Schengen area and Freedom for Europeans being put to the test as never before


European Union

European Union (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One must be ‘blind and deaf’ if one does not come to understand that the refugee crisis has tested the limits of Europe’s ability to forge consensus on one of the most divisive issues to confront the union since the fall of Communism.

For the N.Y. Times writers it has set right-wing nationalist and populist politicians against Pan-European humanitarians, who have portrayed the crisis in stark moral terms.

We may not expect too much from today’s meeting of the leaders from across the 28-member bloc were the last few weeks we have not seen much solidarity with each other nor much empathy for those poor people who are trying to safe their soul.

Jean Asselborn

Jean Asselborn (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jean Asselborn, the foreign minister of Luxembourg, said after a meeting of home affairs and interior ministers that even countries that voted against the distribution of asylum seekers — the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia — must comply.

“I have no doubt they will implement these decisions fully,”

he said.

the N.Y.Times has good reason to say

The European Union’s reputation, and its faith in Brussels, have suffered in the past few months, with sharp and vocal divisions among member states and continuing doubts about Greek economic sustainability.

For Stefano Stefanini, a former senior Italian ambassador now based in Brussels, the migrant crisis

“risks bursting the E.U. at its weak seams”

“It’s more dangerous than the Greek drama and more serious than the euro, because it challenges fundamental European accomplishments and beliefs.”

With Tuesday’s vote, he said,

“the cleavages only get deeper.”

We as Europeans should look in our own bosom and consider what we really want to do and in what we do want to belief.

The pessimistic representation by the American writers is very logical when you see how the freedom of human being is being limited and how freedom of movement within the borderless, passport-free zone known as the Schengen area is getting into the dangerzone of being in order to be lifted.

As with the euro, borderless travel was pushed ahead by the European Union as an essentially political idea, without Brussels having created the rules and institutions capable of coherently maintaining and enforcing it.

And as with the euro, the chaos over the refugees has raised questions about not only how the European Union functions but what it stands for, not least its aspirations to balance justice and security.

When European Union leaders say that

“we as Europeans are currently not able to manage our common external borders”

than this community has a very serious problem.

A Europe

“defined by a beggar-my-neighbor race to the bottom was precisely what the E.U. was created to prevent,”

said David Miliband, a former British foreign minister and now director of the International Rescue Committee, a nongovernmental agency that helps refugees.

“If the E.U. is incompetent, compassion is not enough.”

Please let us take European Parliament president Martin Schulz his words at heart and be careful not to take the worn road-bent with the knowledge that a

“deeper split of the union is a risk we cannot exclude”.

Read more about it:Plan on Migrants Strains the Limits of Europe’s Unity


Migrants rested and registered at a camp in Opatovac, Croatia, on Tuesday. Credit Marko Djurica/Reuters



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