Forms of slavery, human trafficking and disrespectful attitude to creation to be changed

In Europe lots of people are moving around these days. They not all have the opportunity to enjoy holiday. Many people are forced to move around because they have no where to stay, no work, no good prospects.

Sign for "colored" waiting room at a...

Sign for “colored” waiting room at a Greyhound bus terminal in Rome, Georgia, 1943. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pope Francis I, having now his living quarters in a country which is faced with the most high human crisis of the last half century or of the beginning of 21st century, therefore called several mayors of different world-cities facing the same problem of people migrating or immigrating.

Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh, one of 65 mayors and top representatives from some of the world’s most prominent cities — including New York, Paris, Stockholm, Oslo, and Tehran — participating in this week’s Vatican meetings, said Monday that Pope Francis, who is scheduled to make his debut trip to the United States in September, has the capacity to elevate fights against climate change and human trafficking to national priorities.

The matters to be discussed in Rome are “human issues” that transcend partisan politics and should be on all the lips of those who say they are interested in the human species, being believers in a god, the God or not at all believing in a higher creator deity. Though for those who call themselves Christian it should be a serious matter which demands priority. Christians should show respect for God’s creation and therefore should be concerned about the world and its species, plants, animals and human beings. For that reason it is clear why the pope wanted to take time to discuss the matter of global warming and immigration issues plus human slavery all at one conference.

Yesterday New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has denounced the European Union for leaving Italy to deal with waves of immigrants coming from North Africa, saying the EU must come up with a Europe-wide immigration policy.

We can see that several Europeans on that matter react in the same way as on ecological matters; they create rubbish but no where in their surroundings they want landfills or waste treatment plants. They all say Europe has to help the ones who escape from Isis and the terror in Africa, but now one wants to have those refugees in their own country.


It was incredible to see at the beginning of this summer period that France closed its borders for the many Syrian and African refugees and left Italy to fend for itself in a very unfairly way.

For some American mayors the matter of segregation is very well known. In the United States of America for a very long time in contemporary history individuals of an other colour were exploited. For a long time groups based on race and race alone were looked at to be there for the economic purpose of cheap labour.

Mónica Fein.jpg

Mónica Haydée Fein (born June 3, 1957) Argentine biochemist and Socialist Party politician elected Mayor of Rosario in 2011.

The mayor of Rosario, Argentina, Monica Fein, said she was convinced that history’s first Latin American pope had the moral authority to contribute to a “new conscience” that changes the global economic system.

Fein, who is also the executive secretary of Mercociudades, Latin America’s network of cities, said Latin mayors came to the Vatican conference on climate change and human trafficking because their people

“want to live better. We want to live with dignity. We want decent work and a roof over our heads. We want sustainable development, without excluding the extremely poor.”

We all should be aware that there is a call worldwide of people wanting to live in better conditions and not liking it any more that in their country is so much difference between those who have lots of things and those who are deprived of many things. I do hope much more people are going to recognise that it is not allowable any more that one person can earn 300% more than somebody else. Every-bodies work should be respected and depending rewarded.

Also we should all look for a world were everybody can leave in a good nice way and in a nice environment.

Fein said the goal was simple:

“We fundamentally want to leave our children and future generations with a planet that isn’t contaminated.”

I would ad that the contamination which she is speaking about should be taken in a broad sense. We not only should seek to avoid contamination of the earth and skies, but should have clear minds, having respect for all the people around us, wanting them to live in a lovable peaceful community where people are not used as usable material or debris.

After two sobering testimonies from two Mexican women who were victims of modern-day slavery Manuela Carmena, Madrid’s new leftist mayor, has told the Vatican-organized debate on climate change and human trafficking that society needs to ask itself why people use prostitutes and said that students in schools should debate

“why one goes with prostitutes, why one accepts prostitution, etc. This needs to be done.”

She said if the world wants to avoid the “terrible crime” of sexual slavery, society needs to reflect upon its causes. She said society has not been educated enough about sexuality. About this education I would say there is the source to avoid such slavery and human trafficking. When people would be more educated they would be able to see the dangers of certain groups wanting to get power or going to misuse their power for their own good and for the bad of others, being it the minority but also for a majority. Good education is the key to avoid abuses and wars.

The exploitation of Earth and its most vulnerable people is going to pose a big threat to the very survival of many cities and many countries. We even can find already islands struggling with the water taking in their land, forcing them to go to other places. On one level we see the sea water taking in land whilst inland several people may expecting more droughts, meaning more and more farmers will have to leave their land for the cities

“pushing them into the dark dungeons of slavery,”

warned Toni Chammany, the mayor of Kochi, India.

Chammany said, because of India’s caste system, the country already knows

“one of the worst forms of slavery known to man.”

Pope Francis called the Vatican summit of mayors to put global warming and human slavery at the top of their national leaders’ agendas.

Peace Love Happiness

Still a lot has to be done to get an environment where people can live together in peace and accept each-other differences. Lets work on it by blogging on tolerance and peace. (click here to know more)


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