Violence or an other way to win

After a violent Saturday on Wednesday, November 2, 2011 a snowstorm covered the Occupy Denver members sleeping on the sidewalk of Broadway in Downtown Denver but this could not slow down the heat of their anger. They stayed in their small tents and gathered together in the streets.


“I am honored to be here in Denver today and I am so proud of you who have participated in Occupy Denver.” said Filmmaker and liberal activist Michael Moore to an enthusiastic Occupy Denver crowd of about 1,000 Thursday  in Denver, Colorado.

Occupy Denver came to a unanimous consensus to vacate Civic Center Park following the 7 PM General Assembly meeting on Friday, November 4th, in a show of solidarity with the American veterans, their service men and women, and our fallen heroes with the conclusion of a silent Solidarity Vigil.

Occupy Denver supports the valor and sacrifice of the men and women of the armed forces, and unilaterally wishes to show unwavering support and respect for the Veterans Day Parade. This Saturday, November 5th, Denver is hosting its 2011 Veterans Day Parade in Civic Center Park, where Occupy Denver has established its Occupation.

Denver member Mitch Shenassa explains why Occupy Denver will reestablish its Occupation at Skyline Park on 16th Street Mall, directly across from the Denver Federal Reserve building, and has planned a series of actions for Saturday to coincide with the bank boycott known as Bank Transfer Day, in which customers are urged to close their accounts with predatory financial institutions like Wells Fargo, Citibank, and Chase, and redeposit their funds into their local credit unions.  “The Occupation has deliberately chosen the space across from the Federal Reserve as its temporary site to bring attention to the economic dangers posed by this independent central bank and its short-sighted fractional reserve banking system that cause the devaluation of our currency and the ballooning of our national debt.”
Thursday, November 3rd, 2011Though he was not the spokesperson of this conference he was cheered as the leader who said all they wanted to hear. Though girls shout “We are proud of you”, for Michael Moore everybody is a leader. For him it is clear that we all have to stand up, come forwards and say what we have to say, defending ourselves and our neighbour and all the weaker ones. “There is no leader to this movement,” the 57-year-old Oscar winner, flanked by two security guard in black suits, barked into a bullhorn microphone. “That’s why it’s such a large and growing movement.” The only way democracy works is when everybody participates. That is the only way we are going to win from those who terrorise the countries with their love for money gain.

Moore compared the Occupy cause to the civil rights, women’s rights and gay rights movements, while citing a poll that showed broad public support for the anti-Wall Street protest. “So it’s ours to mess up,” he said he told the raucous crowd. “We’ve killed despair across the country and we’ve killed apathy.”

initiationtohumanitywrote in Tumblr: “Michael Moore’s presence at Occupy Denver this afternoon was a huge boost for the morale of a lot of the protesters here. For me it was a huge event; knowing that someone within the media’s eye was outwardly supportive of this movement and making it known to reporters, well that is just a huge step. That is not to say, though, that without his support we are powerless. 59% of the country supports us, and we have gotten this far with our own fuel. ”

“The reason I support this movement is because I am a student, or at least I was a student until mounting loan debt made returning to school too costly. Now I have to work to pay off the loans I have and will not be able to return to school until I do so. I have a maxed out credit card and have to live on my dad’s couch because I can’t afford rent on my own. This country’s leaders claim they are interested in supporting future generations, as they are the ones that will keep this country going. I am that supposed future generation and I am calling out those leaders. How is hiking tuition across the country supporting us? In Arizona, where I was attempting to attend school, tuition was increased by about 18%. Why? Because funding for public universities in states across America has been cut by up to 50%, and over the next few years the problem will only get worse. We, the children of America, cannot support our country in the future if we do not have an education.”

“So here I am, with the rest of the 99%. We will not stop. We will not go away. We are here until corporations and our government realize they are not acting in our interest and we know and we are tired of it.”

Occupy Denver protesters are pushed back onto the sidewalk by police after blocking traffic on Broadway just west of the state Capitol building in downtown Denver Saturday afternoon. (Karl Gehring, The Denver Post)

Some days to be remembered.
After a peaceful and spirited march by an estimated 1,000 protesters, most in from the suburbs, the Denver Police apparently tried to take down a food distribution stand and were met with resistance by some Occupy Denver people.
The DPD started to use tear gas, pepper spray, rubber bullets and large batons to gas, spray and beat bystanders which resulted in the most violent Saturday in more than a month of Occupy Denver demonstrations and marches.  They arrested 20 people.

At a certain moment there were Denver Police preparing to go into #occupydenver tent camp. Officers putting on gas masks and pulling out batons. Tear gas imminent. So. Many. Cops. All lights flashing. According to David Watterson “Nothing makes this movement stronger than the illogical images of police brutality incurred on peaceful protesters.” While a Planet Dweller says: “No doubt DPD will advertize this excessive use of force as the fault of #occupydenver, We are peaceful!”

Police action in Denver on November 4, 2011

awatsonphoto liberalease: “multiple injuries @occupydenver The bullets have stopped… reports are that multiple people were injured, some taken away in ambulances.” But the protesters could find division in the corps. One police officer with tears in eyes said “I can’t do this anymore” and walked away from line standoff.

During the midafternoon stalemate, U.S. Rep. Ed Perlmutter waded into the crowd alone but for a bullhorn, urging protesters to remain as peaceful as they had been during his previous visit. A few in the crowd drowned his words, shouting that it was the cops in assault gear who needed to tone it down, not them.

“Obviously you’re making an impression,” said Perlmutter, the 7th District Democrat. “You’ve got to de-escalate this thing.” “We want jobs!” a man shouted back. “Democrats won’t get elected anymore!” Others standing near Perlmutter defended him to the crowd. “He’s the only elected official who bothered to come down here today,” one said. Demonstrator Bobby Guerrero said that camping is an important part of the protest.  “We’re just trying to hold our ground,” Guerrero said. “We just want our voices to be heard.”


On November 4, 2011 12:20 AM CET the underneath video was placed on the net showing Michael Moore talking yesterday in the afternoon in Denver, United States of America. streaming by Ustream

Do find:

UPDATES: #OccupyDenver | @OccupyDenver | Livestream

#OWS | @OccupyWallStNYC

#NeedsOfTheOccupiers | #OccupyWallStreetOccupy the Board Room

Occupy Denver

Michael Moore fires up Occupy Denver, says rest of country watching + professional video

Occupy Denver protesters, law enforcement officers clash; 20 arrested

Occupy Denver to salute veterans, step aside for the downtown parade – The Denver Post

OccupyDenver: Weekend Rally Of Oct. 29th

  • History of Oppression Told (
    The fall temperatures were mild but the rhetoric was heated as some of the 1,000-strong Occupy Denver participants heard Glenn Morris, a leader of the American Indian Movement – Colorado (AIM), condemn centuries of occupation.
    Glenn Morris, a leader of the American Indian Movement of Colorado (AIM) addressing Occupy Denver October 22. Morris shared with the 1,000 protesters the history of American Indians and how they have been ‘occupied’ for 519 years.

    “‘Occupied’ doesn’t always have a good connotation for us,” he said to loud applause. “We’ve been ‘occupied’ for 519 years.”
    “In the U.S., indigenous nations were the first targets of corporate/government oppression,” the platform states, and incorporation of the Doctrine of Discovery into law justified the theft of 2 billion acres of indigenous territory and established a framework of “corrupt political/legal/corporate collusion that continues throughout indigenous America to the present.”

  • WATCH: Occupy Denver On Keith Olbermann’s Show (
    Saturday’s clash caused several protesters to go to the hospital for injuries like pepper bullets shot in their face, which though non-lethal, can cause very painful injuries when shot in close range.”People are in the streets because of injustice, so for the police force to inflict more injustice upon us is not going to make us leave the streets – it’s going to make more people come into the streets,” Hartley said.
  • Overwhelming Police Force at OccupyDenver (
    We ran into Congressman Ed Permutter (Colorado’s 7th District) on the 16th Street Mall in Denver.  Visibly shaken, he began to tell us of the “overwhelming  force” used by the Denver Police Department in an apparent attempt to dismantle a free food table on the sidewalk at the OccupyDenver site.
  • Occupy Denver: The Long Blue Line (
    One hundred ten policemen, count ‘em, most outfitted in riot-gear-lite, batons at the ready,  lined up along downtown Denver’s Broadway, facing the dozen tents that OccupyDenver had erected during the afternoon of 29 October.  A dozen tents, a couple of hundred unarmed protesters, and Deidre and me.   She is armed with a camera and me, with a notebook and pen.

    Occupy Denver - Oct. 29, 2011

    The Long Blue Line of Denver Area Police Facing OccupyDenver Protestors Along Broadwy – Oct. 29, 2011 – Photo Eclair

    As a commenter pointed out, most eloquently, on Yves Smith’s blog, naked capitalism, yesterday, the cops are part of the 99%, they are following the orders of their officers, who are following the orders of the Denver mayor and the Colorado governor.

  • Occupy Denver Protesters – 10-30-2011 (
    Several photographs.  … the police confiscated a $800 tripod and …  a lady answering her smart phone and when she hung up, she said “oops, I have to get ready for work!” her subsequent laughter indicated she was aware of her sense of irony.
  • RE: The Thug Who Pushed The Denver Cop’s Motorcycle: Frank Roper and his “Facial Lacerations” (

    A Denver motorcycle policeman frustrated with protesters in his way decided to charge the impeding crowd with his motorcycle, running directly into Mr. Roper with his motorcycle. Mr. Roper reacted by shoving the motorcycle, followed by a brief sprint when he saw that the officer was turning around for him. Mr. Roper made it about 10 yards before being gang tackled by police and severely beaten resulting in multiple lacerations to his face. He was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.  + Footage of the incident


    The trouble started when El Comandante veered off the permitted march route, gesticulating wildly that the marchers should follow him up the steps to the Capitol. This created confusion on Broadway, and split the march, with about half following El Comandante (Spendley), and the other half returning as planned to Civic Center Park.

  • Occupy Denver: “Normalizing” the Robo-Cops, and More Fuel for the “Violent Protester” Meme (
    If the photos from Occupy Denver Saturday night serve a constructive function, it’s to establish that Oakland was not an anomaly.
    the cop clearly seems the aggressor, the protesters mostly passive and possibly engaged,… in fighting… .
  • Pushing A Policeman Off A Motorcycle = Bad Medicine (
    The failure of an idiot and the ground soon meet.  And make sure you listen for Occupy Denver babies wrongly crying while they blame the police instead of their village dullards:
  • Denver Police Fire Rubber Bullets On Occupy Denver Protesters (
  • #OWS Denver Urgent Call To Action (
    Occupy Denver activists just read a statement of non-violent resistance and affirmation of their rights to police, after an altercation earlier today. Their last line: “Remember your oath.”
  • Occupy Denver protesters, police clash in downtown – Chicago Tribune (
  • Don’t Think of an Anarchist (
    The robo-cops overran the Occupy Denver encampment on Saturday night using rubber bullets and pepper spray.
    There’s a difference between a protective mask and the profile of the fully-equipped nihilist insurrectionist.
  • #OccupyDenver Surrounded By Cops, They’re ‘Tightening Their Masks’ (
    A reader: End The Corporatocracy!
    Return To Democracy!
    Power To The People!
  • Occupy Denver Protesters Met With Violent Police Reaction (
    University of Colorado student Daniel Ellen tried to jump through a gap to help other protesters he feared were stuck in the tents but was knocked to the ground by police. He stood up and charged at them again, screaming in anger, took a blow to the temple with a baton and was pushed down twice more.
  • Denver police spill protesters’ blood (PHOTOS, VIDEO) (
  • Occupy Denver protesters, law enforcement officers clash; 20 arrested – Denver Post (
  • After 7 weeks, Occupy still going strong (

  • Michael Moore in the 1%! (
    The official yearly salary for the 1% is $350,000. Michael Moore made $3,000,000 from his 1989 breakthrough hit “ Roger & Me.”
    That would certainly put him among the top 1 percent of earners, although he fatly denies it
  • Michael Moore Refuses To Admit He Is Part Of The 1% To Piers Morgan (
    Given his background, Piers Morgan seemed skeptical of Moore’s claims that he, too, was the famed 99% behind the Occupy Wall Street protests. Before a studio audience in a special edition of Piers Morgan Tonight, the host pressed Moore to explain just how he wasn’t a part of the nation’s economic elite, and got little clarification other than Moore’s desire the corporation that pays him “rue the day” they ever gave him money.
  • Michael Moore Occupies Wall Street (But You Should Invest In It) (
    Depending on which report you cite, the “top 1%” of American earners do indeed own, if not a majority of the nation’s wealth, then at least a plump plurality — roughly 33%. And if you scoot down the income scale just a tad, you will indeed find the majority of the nation’s wealth residing in the wallets of the “top 10%.”
    the real upshot of Moore’s advice for America’s 99%: Rich folks invest in the stock market. Poor folks don’t — so if you’re poor, you should remain so. Of course, this ignores the fact that one key path to becoming rich is by … investing in the stock market and reaping its average 10.5% annual gains.
  • A! Anti! Anti-capitalista! The Revenge of the Dance Party. (rockosmodernlifeiswar🙂
    There are some real debbie downers out there at Occupy Denver who seem to think it is a great idea to start doxing or snitching on anyone who doesn’t fit the feel-good liberal, upper-class, boring-ass agenda of non-resistence. There is a campaign to start doing this at Occupy Denver to anyone who is confrontational with the state. Apparently dance parties are confrontational. Well, Occupy Denver, dance parties should be confrontational! Expect to see ass shakin’ and booty bumpin’ all up and down that riot line!
  • More on Michael Moore’s Millions (
    He made a big deal about paying a third of his first $3 million in taxes to this “great country,” as I noted previously. But what has he been doing since then? Collecting subsidies from Michigan taxpayers to make millions more, as it turns out, completely unlike the bailout money that evil Wall Street fat-cats received from federal taxpayers.
  • More on Mediaite’s biased Michael Moore piece (

    seldo says: It is one of the weirdest things about America that “communist” is automatically considered an insult rather than a description of a political position. Communism != evil.

    » SFB says: No disagreement here; the problem is that the word was clearly meant to evoke bias from the reader due to the way it was used. — Ernie @ SFB

  • South Park Makes Fun Of Occupy Wall Street, Michael Moore And The 99% (
    South Park satirized the Occupy Wall Street movement and the political sloganeering of percentiles on Wednesday night’s episode. The premise of South Park‘s parody was that the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition was punishing the school for scoring the lowest percentage in health and fitness in the entire country.
  • Is Michael Moore part of the 1%? “I am devoting my life to those who have less” (
    Piers Morgan, refuting the claim. “I do really well, but what’s the point though?”Moore continued: “Even though I do well, I don’t associate myself with those who do well. I am devoting my life to those who have less.”

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