For more than Three thousand people fifteen years ago this world came to an end

Today, fifteen years ago, in one nation thousands of people said good morning and said goodbye, never to think this would be their farewell kiss are last view of each other.

What started as a sunny early September day, a little bit with an after-Summer feeling was to become a nightmare for thousands of people all over the world.  Not restricted to the United States only, was the fire going over seas, from nation to nation, like falling domino stones.

In the nation where everybody seemed to be able to build up his luck with all the new technology, suddenly that technology seemed not able to protect them, like they had hoped it could do.

All over, the world had looked forward to the 21st century. In several countries the hope was already put on that new century decades beforehand. In Belgium Maurice Béjart had the lovely vision of having people of all nations, of all sorts of religions, working together, united as one soul. His Ballet du XXième sciècle had to be the signal for many nations how people should come to be united.

That horrible day of the first September where a two was standing at the first place, it was the ‘holy number’ seven plus two that would made the

intro into the 21st century of terror and modern warfare. {Former mayor of New York City Rudolph Giuliani }

Fifteen years ago suddenly mothers went to pick up their children from daycare centres and schools. I got a phone-call telling me I had to watch a terrible accident that just had happened and by coincidence was filmed.

Probably all over the world people were called to switch on their television. In many households this became the talk of the day for more than one day.

In the West this event was going to change ‘everything’. The way we were going to look at events and how we were going to react to certain circumstances. Awfully it was only just the beginning of more terrible things coming into our households. It was the event that got a ball rolling which is still rolling wild and does make certain people mad are not able to think straight any more.

For many, 15 years ago, made their entrance into hell. The furnace came to be opened to torture them for many years. Many still suffering a lot today.

It is for those who are still in pain we should have a moment of silence and a moment of thought. For those who lost their life and for those who had to continue living with the wounds of the 9/11 terrorism attack on New York City and the Pentagon, we should remember that black day in modern history.

After the two World Wars of the previous century the 21st century had opened with a firework which would bring many more terrorist attacks all over the world in name of a god and a religion, damaging the Real God (Allah, the Elohim Hashem Jehovah) and the real religion of salam or peace  (the Islam) and making it that wrong figures in other monotheist religions would show their devilish face, doing un-Christian actions.

The gates have been opened to let the wild animals go roar and have the politicians take advantage of it to get their goal of having the people in their hand, getting them against the others.

In all this we should look back at what happened and think on how we can avoid such a thing in the future. At the same time we should reflect on this event that shook the world and make use of it to proclaim the better site of the coin. Not showing our fear to terrorists who are willing to gain more power and destruction, but showing the willingness to join forces and work towards a peaceful community.


Continue reading my article at my lifestyle magazine From Guestwriters: When the World Stood Still .. > Nailed to our chairs, never to forget


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