On French beach French police forces woman to undress in public

The woman was on the beach when the police arrived.Barbaric attitude of French police

Yesterday I was put to shame watching pictures of French police, on Tuesday, demanding in an aggressive and impolite way, a French lady to undress in front of all sunbathers on a French beach.

It was against all human norms of liberty of mind and of liberty in general and fraternity, the core values normally we would think the French to be proud off.

French agency AFP saw a ticket given to the woman by police, which said she was not ‘wearing an outfit respecting good morals and secularism’.I am pleased to see that a political row broke out in France over mayors banning the burkini  after those unacceptable actions of the French police. Those man who should keep peace created a fuss about a woman wearing a long-sleeved top, even not a burkini. She became surrounded by armed police who acted very rude and degraded the dressed woman. She also could not tear off her cloths quickly enough so one or two officers ‘helped’ her brutally. What I came to see was really barbaric and in case it all had to do with morals and values, those officers clearly showed that they had no respect for a woman nor any decent values.

Being covered, how much or how less

How far can it really come when we as we wear covering clothes are fined and urged to undress in front of all around. I have no objection to nude beaches, having enjoyed running naked myself too in the past, but also having seen how we had to fight to be able to have our arms and legs not covered. Now we seem to come to the opposite where people who like to have their legs and arms covered are shunned, though in countries where previously in the 60ies and 70ies of previous century where we could sunbath, swim and run naked do not accept that any more.

Fined for wearing to much covering cloths

Several people got already fined in the South of France because they had their arms and legs covered or wore a burkini. Strangely enough those people got fined for not wearing

“an outfit respecting good morals and secularism”.

This would mean that the governement decides what is morally acceptable dress and considers covering wear not appropriate. Psoriasis, cancer patients and those who are allergic to sun, who now dare to go on the beach or on the promenade should now be warned. There can not be any allowance for arms, legs, upper-bodies which are not bare.

This is just ridiculous and show the underlying tone of prejudice and racism and intolerance on different aspects (freedom of clothing and religion)

What would you feel when you are walking with a clothed woman on the promenade and go onto the beach and that woman becomes forced to take her clothes off? And what would you do if others come to pull off the jacket your woman is wearing or the scarf your wife is wearing?

This is unheard of, but could be seen and has been seen on the beach of a country we thought would value the freedom of thought, but in recent years has already shown it does not allow certain feelings or thoughts, like those of non-trinitarian churches or believers in One God.

Bathing suit Burkini not accepted

Last week, Nice became the latest French resort to ban the burkini, following about 15 seaside areas in south-east France where mayors have done the same. Using language similar to the bans imposed earlier at other locations, the city barred clothing that

“overtly manifests adherence to a religion at a time when France and places of worship are the target of terrorist attacks”.

Will this imply that Muslims, Jews and Christians as well as Hindus or Dalits will not any more allowed to wear their dress or religious symbols? It looks like going that direction. The same as they are trying to do so in Belgium.

Worse is also that all those who took pictures of the event and showed how the police lied about what happened shall be prosecuted.

Nice’s deputy mayor, Christian Estrosi, from the centre-right Les Républicains party, said a municipal police team had

“acted perfectly to make sure that [the] decree was respected”.

He threatened legal action against anyone disseminating pictures of municipal police. A total of 24 women have been stopped by police in the city since the burkini ban came into force.

The town where filmstars may wear everything they want or be naked, but other people are not free to wear what they want

Also in Cannes people suddenly are not free any more to wear what they want. A 34-year-old mother of two described how she had been stopped and fined on a beach, where she was sitting with her children, while wearing clothes and a headscarf.

“I was sitting on a beach with my family. I was wearing a classic headscarf. I had no intention of swimming,”

said the former flight attendant from Toulouse, giving her name only as Siam.

Speaking to BFMTV, she said three police officers had approached her and said a decree issued by the mayor of Cannes stipulated that everyone had to wear correct and appropriate clothing, and that she should tie her headscarf round her head as a bandana or leave the beach. (What is appropriate clothing?)

She told the police that she thought her clothing was normal and appropriate, she had not shocked anyone and there was no law stopping her being dressed as she was.

“I wasn’t in a burkini, I wasn’t in a burqa, I wasn’t naked, so I considered my clothing was appropriate,”

she said. She described a mini-riot around her as about 10 people ran over in support, telling the police that the family was not bothering anyone, while about 10 others verbally insulted her.

“There were insults like ‘Go home’, ‘We don’t want that here’, ‘France is a Catholic country’. My daughter was crying, she didn’t understand why her mother was being asked to leave.”

She was fined by police, who wrote on her ticket that her clothing did not conform with “good manners” or French secularism. (What was bad of her manners?  What do they consider good manners?)
A witness to the scene, the journalist Mathilde Cousin, confirmed the above incident, saying

“The saddest thing was that people were shouting ‘go home’, some were applauding the police.”

and was also annoyed with what was done to the child of the woman, letting us wonder what may have been going on in the head of such child that saw her mother so badly treated

“It felt like I was watching a pack turn on a woman seated on the ground in tears with her daughter.”

“Her daughter was crying.”

Appropriate clothing

I also saw a video where the police gives a fine to a pregnant woman who wears a neutral cotton grey dress coming until middle of the thighs and a rose headscarf, with the police officer reacting on the remarks of that women that he had to do this and understood her, but since 15 September nobody is allowed to run such a ‘comportement’ (demeanor/demeanour/deportment/behavior) [while the woman behaves very neatly and polite, but also reasonably and politely tries to argue with the officer] and as such he may not allow such dressing on the beach. Then he excuses himself and says that he thinks they both are intelligent people and as such should comprehend this situation. (!?) {Nouvelle vidéo de la chasse aux femmes voilées à Saison 1 / épisode 2 by Feiza Ben Mohamed }

Male chauvinism, freedom of the women and feminism

Not only the French feminist Caroline De Haas should be outraged, because here we see clearly that women are degraded and have no opportunity to deicide for themselves what to wear. I would think, if you want to be fully clothed when it is cold or hot that is your business, but I also can accept that I may not run naked everywhere where I want because certain people could have their thoughts wandering about and get naughty or dirty thoughts,  not able to control themselves any more. But if a totally dressed person can already become a danger for the thoughts of certain people, than we seriously should question those weird minds, who need urgently psychiatric help. This also would indicate urgently something has to be done at the education of the people in that nation.

Risk for Public order

When the way of dressing of those Muslim woman/women could be a public order risk, the community should better also question of certain youngsters their indecent dress would not bring a risk to the values of our society and endanger the moral as well as public order.

Not only the French Council of the Muslim Faith should request, like they requested, urgent talks with the interior minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, citing the

“growing fear of stigmatisation of Muslims in France”.

Scaremongering and stigmatisation

The governement is creating a fear and stigmatising certain groups. They give in to the scaremongering of ISIS and let them win creating more division between the people in a nation and between believers, religious groups and non believers or atheists.

Nicolas Sarkozy, candidate for the primary from the right, believes that “doing nothing” against the burkini “would enact a further decline of the Republic”, in an interview to be published Friday in Le Figaro Magazine.

“do nothing, it is suggest that France appears weak and it would enact a further decline of the Republic,”

said the former head of the state, which provides a law

“that prohibits any religious sign to school but also to university in the administration and also in business. “

But herewith the governement shows clearly how weak it is and can not handle the terrorists who try to create controversy and war in the country. By giving in to the terrorists they win and by taking such unpopular and freedom restricting measures the state show that her priorities lie somewhere else and that they themselves are pre-occupied to popularise themselves for their Catholic compatriots who are fearing they might loose people to the Muslim faith.

Clearly in Italy, France and Belgium

“The fear around Islamic clothing seems to be exploited for political ends,”

like the Secretary of Italian Bishops Conference (CEI) Nunzio Galantino commented on the recent French ban on so-called burkini, further saying

“We should learn to live together. This means acknowledging and embracing the symbols of other cultures as long as they do not harm security requirements.”

Clear minds, proper clothing and nudity

Wearing headscarves, leggings, long sleeves, long robes, or like the offended lady until mid thighs, should cause even less worrying than those girls who run around with such robes (if you still can call them so) which just let everybody get a glimpse of their cross (or vagina). But probably that may not be remarked or said and they, like those who wear all those propagated ‘washed’ jeans full of tears and holes should be considered as the normal dress women have to wear.

In a democratic free state everybody should have the right to dress in a way that demonstrates their personality, their religious faith, always in an understanding not to hurt others or to bring damage to others. For sure such covering clothing does not bring any harm to others and even may protect the skin of the bearer for the sun and prevents that person to get skin cancer, so protecting the health costs going up by all those who have sit too much in the sun not fully protected, costing society lots of money in health care. In a way the public should then be more happy that less people would be getting skin cancer. But what does their covering clothes damage our society or bring our morals and values in danger and suddenly all that nakedness brings us not in danger any more whilst when I was a child I was so many times beaten for not covering my arms and legs in our Catholic community? Where are suddenly those prudish minds gone?

Religious dress allowed for certain but others not

Plus why are the nuns and priests allowed to run in their full dress or habeit/habit on the beach, whilst ordinary non confessional people are not allowed to be covered like them or even less covered than them, but not in bathing suit or monokini?

Good to hear that Marwan Muhammad, the executive director of the Collective Against Islamophobia in France, wants to take action.  More human rights groups should do, because clearly it seems a certain group of people is envisioned and action is taken to limit the religious prescriptions so that those who want to belong to such a religion cannot stay in that country, though their rules would not harm any body. Therefore one should oppose a ban on burkinis, when common sense seems to be lost, this should be brought before the courts.
The ban was also criticised by anti-racism group SOS Racisme, which attacked what it said was the mayor’s “strategy of tension”.

Fraternity, or brotherly love seems to be drifted far away by the ocean of many misunderstandings and lots of fear for the different waves.

Let us all stress the importance of showing “common sense” and not to rash to create absurd laws and regulations which impose restrictions on our general freedom.


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27 Responses to On French beach French police forces woman to undress in public

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  2. sergiomauri says:

    Reblogged this on F.L.A.C.O.N.S. 2.0_ and commented:
    Usually Flacons does not reblog any article. However, in this case, this post i’s worth to be read as well as the attached video has to be seen.
    Usualmente Flacons non riblogga articoli di altri, tuttavia in questo caso vale la pena leggere l’articolo e guardare il video annesso, per comprendere il livello del delirio in atto.

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  3. djdfr says:

    Thank you for your visit to my blog and including it in your post. You have mentioned some other things I was also thinking about this issue, such as mental health and hypocrisy. Why can’t we be more accepting of differences?


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  11. Hi Marcus just wanted to say thanks for the ping. I had over 1000 views thanks to you!


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  18. Wearing too many clothes on a beach is your own choice no matter religion or not. Many of us have been covered up from the sun, so men should come and bully you to do what they say? Some are just bullies and not doing their job.


    • Marcus Ampe says:

      My wife and I wore a bermuda and t-shirt plus sandals, having bare legs and bare arms, but no naked chest.

      As you say it is a person his or her individual choice what they would wear. Strangely enough I am not allowed to walk or to lie down and sunbathing naked in my own garden. 30 years ago I even had the police at my doorstep because neighbours across the street had made a complaint because I ran naked through my house.

      Where has the freedom gone?


  19. Mary grace Bueno Suganan says:

    It is true> for me when people has their own way to enjoy their life , Let them do it . because we have those what we call the power of individual in which we are not capable with others conclusion or other own perspective but to be with your self that nothings controlling you, In this case or situation ; woman are mostly affected for what they did to the simple woman who just wanted to enjoy the beach and unlucky to her to be arrested by some the officer jut because of her attire .for us to know especially to those who did not yet read the law………..THAT TO WARE A LOT AND DIFFERENT KIND OF CLOTHES IN A BEACH ARE NOT AGAINST WITH THE LAW.


  20. Mary grace Bueno Suganan says:

    It is true> for me when people has their own way to enjoy their life , Let them do it . because we have those what we call the power of individual in which we are not capable with others conclusion or other own perspective but to be with your self that nothings controlling you, In this case or
    situation ; woman are mostly affected for what they did to the simple woman who just wanted to enjoy the beach and unlucky to her to be arrested by some the officer jut because of her attire .for us to know especially to those who did not yet read the law………..THAT TO WEAR


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