France and the Burkini

armed police can now, with the weight of the law behind them, stand over a woman lying on the beach and force her to remove her clothes

What is the difference between the Islamic Republic of Iran’s religious police, who patrol the streets, cracking down on women who have failed to wear the correct clothing and the French police allowing Catholic ordained people to wear all covering clothes but Muslim and other people not?


To claim that someone’s sensibilities might be offended by seeing another person’s religious symbols implies that such a person might be offended by seeing that one is Muslim.

does this not clearly indicates that there is a racist feeling against that religion and those religious people?

In a free democratic country would you find it normal that a person has to hide his or her religious identity?

When religious symbols become an act of defiance or provocation, does that not tell a lot of the deranged minds of the people living in that nation?

To say that such sensibilities must be protected in the wake of the Jihadi attacks is surely to imply that Muslims as a group bear responsibility for those attacks.


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EDIT: As several readers have pointed out, it is not France but specific municipalities in France that have banned the burkini.

Some municipalities in France have decided to ban ‘burkinis’ on various beaches. This means that armed police can now, with the weight of the law behind them, stand over a woman lying on the beach and force her to remove her clothes, as can be seen in the picture above (taken from this Guardian article).

Notice that, as far as I can make out from the picture, this woman is not wearing a burkini. She is wearing a vest, leggings, tunic, and headscarf. Neither is she swimming, she is just lying on the beach. Thus, it seems the police can now force women wearing anything that looks vaguely Muslim on the beach to remove their clothes.

Indeed, the article linked to above tells of another woman:

[A] mother of…

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22 Responses to France and the Burkini

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  2. athinkingman says:

    It does seem all the more absurd when France doesn’t seem to be worried about the attire of nuns or of swimmers wearing bodysuits.

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    • guestpeaker says:

      Yes, and that should worry us most, because that proofs that there is not just a fear against terrorism but a real discrimination for a whole group of religious people, whose religion is already so much damaged by terrorist groups.


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  9. I find this so unfair and upsetting. I read an excellent blog post related to this by a Muslim lady that you might find interesting too :


  10. J L Hunt says:

    Wow, I had no idea such laws existed in France…I hope something will be done about this!


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