Coronavirus on March 11 declared a global pandemic on March 31 affecting more than 177 countries

Coronavirus has been spreading rapidly across the world, affecting more than 177 countries and claiming more than 36,200 lives.

The virus emerged in China in December 2019 and around 3,300 people there have died from the infection – but both Italy and Spain now have much higher death tolls.

The coronavirus outbreak was declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO) on 11 March. This is when an infectious disease is passing easily from person to person in many parts of the world at the same time.

The WHO said it took more than three months to reach the first 100,000 confirmed cases worldwide, but only 12 days to reach 200,000, four days to reach 300,000 and three days to reach 400,000 and another five to reach 700,000.

On March 31 there are more than 755,500 confirmed cases worldwide, with the US recording more than any other country, including China. Europe has also seen a surge in cases.

In all these countries people in the healthcare profession are working around the clock, often bringing their own life and that of their own family in danger. Selfless healthcare workers are spending long hours assisting those in need and are on the front lines combating the disease in our community. Their sacrifice is greatly appreciated.

We are so proud and extremely grateful for all those care providers and all of the compassionate employees who work behind the scenes at this time of crisis. And we do not forget all the people from logistics and the many workers who try to build or rebuild suitable hospital space. All those people their professionalism and undaunted courage in the face of the most intense pandemic in modern history is hopefully appreciated by everyone.

The true figure for the number of people with coronavirus is thought to be much higher as many of those with milder symptoms have not been tested and counted.

Chart showing coronavirus cases: 561000 active cases, 159,000 recoveries, and 36,200 deaths

Coronavirus global cases, 31 March 2020

This information is regularly updated but may not reflect the latest totals for each country.

Cases Deaths
USA 164,371 3,162
Italy 101,739 11,591
Spain 87,956 7,716
China 82,240 3,309
Germany 66,885 645
France 44,550 3,024
Iran 41,495 2,757
UK 22,141 1,408
Switzerland 15,922 359
Belgium 11,899 513
Netherlands 11,750 864
Turkey 10,827 168
South Korea 9,786 162
Austria 9,618 108
Canada 7,448 89
Portugal 6,408 140
Israel 4,695 16
Brazil 4,661 165
Australia 4,516 18
Norway 4,462 32
Sweden 4,028 146
Czech Republic 3,001 23
Ireland 2,910 54
Malaysia 2,626 37
Denmark 2,577 77
Chile 2,449 8
Romania 2,109 65
Poland 2,055 31
Luxembourg 1,988 22
Ecuador 1,966 62
Japan 1,953 56
Russia 1,836 9
Pakistan 1,717 21
Philippines 1,546 78
Thailand 1,524 9
Saudi Arabia 1,453 8
Indonesia 1,414 122
Finland 1,352 13
South Africa 1,326 3
India 1,251 32
Greece 1,212 46
Mexico 1,094 28
Iceland 1,086 2
Panama 1,075 27
Argentina 966 24
Peru 950 24
Dominican Republic 901 42
Singapore 879 3
Colombia 798 14
Croatia 790 6
Serbia 785 16
Slovenia 756 11
Estonia 715 3
Diamond Princess cruise ship 712 10
Qatar 693 1
Egypt 656 41
New Zealand 647 1
Iraq 630 46
United Arab Emirates 611 5
Algeria 584 35
Morocco 556 33
Ukraine 548 13
Bahrain 515 4
Lithuania 491 7
Armenia 482 3
Hungary 447 15
Lebanon 446 11
Latvia 376
Andorra 370 8
Bosnia and Herzegovina 368 10
Tunisia 362 9
Bulgaria 359 8
Slovakia 336
Costa Rica 330 2
Kazakhstan 325 1
Uruguay 320 1
Taiwan 306 5
Moldova 298 2
North Macedonia 285 7
Azerbaijan 273 4
Jordan 268 5
Kuwait 266
Burkina Faso 246 12
San Marino 230 25
Cyprus 230 7
Réunion 224
Albania 223 11
Vietnam 204
Oman 179
Puerto Rico 174 7
Cuba 170 4
Afghanistan 170 4
Faroe Islands 168
Ivory Coast 168 1
Senegal 162
Malta 156
Belarus 152
Ghana 152 5
Uzbekistan 150 2
Honduras 141 7
Cameroon 139 6
Venezuela 135 3
Nigeria 131 2
Mauritius 128 3
Brunei 127 1
Sri Lanka 122 2
Palestinian Territories 117 1
Cambodia 107
Bolivia 107 6
Guadeloupe 106 4
Georgia 103
Kosovo 94 1
Kyrgyzstan 94
Martinique 93 1
Montenegro 91 1
Trinidad and Tobago 85 3
Mayotte 82
Jersey 81 2
DR Congo 81 8
Rwanda 70
Gibraltar 69
Paraguay 65 3
Liechtenstein 62
Guernsey 60
Guam 58 1
Kenya 50 1
Aruba 50
Bangladesh 49 5
Monaco 49 1
Isle of Man 49
French Guiana 43
Madagascar 43
Guatemala 36 1
Jamaica 36 1
French Polynesia 36
Zambia 35
Barbados 34
Uganda 33
El Salvador 32
Togo 30 1
Bermuda 27
Niger 27 3
Mali 25 2
Ethiopia 23
Guinea 22
Congo 19
Tanzania 19
Djibouti 18
Maldives 17
Saint Martin 15 1
New Caledonia 15
Eritrea 15
Haiti 15
Bahamas 14
Myanmar 14 1
Dominica 12
Equatorial Guinea 12
Mongolia 12
Cayman Islands 12 1
Namibia 11
Curaçao 11 1
Seychelles 10
Greenland 10
Syria 10 2
Laos 9
Eswatini 9
Saint Lucia 9
Grenada 9
Suriname 8
Guinea-Bissau 8
Guyana 8 1
Mozambique 8
Libya 8
Angola 7 2
Gabon 7 1
Saint Kitts and Nevis 7
Zimbabwe 7 1
Antigua and Barbuda 7
Mauritania 6 1
Sint Maarten 6
Sudan 6 2
Cape Verde 6 1
Benin 6
Vatican 6
Saint Barthelemy 6
Turks and Caicos Islands 5
Nepal 5
Chad 5
Fiji 5
Montserrat 5
Nicaragua 4 1
Gambia 4 1
Bhutan 4
Belize 3
Liberia 3
Somalia 3
Botswana 3
Central African Republic 3
British Virgin Islands 3
MS Zaandam cruise ship 2
Anguilla 2
St Vincent and the Grenadines 1
Timor-Leste 1
Papua New Guinea 1
United States Virgin Islands


Stay positive and hang in there.




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15 Responses to Coronavirus on March 11 declared a global pandemic on March 31 affecting more than 177 countries

  1. Blackhorn33 says:

    Greetings Mr. Ampe and Bible Students, I send all Good Things your way.
    I hope each and every one of you are doing well, and all very healthy.
    We are quarantined in our homes when not shopping for healthy foods to cook or make, or exercising, and keeping the home in good shape. However we go for my Step-Father’s medications about once per week. He is 88, and will be 89 August 23…. and I, Marcus, will be 68 in July.
    After 5 years and 7 months, we are well over 21,000 Followers, and most probably already over the 22,000 Follower milestone, and all these from 130 – 150 different countries.
    Did you all go through the quarantine thing? Groups can not be larger than 10 people, and each has to keep at least a 6′ distance from all others.
    I want you all to know that you all are in our prayers, always.


    • Marcus Ampe says:

      Dear Blakhorn,

      Thank you very much for your reaction.

      In Belgium there is a sort of Lockdown (we call it half lockdown) since March 13, after already some restriction rules previously (since beginning of March – like social distancing and only going to work outside the house when no other possibility).

      As a retired Choreologist, I from going in retirement nearly 11 years ago, I additionally to my preaching work, came to work in the security at Brussels International Airport. The Sunday before last I still checked many people from China, Hong Kong, Spain, Canada, United States of America, a.o. leaving this country (most at the request of their government). General travel or unnecessary movements were already prohibited in Belgium as well as unnecessary entrances in this country. Therefore, there were already people send back when trying to get into Belgium.

      I was pleased to receive this morning a “Thank you” card of the company for my helping out in these times of crisis, but being diabetic and having two autoimmune diseases my wife and I decided to ask next time to leave the security checks to younger people.

      Our church and other meetings are all via internet, Hangouts, Skype, Facetime, Houseparty, and/or Messenger. For the church service we naturally meet the gathering after the Breaking of the Bread, with the meal and socialising.
      Concerning 14 Nisan I did not decide yet how to do it.
      Normally, I also would be going to England for a few days in May, to give a reading on Preaching and to participate in a church service and a Bible class.

      In these particular times of having lots of people forced to stay in the house, packed with each other for many hours, social problems augment. Social services, psychologists a.o. care workers shall feel it even more after the crisis.

      Nice to hear that probably you could have reached already over the 22,000 followers from 130 – 150 different countries. For my ecclesia site I have only 186 followers and for the brethren site only 16, which is a little bit frustrating, after all the work and energy which goes into it. My personal blog (My Space) receives more followers, namely 308.
      All the websites, even when not having so many followers still could fetch 2 042 854 views, bringing it in total 4 085 708 views, since 2015. Pity though not more people subscribe or do not mind reacting or giving us some more encouragement (for example by “Likes”)

      It is very much appreciated that you wanted to take some time to write to us and to tell something more about your site for serving families, parents, and the general public on issues related to good parenting. In this time of crisis, it shall not only be in our country, but also in yours, that we shall need to look carefully for abused people, who now have even more difficulty to come in contact with rescuers.

      I sincerely hope that I, like so many other preachers and social workers shall be able to see the signals in time. Anger Management, Baby, Child Abuse, Children, Communication, Conflict Resolution Skills, Family & Good Parenting, Stress Relief, and Violence, may not be placed in the backroom or far away in the fog.
      We all should be at the lookout, knowing that now there is even more danger than before, because the abusers, bullies and criminals are now spending more time with their victims under control by them.

      Let us join forces praying and be strong enough to have our eyes open and seeing in time, the places where there is a need.

      That God may bless you and your work.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Blackhorn33 says:

        My Dear Brother Mr. Ampe, you have lightened the load with your heart-felt words of encouragement, and.. we are thinking along the same lines.
        I will be overjoyed to join in prayers with you and the Dear Bible Students.
        I’m not sure I ever mentioned it, but, my position here is I am just another Follower, and I awaken each morning, get myself ready, and fall out to work, for the night is coming. I fall in behind Our LEADER, and follow HIM where ever he leads.
        I hope I did not sound as if I brought all these Followers here, On the contrary, I am but a man, but I know in my heart, as I have always known, that all the Blessing we have received are because we know who Our only LEADER is, and we Follow him whereever HE leads.
        I ssend all Good Things your way
        Mr. Ampe, it will be a joyous occasion to finally be able to meet you face to face.
        Please, each of you please take good care of yourselves.

        Liked by 1 person

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