Social media a destabilisation tool in the Middle East and Syrian conflict

Refugee crisis Mediterranean sea arrivals 2015In today’s global village people are constantly leaving their homes in search of new opportunities. Migration across borders or within a country is a reality for many societies across the world.

In public debates the distinction between refugees and other people on the move is often blurred. It is important to remember however, that refugees have a distinct legal status. Refugees are forced to leave their country because their lives are in danger. Migrants and other groups on the move often make a conscious decision for economic and other reasons. Refugees don’t have this choice.

Today Europe is flooded with people who want to look for better pastures. But where did those refugees got their idea where the best place would be to go?

I, like Sonja van den Ende, Dutch delegationmember of the Syrian committee Nederland to Syria (Syrian Committee) and writer for freesuriyah think those people were very much influenced by the social networks.

Are there also some general reason for their frantic desire to escape so far from their homeland?

asks Sonja van den Ende and/or Suriyahfighter in her/their article The refugee crisis all planned- Migration as terror.

Wealthy family members already residing within the European Union, perhaps? Or stories about social benefits so that they will be able to live comfortably? After all, to make such a journey they must pay handsomely for the services of smugglers. According to some reports, these smugglers take between $ 4,000 and $ 10,000 to transport a single refugee from Syria or Libya to Europe. Even if this person has a rich family abroad, receiving money via a bank transfer from Syria is impossible, because of the sanctions and economic situation in war-torn Syria. {The refugee crisis all planned- Migration as terror}

Where did those people get the idea from that particularly in Germany it would be the best place to live? How is it that so many are encouraged rushing from other continents to Europe and why are they not seeking refuge nearby their home?

Researchers have found a very interesting fact regarding the use of social networking sites.{“Who is twitter-luring refugees to Germany?”, by Andrey Fomin, Oriental Review (Russia), Voltaire Network, 22 September 2015.}
When we look at the many refugees often we see them hand in hand with their cellphone and find them active on the social media.

It has come to light and questions on Twitter for refugees to travel to Germany are mainly from the United States. During the presidential elections of 2009 in Egypt and Tunisia, where the role of Social Networking sites in mobilizing the population was considerable. From the Iran time practicing it works well in other countries and for good reason. {The refugee crisis all planned- Migration as terror}

thinks Suriyahfighter.

With the previous revolts or uprisings in the Middle East we saw the importance of the social media. In certain place enough people could be organised and could show the government that they are strong enough to hold position to have a turn over in the country. Today we can see that the power though of the people trying to get reinforcement by the social media was not strong enough to topple the Syrian regime.

The model of al-Nusra has always served the Syrian regime’s ends and it even managed to eliminate the Muslim Brotherhood through its military wing al-Talea al-Mokatela.

Al-Talea defected from the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Nusra defected from he Syrian revolution with other jihadist manage to reach the European public and got even European youngsters willing to come to battle, several Belgians also giving their life for ‘the good cause’, becoming a martyr of the Islam.

On both sides there are the internet platforms which may bring heads in higher spheres. It are the social media which may flip their lid for the ones being victims of war and for the ones being victim of capitalism and secularism. Via the internet militants were and still are gathered but also by internet those living in the warzones got certain ideas from the West, the same as the Wsterners are getting ideas from the East. Even a Syrian Electronic Army was created to undermine the Syrian population and to hack those who were standing in the way of the al-Assad regime. The al-Assad devotees maintain a prominent presence on the various social networks with an emphasis on Facebook and Twitter (their accounts are frequently closed by the social networks but are then re-opened by SEA); they are also present on Instagram and elsewhere. But it is also possible that from the other side, by the superpowers there is brought in a counter attack to destabilise the Middle East but also to destabilise the European Union.

Space-link satellite telecommunication vehicle VTM, 2001

A psychological warfare is being conducted in the online arena and on the visual media where propaganda is let off from the different involved parties and from the superpowers who see an opportunity to get even more power. From all the different sources we can get a variety of standpoints but also information or disinformation of what is going on. Certain television stations, like VTM, also like to go on the emo-tour or dramatise everything so that we should know we do have to take certain things with a pinch of salt.

The propaganda war runs thick.

Few in the west seem to be able to penetrate it.

What was at first said to be a nationalist and secular ‘revolution’ – an uprising against a ‘dictator’ who was killing his own people – is now led by ‘moderate rebels’ or ‘moderate Islamists’.

The extremist Islamists, who repeatedly publicise their own atrocities, are said to be a different species, against whom Washington finally decided to fight. Much of this might sound ridiculous to the average educated Arab or Latin American, but it retains some appeal in the west. {War Propaganda and “Dirty Lies” support the “Dirty War on Syria”}

writes Prof. Tim Anderson of Globalresearch.

Repeated dirty lies feed the dirty war on Syria but, after a while, we can recognize some patterns:

Here in the west we better pose questions by the influx of people and why they so much prefer Germany above all other European countries.

Content-analysis of a great number of tweets that triggered the ongoing wave of migration from Turkey to Germany since August this year suggests that these human streams were inspired and channeled from outside of continental Europe. {Who Is Twitter-Luring Refugees To Germany?}

According to Vladimir Shalak from the Russian Academy of Science who developed the Internet Content-Analysis System for Twitter ( Scai4Twi), his study of over 19000 refugees-related original tweets (retweets discounted) demonstrates that the vast majority of them mention Germany and Austria as the most refugee-welcoming countries in Europe:

Counties mentioned in tweets containing #Refugees hashtag, percent

Counties mentioned in tweets containing #Refugees hashtag, percent

Importantly, 93% of all tweets dedicated to Germany contained positive references to German hospitality and  its refugee policy:

• Germany Yes! Leftists spray a graffiti on a train sayin “Welcome, refugees” in Arabic

• Lovely people – video of Germans welcoming Syrian refugees to their community

• Respect! Football fans saying “Welcome Refugees” across stadiums in Germany.

• This Arabic Graffiti train is running in Dresden welcoming refugees: (ahlan wa sahlan – a warm welcome).

• ‘We love Germany!,’ cry relieved refugees at Munich railway station

• Thousands welcome refugees to Germany – Sky News Australia

• Wherever this German town is that welcomed a coach of Syrian refugees with welcome signs and flowers -thank you.

Analysis of 5704 original tweets containing #RefugeesWelcome” hashtag and a country name lead to even larger gap between Germany and the rest of Europe:


Needless to say that every original tweet was multiplied in dozens of copies and spread Twitter-wide.

Evidently, the logic behind this campaign is to deteriorate social situation in Germany and undermine its economic development. Another target is the social structure of German society. 1 million of refugees coming annually there and supplementing existing 31% of local families having at least one migrant parent, would definitely disbalance the voting structure and secure a loyal leadership in Germany for the decades to come. On the other hand that would instigate ultra-right sentiments within the indigenous population and cause furious clashes between migrants and German radicals. Both processes would result in weakened Germany and diminished EU.

That is the real agenda behind innocent tweeting…

It can well be that lots of Europeans do not see the smart idea of a new warfare, namely that of the “Strategic Engineering Migration as a weapon of war”.

U.S. President Ronald Reagan (left) and Soviet General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev (right), former leaders of the Cold War’s two rival superpowers, meeting in Geneva in 1985. The Suez Crisis in 1956, which ended the British Empire’s status as a superpower, and the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991 left the United States as the world’s only superpower. As of 2015, this status remains unchanged.

The Suriyahfighter  posits that all those wars we are facing now were planned, which I certainly will not dispute, because the great powers clearly have a lot of plans up their sleeves and have no man spared. The Great power or present Super Powers do have their own hidden agenda the public is not going to see quite easily.

Those Great Power Forces are the predominant adversary of God (a “Satan” in the words of Scripture). However, there are superiors who like to get the first place in the world and want to be the leader of the greatest power. And when they get in each other’s way sometimes it is a bit different and we now get into tricky situations such as the Middle East.

The European Stability Mechanism may be basically a government “Mechanism” to transfer to the aristocracy the public’s assets, which are the lands and pensions and healthcare and educational systems, which, in a democracy, are supposed to serve the public, but which, in an aristocracy, serve instead the ones who have the assets and the money (the billionaires). In Europe we may find the aristocrats are still in charge and those who have gained enough money (the good and the bas way) are taking care that they would not lose some of it and do prefer the ordinary folks will pay the debts of the country before they shall contribute something to the negative state balance.

The entirety of the ‘Greek bailouts’ is bailouts of the aristocracy, not of the public; it’s just like America’s ‘Wall Street bailouts,’ which bailed out the banksters instead of the cheated MBS investors and homeowners. The ‘Greek bailouts’ were actually loans, not ‘bailouts’ at all; and after the loans turned sour, taxpayers were forced to buy them from the aristocrats, who were the ultimate recipients of the actual bailouts. The lenders never bailed anybody out, but instead were bailed out by the public. However, in the Greek case, the people who are blamed are the Greek public, who are being stripped. After all, such blame-the-victim is the natural response, for believers in ‘the free market.’ But it would be like blaming the stripped pension funds, and the underwater homeowners, for having caused the bailouts of Wall Street. Calling them ‘bailouts of Greece’ is the reverse of what they actually are, which is an ongoing stripping of the Greek public. (Other European publics should be angry against the aristocrats they’re bailing out, not against the Greek public, who never benefited from those loans, and who aren’t the people that socked away some or all of those borrewed funds into Swiss or other accounts abroad.) It’s like blaming a raped woman for having been raped. That’s conservative, in the extreme. It’s fascist. {The Constitution of the EU’s Dictatorship}

We may have a new aristocracy been formed, not royals but parliamentarians. they consider themselves inviolable. The European leaders sometimes do not see that in a way they have become the marionets or puppets of the Super Powers.

The EU’s dictatorship is by the aristocracy, against the public. It’s just like the U.S. dictatorship — competing parties, both or all of which represent the aristocracy, against the public; none representing the public, against the aristocracy. Conservatives support it, because they support the aristocracy. (A reader replied to this, “it isn’t just the doctrinaire conservatives that support the new aristocracy it is the majority of the public”; but the majority of the public is conservative, they’re devoted to myths; so, that’s not contradicting my assertion, it’s just restating the tragedy.) {The Constitution of the EU’s Dictatorship}

writes Investigative historian Eric Zuesse.

These bureaucrats get transferred back-and-forth between this bureaucracy and the big financial institutions (which also are dependent upon the same billionaires), so that these bureaucratic servants of the aristocracy can themselves gradually emerge as aristocrats, basically joining (now becoming principals, no longer merely agents of) the aristocratic financial war stripping the public. {The Constitution of the EU’s Dictatorship}

We, who are seeing the big inflow of refugees into Europe must be provided that both the US and Russia are the ones who like to have those “European aristocrats” as their plaything in their duel. It can rest assured that women, like Angela Merkel herself, have become a pawn in order to attain their higher purpose and with a mole to weaken the European Union. Only too happy the two superpowers are willing to push her and her accomplices in the tunnel while another superpower tries to use its influence to put Europe under pressure to give Turkey more pennies and to take them on in that part of the world to which it does not actually belongs. Turkey overlooks that the she herself can get into trouble if it does not take good enough care and if they are going to close their borders them-self.

Volkswagen factory

Here are once more the industrialists who want the most out of the European Union without wanting to invest in it and without looking at the environment or unscrupulous fooling the common man in the street, offering the next link to destabilize Europe as they can be dismantled. A good example is the Volkswagen affair. This shows how polluted the European nest is. As well as the unwillingness to work together towards a greater whole and to carry each other’s burdens, makes them the parasites of the Union by only wanting the benefits and not wanting to contribute to it, such as Great-Britain, further undermining the chances of success of the union.

With the knowledge that a lot of those refugees already in their home country got presented a magnificent picture of the European Union, we may wonder who the presenters of those beautifications were. When we do know that American sources have been behind it, also pushing people to go to Germany, it might well be that that country was used to get an invasion to destabilise its normal structure and to have rebellious voices pulling down the government.

European citizens must be convinced that they indeed have the opportunity to take much more in their own hands to form a united Europe in which we can live together in a multicultural society, as we ensure that leaders who are elected or indeed to show respect for all the residents and to set strict requirements for those who want to be part of our community, of which everyone, without exception, is required or becoming mandatory to have and show a respect for each other’s culture and religion. They should also realize that even though we live safely in a densely populated area there still are enough opportunities to create enough accommodation for several people at still a pleasant way without placing too much pressure on the natural environment.

Many people also forget that, if they become more aware of their voice and would deal with at the moment no account is taken of their voice, because the politicians do know that most people anyway defenceless swallow and endure what hits them.

It is high time that those who live here shall eat some more curry to dare to spit some fire, needed to push forward our European missile.


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