding the Biblical language. The Jewish community is also tampered with many who have become more secular Jews and is facing the same problem as Christians have, seeing the active religious population diminishing. Their community has a Jewish interest programs radio station 24 hours a day, Radio Judaica (Jewish radio).
Some of them may hold a Super Shabbat where the community gets together for a Jewish learning fest, designed around a theme ranging from Israel & Ecology to Pesach-prep to Emigration-Immigration challenges, offering a way for people of all ages to be actively involved in learning, by doing, listening and discussing.

Spending time to Word of God and talking about it

We should see more of such events where time is spend to look at the Word of God and to discuss it with all interested to know more about it and about the way we can live according to the Will of God.

Not many people do want to tell others about their faith or do go out to preach about the Divine Creator. So many are afraid of the Muslims, but we do not see them much going out to discuss with others. From the many Muslims which live in my neighbourhood there is only my neighbour and one person, who lives one street further away from me, who also works for a mosque in Leuven, who talk about their believe with me. Some youngsters in my street, Flemish Islamic converts, I tried to have a conversation with, do not want to talk about religion and avoid any conversation with me.

The Islam can convert Caucasians. The many Flemish adolescents going to fight in Syria, for the good cause, have proven that youngsters today can be interested and taken by a form of faith. The Roman Catholic Church looses more and more people.  Most of them become atheist, but there also several who have a Catholic background but come into fundamentalist Islamic groups.
Yesterday the Flemish television showed the decline in marriages in church. The most important day for a couple is not any-more celebrated in church.
Our own Christadelphian community did not have one baptism in 2013, in Belgium nor in Holland. Mr.D.H. from the North has baptised several people, but does not allow them to have contact with our community, and even does not want to give the addressed of his ecclesiae (churches).

Websites and Forums

When we look at the internet we encounter many fundamentalist Muslim and fundamentalist Christian websites, but not enough blogs or websites which present the standard faithgroups or young enthusiast believers.

88% of Belgium Jews feel that in the course of the recent years antisemitism has intensified in their country, and many Jews are retracting from coming in view. Those who try to bring the Gospel are also more under attack. The main focus for criticism of a religious group is on the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Several Jews and sincere Christians have encountered incidents of physical violence or threats because of their being Jewish or being a real monotheist or a non-trinitarian believer. Therefore lots of sincere believers become very quietly and keep their faith to themselves.

Christadelphia Black-out Feb. 15 10.47I recently also had my religious newssite Christadelphian World and my Facebook page Christadelphia subject of a black-out.

We can find many websites presenting lots of sexual images, violent scenes and shabby talk. Filthy words can be found in abundance on the net. Those websites presenting so much dirt are not censored. But every where in the world we can see that a lot of grudge or hate is taken against websites or forums which proclaim the works of the Divine Creator.

When you go looking for religious websites many can be found which are held by big Church organisations. Many of the smaller ones are often from very specific groups and from more fundamentalist groups. Also in Christendom we do find many extreme conservative groups which bring their teachings to the international public by way of internet.

Christadelphians on the net

Christadelphian Ecclesia About-Over Nov. 14 11.45The more moderate groups are less easy to find. Smaller faith-groups are even more difficult to find. Christadelphians seem not keen to have their ideas spread on the net. There are the many ecclesiae or individual parishes which may broadcast their activities, but there are not many individuals who would like the inquisitive person to enter his kitchen. It would be nice if we could come to see more personal blogs written by Christadelphian individuals.

Many blogs may be found of people against Christadelphians and from ex-christadelphians who seem to have come in conflict with the Christian way they have been brought up and have been attracted more to the loose way of living of the contemporary society. Some of those ex-christadelphians mostly grew up in an isolated or very very conservative group. Pity they never consulted other Christadelphian groups before leaving the faith. But like most Christians who became frustrated with what they learned at home, those ex-christadelphians mostly claim it to be the fault of their denomination and not of their person not wanting to believe in God any more.

Most of them who turned against the Christadelphians became ungodly and turned their back to the Divine Creator.

Cliques of Christadelphians and Christadelphians for all

I would agree to some point with The un-Christadelphian who says

Christadelphians are full of Christadelphians, who think other Christadelphians aren’t Christadelphians.

I suppose they are like any other church of men, where if you have a falling out from one clique of Christadelphians, you can leave and start your own clique of Christadelphia, all with your own rules.

Like accepting gays.

There isn’t a true Christadelphian church on this universe that accepts homosexuality as an acceptable god-fearing, god-honouring, christ-serving relationship. It is, as some would say, an oxymoron. {A Collection of Idiots}

It is true there are churches in our denomination where they do not like gay people and others who do not have any objection to be welcoming those people also in their community. We in Belgium welcome them and welcome also the crooks and even murderers, we all would like to bring to God. All sinners are creations of God and should be brought back to Him. Jesus, the son of God, died also for their sins and brought salvation onto them. you could consider Church to be a Hospital for sinners

Lots of people do have difficulties that Christadelphians put the responsibility by each person himself. No other person can be blamed for the faults one did or does. Everybody has to come before Jesus himself and shall not be able to say he was tempted by Satan, either a devilish spirit or a real person, being the accuser and adversary of God. It is just that point of our learnings by which most people stop following us, because they themselves have to take the responsibility, and that is just something what most people do not want to do.

Living Called idiots

Being pacifist, generous, trusting and/or naive we are often considered a bunch or A Collection of Idiots.

Many also can not understand how we can find peace in death. Believing that when we die it is finished, strangely enough frightens also atheists. The Biblical teaching that we die being our payment for our sins, gives us comfort that nobody can take anything with him in the grave or could do something to the living. For us everybody who comes under the dead, is either put in the grave or the incinerator to decay and to become dust, being nothing again. For us this looks less fearful than the teachings of many Christian denomination who yell about damnation in hell, hellfire or torture in purgatory.

What I do find strange is that some who left Christadelphianism just left this faith group because they were cross they would not be able to see their grandmother or some friends in a sort of life after this one. Ridiculous I do find it when they became atheist, because I would think most atheists do not believe in an afterlife.

Message of Hope

For believers in the One God, who live according to the Laws of God, be it Jews, Christians or Muslims, we do believe there is a message of hope, giving the picture of prosperity and ability to be saved and to be resurrected to be allowed in the Kingdom of God to live endlessly on this earth under the best best conditions. It was that message of Good News that the Nazarener Jew Jeshua taught. It was the reason why this man Jesus  gave his life for many he even did not know. God can not die, but Jesus really died and was resurrected from the dead after three days in hell (= the grave). In that resurrection we do have an example of what can happen to us. For all, meaning ‘not just Christadelphians’, hope is given by the death of Christ Jesus.

We do find it is necessary to get others also to know that message of a world peace here on earth, which can come over us after the prophesied World War III, or Armageddon and the one thousand year still to come after it.

Those who shall be prepared for what is to come, shall not have to fear so much. They shall be able to find delight, because when they die, they shall be delivered from pain and will not have to suffer any-more.

In this life

For a Christadelphian it is the here and now, that we do have to make it.  We do not believe in the rapture, like so many protestants do. is not at all a message that should bring fear over you. Therefore it is so strange that those who were afraid of not seeing their beloved any-more after they die went to become atheist and not Catholics or Pentecostals. but they also forgot that we do have something to look out for in case we do live according tothe Law of God. And that seems to be the most difficult bit why so many are leaving the Christadelphians, the Jehovah’s Witnesses or any other Biblestudent group, because there each individual is demanded to do his or her best in this world to make it possible to come before the small gate and to be allowed entrance to the Kingdom by Jesus our mediator for God and man.

Voices to be heard

Christadelphian World 11 Nov 2013This world should have more voices to be heard. It should not be only the Jehovah’s Witnesses who knock at the doors and bring blogs of the Good News. I would love to see more Christadelphian and other Christian Blogs where the message is given of what is to come. Those accepting Christ as their Messiah should bring the message of joy and something to look out for.

The Christadelphian community could for sure also use some more voices on the internet, telling about the Word of God, the Good News but also about the Christadelphian faith and community.

I look forward to the day people shall be able to find many more Christadelphian blogs and websites where the Good News is been told. Places where is shown to people why we need some Change which has to come from within each person himself.

May we find more voices who dare to look at the difference of being an atheist, a trinitarian Christian and a non-trinitarian Christian.

Living Free  might be a Christian writer who will write more about his transition from ardent atheist to a follower of Jesus Christ. He is one of those people who sees

there is a massive stigma among Christians of all denominations: atheists are the quintessential picture of godlessness in the world – everything that is wrong with humanity; human nature ruling one being.  They have no morality.  Because they have no morality, they drink, participate in recreational drug use, have rampant sex, and disregard all other humanity unless it satisfies their own personal desires.  They do this because they have no fear of eternal repercussions.

I do hope he will be one of those Christadelphians who would not mind letting others know his journey into the Truth. He is willing to provide the readers an insight in his own journey towards Freedom in Christ.

We as believers and followers of Christ always should have nothing but respect for atheists and people who believe differently than us. People are wrong to think that we say only Christadelphians are good. We never would say such a thing. In every person can be a good man or woman. Everybody has the right to believe what they want and we should respect such freedom of belief or religion. But we also should take up the task given by Christ Jesus and let others know what they can receive. We should let them see they all can be part of the Grace given to us for nothing.

We do not consider it wrong to have contacts with other minded people or to have friends and fellow warriors in the fight against apathy and ignorance, by any sort of believer, in the knowledge that every human being is created in the image of God.


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  • The Islamization of Belgium and the Netherlands in 2013 by Soeren Kern (
    In March, the Dutch public broadcasting system NOS television reported that the Netherlands has become one of the major European suppliers of Islamic jihadists. According to NOS, about 100 Dutch Muslims are active as jihadists in Syria; most have joined the notorious Jabhat al-Nusra rebel group.
  • The Islamization of Belgium and the Netherlands in 2013 (
    In January, the gangland shootings of two young Moroccan men in downtown Amsterdam drew renewed attention to the growing problem of violent crime among Muslim immigrants. The two men were gunned down with AK-47 assault rifles in a shooting the mayor of Amsterdam, Eberhard van der Laan, described as reminiscent of “the Wild West.”
  • Members Of Belgian Islamist Group Arrested, Accused Of Torturing And Beheading Non-Muslims (
    Sharia4Belgium-leader Fouad Belkacem (also named Abu Imran) from Boom is back behind bars. In addition; two brothers from Vilvoorde and a man from Berchem are locked. ‘The group was supposed to be dissolved, but that’s not true,’ said Eric Van Der Sypt, spokesman for the federal prosecutor. ‘They actively recruit street youth, indoctrinate them, give them combat training and organizing violent actions in Syria and in our country. ‘Sharia4Belgium’ sent the youngest 33 radicalized Muslims from Vilvoorde and Antwerp to Syria.’ From overheard stories of warriors who have returned, that they were incorporated into fighters groups linked to Al Qaeda. ‘They took part in jihadist and Salafist terrorist activities.There are strong indications that they were guilty in Syria of abducting and executing ‘infidels.’” Source – Vlaamse Syrië-strijders Betrokken Bij Onthoofdingen via Islam verses Europe.
  • Muslims use schools to secure foothold in Europe (
    The decision of the Catholic University of Leuven – the oldest university in Belgium and a major contributor to the development of Roman Catholic theology for more than 500 years – to offer a degree in Islamic theology beginning in 2014 caught the attention of Soeren Kern, a senior fellow with the New York-based Gatestone Institute as well as a senior fellow at the Madrid-based Strategic Studies Group.“The proliferation of degree programs in Islamic theology is being justified by European governments – which are subsidizing the teaching of Islam in European universities with taxpayer money – as a way to ‘professionalize’ the training of Muslim imams, or religious teachers, many of whom do not even speak the language of their European host countries,” Kern wrote in an article titled “Islam Conquering Higher European Education,” published this week by the Gatestone Institute International Policy Council.

    “Some European governments believe that by controlling the religious education of imams, they can promote the establishment of a ‘European Islam,’ one that combines Islamic principles and duties with European values and traditions such as the rule of law, democracy, human rights and gender equality, Kern noted.

    “But critics say such efforts to create a ‘European Islam’ are naïve and misguided, and will serve only to contribute to the ‘mainstreaming’ of a religious and political ideology that is intrinsically opposed to all aspects of the European way of life.”

  • Europe: Islamic Fundamentalism is Widespread by Soeren Kern (

    A discussion paper published by the Germany-based Gustav Stresemann Foundation — a think tank dedicated to the preservation and advancement of liberal democracy in Europe — warns that national and international Islamic organizations are increasingly putting pressure on Western politicians gradually to criminalize any critique of Islam.

    In a commentary on the study, the German newspaper Die Welt says the findings cast serious doubt on the unbridled optimism of European multiculturalists, who argue that Muslim citizens will eventually internalize the mindset of Western democracies.

  • Europe Is Waking Up to Muslim Occupation – Belgium shut to new citizens in 2013 (
    Not a single foreigner has yet been naturalised in Belgium under a law that came into force on 1 January 2013, it appears.The new rules require applicants to “have shown, or be able to show, outstanding services to Belgium” in fields such as science, sport or culture. “The effects of the new nationality law are significant,” says the daily La Libre Belgique. In 2013, apparently not a single one of the 508 requests put to the lower house of parliament by 30 November is expected to be granted.

    The change in the law seems to have stopped many from applying in the first place – thousands of applicants were successful under the old rules in 2012 alone.
    More than 250,000 residents out of a total population of one million in Brussels have Muslim roots, according to a study carried out by the Catholic University of Louvain in Belgium and published in the Belgian media,
    25% of Brussels population are Muslims.

  • Terrorist threat against New Year celebrations in Belgium (
    A Belgian muslim extremist close to a network of Syria fighters threatens with a terrorist attack during the New Year celebrations in the cities of Antwerp and Brussels.In a private Facebook message sent on Sunday to the Belgian newspaper ‘Het Laatste Nieuws’, the extremist pointed out that the firework spectacle along the river Scheldt, the city’s Central Station and the main shopping street Meir are possible targets, while in Brussels the Atomium monument was named. “I’m warning muslims against attending these events and against joining non-believers there”, he wrote.
  • Anti-Semitism in Belgium Hits New High (
    I have devoted numerous columns of late to the tsunami of anti-Semitism sweeping throughout Western Europe, noting that aside from the frenziedly anti-Semitic Islamic extremists, the principal perpetrators are left wing activists frequently led by those purportedly promoting human rights.Manfred Gerstenfeld’s most recent book “Demonizing Israel and the Jews” (click here for link) documents evidence of the depressingly high levels of European anti-Semitism, highlighting the frequent employment of Holocaust inversion as a vehicle to incite Jew hatred. He notes that opinion polls indicate that nearly half of all European adults – close to 150 million – are today convinced that Israelis behave like Nazis towards the Palestinians.
  • Writing the Wrongs: The Islamization of Belgium and the Netherlands in 2013 (
    In July, Dutch police arrested a 19-year-old Muslim woman who goes by the name Oum Usama (“Mother of Osama”) for recruiting Dutch Muslims for the civil war in Syria. Usama, a Dutch national of Somali origin, was arrested in Zoetermeer, a city in western Holland.
    The arrest came after complaints by several parents of Dutch Muslims who have traveled to Syria. The arrest led to protests by Muslims outside of Dutch embassies in several European countries. The website “The True Religion” [“De Ware Religie”] published a letter warning of potential retribution for the arrest, including the abduction of Dutch citizens in Muslim countries.
  • Belgian official website: ‘Israel = Nazi Germany’ (
    There are 42,000 Jews among 10.5 million Belgian population. The city of Antwerp is home to largest Jewish community. Last year, its Mayor Patrick Janssens announced the erection of a Holocaust memorial at the City Hall.Former Israeli ambassador to Belgium (2003-2007), Jehudi Kinar, in an interview with Arab-hating Israeli Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld (Jerusalem Center for Public affairs, November 9, 2011) said that Belgian government was planning to prosecute Israeli Generals Rafael Eitan, Ariel Sharon and Amos Yaron for committing Palestinian massacre at the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps in 1982 but dropped the idea after receiving threats from Washington.
  • Belgium Erasing Christianity for Islam
  • Christianity v. IslamMuslims use schools to secure foothold in EuropeThe Catholic University of Leuven degree in Islamic theology will be offered in the department of World Religions, Interreligious Dialogue, and Religious study. The Islamic courses, to be taught in Dutch only, are intended for those who have a bachelor’s degree, a restriction that will eliminate from participation the vast majority of imams currently in Belgium and elsewhere in the EU.

    To earn the degree, students will have to complete an internship as an Islamic counselor in public institutions, such as hospitals, youth programs and prisons, as well as prepare and defend a thesis.

    Soret reported that Flemish Education Minister Pascal Smet, who has headed a steering committee of representatives from universities and local Muslim leaders, has been instrumental in getting allocated 100,000 euros, approximately $135,000, of public funds to compensate the Catholic University of Leuven for teaching the courses on Islam during 2014 and 2015.

  • Belgian police raid homes in search for Syria recruiters
    Belgian police raided 46 homes in the northern city of Antwerp on Tuesday and arrested at least one man in an investigation into an Islamist group suspected of recruiting fighters for Syria’s civil war.
    Sharia4 Belgium is a Salafist group opposed to Assad.
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