From MSN Groups and MSN Spaces via Multiply to Blogspot now transferring to WordPress

In 1993 I got my first Microsoft personal computer. Always having been interested in religion and matters of the world I started to search the net (in 1995)  and to write down my own opinion in blogs and groups.

On the 10 of April 2004 I started with the Bijbelonderzoekers Groep (Bibleresearch Group) in the MSN Groups, to have  a sibling blog added over there a year later. In 2005 on April the 2nd  started the Christadelphian Group in the MSN Groups.

Belgian Christadelphians – New Google sites

Then came in 2009-2010 the Change of the Microsoft Network Spaces, which made me transfer the Christadelphian and the Bijbelonderzoekers platforms to Multiply. For my ecclesia I also created a Google sites website, which I had to change over to the new Google sites in the previous academic year (it being split in four sites by language).

My search for other ways to blog brought me to WordPress, where I seemed to get a better response, then in any other blogging system.

Christadelphian World Name dropping in March 2014

Normally I thought to select and transfer some articles from one of my Multiply sites and placed it for that reason on Blogspot by Blogger. Friday, 26 October 2012 I called people welcome at Christadelphian World, which had become to live its own life and a few years later (in 2014) got the name changed in “Our World“.


2020-2021 seemed to be a transit year for several companies in the blogger world. Google imposing their new sites, Blogger using their system and WordPress introducing their awful (horrible, unpractical) block editing system (Gutenberg block editor).

Whilst there was a corona-crisis, making more people being at home and having time to search the net, we got more questions from readers about life-matters. But we also came to notice that links to the blogger site “Our World” showed up very very slowly. I looked for solutions to have the bloggersite working again properly. I tried all sorts of advice, but to no avail. When clicking in articles on the tag words it took a lot of time before the list of articles showed up. That way readers would not stay to wait until the article being readable, I would lose lots of readers. Therefore, after not having found a satisfying solution I at last decided to transfer the messages made in Blogger to a new site in WordPress.
That way “Some view on the world” got “born”.

Originally I wanted it to go online from today onwards, but by doing something wrong, it got already published yesterday on the 30th of September.

I sincerely hope the effort of transferring and remodelling shall turn out useful, and at the same time shall get some other readers also to come to read the previously published articles.

With this writing, I also invite you to come to read: Some view on the world



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