Inner feeling, morality and Inter-connection with creation

In this universe every being tries to get her species going on.

Every being on the planet is selfish. Every being wants to live and sustain its species. But it does so by maintaining the environment it needs to sustain itself. But is that us???? Destroy anything that stands in the way. Even if it is the mother who has given birth to us, who has given us the air we breathe and water we drink. {Humans – confused}

You may wonder how those human beings do not hear that mother crying and do not see her full of pain shrinking as a very old woman. Some may not find it strange, because

We don’t even care for the screaming, soul curling pain we are causing on our families. {Humans – confused}

It is a very strange species that one called “humans“, but who aren’t so often ‘human‘, though is should be

The most evolved and social race on the planet.

Our history goes from stone,trees and branches to arts,commerce and science. We have evolved and have made things happen with our conscious efforts to become better and find answers to the unknown. {What do we know, what have we learn’t?}

Looking at the other species walking around on this globe we can see that those species called ‘human beings‘ have been creative since the prehistoric days and that they have brought development and evolution in arts whilst they shook the countries politically, technically and economically. History may witness of all their inventiveness.

We can learn this from their sketches made on cave-walls and tablets. With each advancement we find that the human race has achieved volumes both individually—where they’ve developed the craft of singing, dancing, etc, and collectively—by creating massive building structures that history boasts of. Similarly the growth and development of commerce can be traced by the significant growth of trade routes and market all along our history. However development in the field of science is what has given a man the power to take that giant leap for mankind. {What do we know, what have we learn’t?}

Aldrin poses on the Moon, allowing Armstrong t...

Aldrin poses on the Moon, allowing Armstrong to photograph both of them using the visor’s reflection. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For me it looks like yesterday when we were sitting all full of tension waiting to see Neil Armstrong setting the first foot on the moon* and hearing him say that it was only

a small step for man, but a big step for humankind.

In science we have seen enormous advancements.

Many forget what previous generations have done and say

Mankind has achieved way more in the last century than ever. Be it a fight against deadly disease, invention of wireless sound navigation or stepping on Moon we have conquered it all. And then came people from the same mankind questioning and doubting the landmarks. {What do we know, what have we learn’t?}

In this world we have enough people who have let all happening around them as if it were nothing.We also have seen people

who also will be hearing you talk, but they don’t actually listen. You tell them about your problems, they act like they are following, but really they’re thinking about their own problems. They’re thinking about how you may think you have it bad, but no, they must have it worse. {Toxic people}

Some people may notice that we do have three constituents in every human being: the mind, the power of speech and the body, and call them Trikaranas – the three active agents. But they do have to be active and be used in the right way by the person, and that is not always the case.

Every person must cultivate this spirit, irrespective of one’s beliefs. It is only spirituality that can purify the heart and mind of human beings. The second requirement is morality. Morality helps to purify speech (Vaak).The third is called Dharmikam. All righteous deeds done by the body or hands sanctify you. It is through spirituality, morality and righteousness that the three instruments get purified. {Message for the Day…” Dedicate Your Body To the Divine…”}

Humankind has developed many thoughts and called some way of thinking ‘religion‘. They build up a way of thinking to feel at ease and to order their thoughts. Many do not understand being created in the image of the Divine Creator they some parts, elements, call it some DNA, of that Creator in them and should have some inner feeling or ‘instinct‘ in them which could bring them to the Source. Though many do not want to know about that Divine Source.

Lots of people are afraid of the ‘spiritual‘ and avoid having to much brain-contact with that inner feeling. They do not comprehend that it is only spirituality that one can purify the heart and mind of human beings.


Body language: shrugging

Only when the force of our being, our thinking, our mind is willing to take on the same function as it is with what many call the Holy Spirit**. When we are (being) we should come to use our senses of thinking, bringing forth air to breath and to speak. With the sound made by letting the air go out of our body and placing parts of our body in a certain way, we can produce sound and speech which can or can not be interpreted by others. Further is there the movement of the body itself which also can create body language, which is also not always understood by others.

When those three constituents in every human being: the mind, the power of speech and the body are used in the right way or for sacred purposes, your life is sanctified.

Every person must cultivate this spirit, irrespective of one’s beliefs. It is only spirituality that can purify the heart and mind of human beings. {Message for the Day…” Dedicate Your Body To the Divine…”}

Though purification can only be active when there is a norm and a measurement by that human being. And there in history seems have gone a lot wrong. Lots of people lost track of what we call ethics and morality.

Morality helps to purify speech (Vaak).The third is called Dharmikam.

All righteous deeds done by the body or hands sanctify you. It is through spirituality, morality and righteousness that the three instruments get purified. Only the one who has achieved this triple purity can realise the Divine. If any of these instruments are impure, you will not be able to realise the Divine. {Message for the Day…” Dedicate Your Body To the Divine…”}

As a child, born innocent many growing up loose track of the right innocent path and become in-stabilized. Many doubt about themselves and even loose themselves. The ‘Knowledge of the Self‘ becomes something weird and because of this

you will not have a good sense of direction for your actions, nor will you achieve true victory. {Message For The Day…Devotion to God Purifies Your Heart….}

False focus will give false views and bring them further form the Divine and from the Divine’s Creation. Looking at humankind and how they treat the creation we see enough proof of how man has gone far, far, away from the inter-connection of that creation.

Plants cannot rise up to drink the life giving fluid from clouds, hence the clouds come down and pour as rain. {Message For The Day…Devotion to God Purifies Your Heart….}

We human creations think we can do everything, can reach everywhere we want, but oh so often we are blind for creation and our selves.

Like the waters coming down giving food for the plants, devotion and morality are very important for our physical health. But many are afraid to think about themselves in this creation and do not want to know about a Higher Element or Higher Being, being more stronger than themselves and able to do more than themselves. Many even do not believe a human would be able to live righteously. Even lots of Christians do believe it is impossible for a human being to follow the Laws of nature. That is why they made the Nazarene man Jeshua, Jesus Christ, into their god, instead of accepting the Words of the Most High Almighty God, Who declared this man who was baptised in the river Jordan, to be His only begotten son.

Jesus was a human being who showed us the way to the God of gods, the Elohim Hashem Jehovah, and how we can live according to the Will of God, like he did never his own will but always the Will of his heavenly Father the Only One God.


Proton structure with both valence and virtual (sea) quarks based on latest research in vacuum structure and demonstrates a proton structure.

All things of proton-and-electron connections, we are just some living soul in a much bigger part than we can comprehend. All are part of nature and should be one in nature. The appreciation of this Oneness and the delicate interrelationships of its diffusions represents the prime academic quest and task for us human beings.

We should come to appreciate what is given to us. We only have all those things in tenancy. Having the earth in lease we should take care of her.

Shamefully we must say that lots of people rape ‘mother earth’ and misuse its ‘children’. Many are killing this planet and everything living thing on it. We do know man shall not be able to destroy the earth, but he is able to destroy himself.

Man has to be called to come to his senses. It is high time humankind rethinks how it wants to behave in this world and how it wants to treat this world.

Like fruit it yields you get to know the tree, so also we can get to know man.

Over millions of years of evolution, us humans have developed some opaque but useful ways of making sense of our world. We look for patterns. We look for evidence that supports what we already believe. We aim for the path of least resistance. {Science for Life. 365 }

But we ourselves are mostly the troublemakers and showing resistance to the forces of nature.

Those who live in the developed world where they have the luxury of not being in survival mode 100% of the time, could use science to make sense of their world, but they often do not and ignore the findings of scientists, people who are busy with nature and our universe all the time.

Professor Corey Bradshaw said:

“As humans, we tend to taint what we see with what we want to believe.

And what we want to believe is influenced by experience, by belief systems, by biased sampling — that means selective recall of information — in our own brains.

We tend to ignore evidence if it doesn’t fit. {Science for Life. 365 }

Today a lot of people do not find it fitting that they would be restricted in their selfish actions they would love to continue. They keep thinking they can be free to use whatever they think necessary to make their life as easy and enjoyable as possible.

That this professor like others came to the conclusion that people can interfere with climate change and that small warm periods in the climate were directly linked with animal extinctions, is something many leaves cold.

Many have forgotten that man is not created to indulge himself at the cost of everything. they should remind themselves that the basic idea of morality in human life is to live a life without harming or discriminating others in the society especially the weaker sections.

The dignity of the individual derives not only from his or her participation in a specific community but through their God-created nature, and the way they are living up to it.
Those who call themselves Christian have the higher duty to not only respect nature themselves, but also to call others to come to respect this precious good which we have received to live in.

Only by becoming one with nature, respecting all creatures in the universe, we shall be able to create and find a place worth living in, full of peace and pleasantness.

It is time to think and to act accordingly.


* Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, the 2 out of 3 Astronauts of Apollo 11 mission were all set to step on the Moon on July 20, 1969, at 20:18 UTC

** some consider it to be a person, but according to the Bible, the Holy Spirit, is the Power of the Most Divine Being. And that Supreme Being Itself is not a person but a Spirit, having no bones, no flesh and no blood, no beginning and no end, it is and has always been and shall always exist being the “I Am Who I Am”, The “I Am Who Is”


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