Islamic State pushing at an open door to divide Europeans

Islamic State is pushing at an open door,”

said Anand Menon, professor of European Politics at King’s College London.

“If their intention is to divide Europeans, this is happening already. You take what they said: That this attack is retribution for French intervention in Syria. This infects the British debate about getting involved in Syria, and will make the Germans more allergic to using force. Europe is very fragile right now.”

He said the financial crisis is opening a “north-south” divide, with Italy and Greece feeling the pain of EU-imposed austerity cuts in public spending, even as they cope with ever larger refugee numbers.

There is no European consensus on whether to use more force against Islamic State strongholds, and no consensus on how to cope with the arrival of so many people seeking a better life in Europe.

Flag of islamic state of iraq

Flag of islamic state of iraq (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As some European leaders use airstrikes to try to weaken Islamic State in its self-declared Caliphate in parts of Syria and Iraq, the radicals’ siren call has seduced some European Muslims, triggering a small but steady flow to Syria, with some returning home with murderous intentions.

> Syria’s civil war now Europe’s war after Paris attacks


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