Does he really not know #2 Casinos and inner circles

We know that Trump has been hiding many of his projects from the American public, and worse of it all, he kept insisting he barely knew the man at the centre of those projects. Though lots of Americans do not seem to see how this was serious deceit.

Strange also that not many wonder why Putin praises Trump so much for his Business Skills, and even goes so far to call him ‘Donald’. How does it come no sooner certain matters about Trump did not get investigated and people considering it strange that Trump was so much under the thumb of the Russians. On several occasions Donald Trump said he, nor his family, had had contact with certain people, even not knowing them, though later it clearly looked that they knew each other very well and even did regular business with each other.

Mr. Trump has many other businesses than his building projects. The casinos — which are classic money laundering vehicles are of important value for him. One of his casinos was 100 times found in violation of federal rules protecting against money laundering, and paid the largest fine ever levied against a casino for having “willfully violated” anti-money laundering rules. Trump has a legal obligation to do “due diligence” for all his businesses to prevent laundering. His senior executive’s comment on this was

Donald doesn’t do diligence”.

Trump has been working for Putin’s corrupt inner circle for almost 20 years. And it’s that corrupt circle that promises to make him rich for the next 20 (he’s refused, in violation of all ethics, to divest from his businesses as President).

Trump *may* be a Russian intelligence asset, he *may* have colluded with Putin to sabotage the US election. But what is clear is that he is a corrupt Russian money launderer, in the pocket of a KGB dictator. We also may not be blind that more than once he also showed similarities with classic dictators. And than we should wonder what the citizens of the U.S.A. are willing to offer for their “America great again” campaign. The whole world may dee that there is a lot of corruption around the person and family Trump and knows it is getting high time the American public starts seeing that also. Americans need to know this, and rally together to prevent the damage this corrupt alliance threatens.

We can only hope the American population shall not come to see that the American nightmare might be a reality doing so much damage to the economy of their country as well as bringing so much problems to them, so that the next president shall need more than one term to solve all the problems that came over the U.S.A. in the one term of Donald Trump, which surprisingly is still going on (giving enough reason for more concern).


If Trump the ‘organized criminal money launderer’ sounds like a stretch to you, consider it just the tip of the iceberg of Trump’s known corruption:

  • His ‘charitable foundation’ is about to be shut down for multiple examples of fraud.
  • Trump ‘University’ scammed legions of vulnerable people out of their money.
  • He had an affair with a pornstar and paid her to keep quiet — she says she was also threatened with physical violence.
  • His ex-wife attested in court documents that he brutally raped her while tearing out her hair after he didn’t like the hair replacement doctor she recommended.
  • He bragged, on tape, about sexually assaulting multiple women.
  • Hundreds of people hired by Trump say he simply decided not to pay them for their work — including dishwashers, painters and waiters, some of whom were making minimum wage.
  • He has been sued, and forced to pay out settlements, over a hundred times.

Trump is not a devil — he’s a human being, and like all people he has positive qualities and legitimate views. But anyone who denies that he is deeply corrupt, isn’t looking at the facts. To understand Trump, and protect our world from him, we need to understand his corruption.


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