Social media, sympathy & shocks


In January last year we saw quickly arisen sympathetic reactions for what happened at the Charlie Hebdo headquarters, which sparked three days of bloodshed in the French capital. After the subsequent shootout at the Bataclan theatre in November — sympathisers channelled their grief through Twitter.

This year it happened again, less than half an hour after news of the first blast, at Brussels Airport during morning rush hour, the first reference of #PrayforBrussels emerged.

The former headquarters of the Charlie Hebdo w...

The former headquarters of the Charlie Hebdo weekly (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It echoed the #PrayforParis hashtag which was trending for days after the November attacks. In January 2015, #JeSuisCharlie and #JeSuisParis became the blueprint for showing solidarity on social media, frequently being adopted for compassionate — and even humorous or sarcastic — purpose at a range of global events.

The varied spellings of Belgium’s capital city and the different languages spoken meant numerous hashtags were used to convey the same message.

In Belgium itself, the hashtag #Ikwilhelpen — “I want to help” — began trending as stunned locals sprang in to action to offer assistance to stranded travellers caught up in the mayhem caused by the city, and its transport network, being in lockdown. Somehow so many people got in contact with others to provide transport back home or to give shelter for the night. Offering places to sleep was spread by the hashtags #openhouse in English, French, and Flemish.

We can see the population all over the world reacting very quickly. In a few hours time we heard and saw buildings all over the world changing in the three coloured flag of Belgium.

When the public manages to spread ideas and texts so quickly and when they manage to communicate so easily it looks so strange that international security secret services and police forces are not able to do the same. From Parliamentarians and official spokesmen we would also expect them to be abreast of things.



Yesterday we were shocked by two news facts, which seemed to be confirmed by eastern sources. It made us wonder how it can be possible that those in charge where not informed.

An Iraqi intelligence official says sources in the Syrian city of Raqqa have told them that the Islamic State group has been planning terrorist attacks in Europe for two months which would “target airports and train stations”.

Daesh [IS] was behind this operation and it was planned in Raqqa two months ago and there are three suicide attackers who will carry out another attack”.

another senior Iraqi intelligence official said.

Because of the detention of Salah Abdeslam the Belgian intelligence forces should have known that this Paris attacks suspect arrested last week in Brussels would trigger strong actions from Jihadist cells.

Intelligence officers described the attacks as “sadly expected” both as a “revenge” for the arrest of Europe’s most wanted man but also because jihadists were aware he could betray them.

It would be naive to think Abdeslam twice “pulled back” from killing himself by triggering a suicide vest — once in Paris and then on the day of his arrest, that this man would talk and betray his comrades in time, before they would do something.

Intelligence officers may have seen a weakness, a desire to live which would have been played on during questioning but the anti-terror specialists did not manage to see clear what was going on at the time.

Naturally it also can well be his comrades knew him very well and became afraid he could talk and bring them in danger to be caught. Abdeslam when a man showing not enough inner strength and the capacity to withstand interrogation, was clearly a danger for the terrorist cells. This meant that if those involved in Tuesday’s attacks were known to him they believed they had to activate their plans before they too were arrested and their weapons seized.


The Belgian citizen of Moroccan descent, Najim Laachraoui, was already known from childhood to be a troublemaker, not afraid to shoot at the police like he did a few years ago by an arrest after an armed robbery. According to the Turkish president and Turkish intelligence forces he was arrested by Turkish police, on his way to Syria to join IS. Strangely enough he got to chose to which country he would be returned. He was sent to the Netherlands, though without being monitored by the security services.

It is very strange that Turkey did not warn the Belgian authorities or that in case they where warned did not react appropriate. Worse is it when we do get to know that his DNA was later found on one of the suicide belts used in the Bataclan theatre massacre in Paris last year. You would think such a dangerous figure would not only be kept an eye on, but would be detained straight ahead.

el bakraoui rtl.frAlso Ibrahim el-Bakraoui, had entered Turkey with the intent of joining Islamic State in Syria. Being stopped by the Turkish authorities he too was sent back to Europe. again this jihad fighter was able to enter the Netherlands in 2015 without any problem. Again the Belgian authorities failed to follow up. Apparently travelling to Syria for such clandestine militancy was not deemed a serious terrorist threat.

When it is known that Khalid el-Bakraoui, Ibrahim’s sibling, had helped to lease safe houses for the Paris attackers, including Salah Abdeslam, who was captured last week, we wonder why he was not taken in custody and seriously interrogated.


Not for nothing Belgium is often referred to as Belgistan in certain Belgian papers and in foreign press. It is impossible to think the Belgian government would not have been careful enough concerning the active participants in the ongoing military intervention against ISIL, during the Iraqi Civil War. Belgium has more nationals fighting for jihadist forces (as a proportion of its population) than any other Western European country, with an estimated 440 Belgians having left for Syria and Iraq as of January 2015. {see also my previous postings, Hard questions , Nina Elbagir; Bharati Nailk; Laila Ben Allal (22 March 2016). “Belgium: Europe’s front line in the war on terror”. CNN. Retrieved 22 March 2016 & Neumann, Peter. “Foreign fighter total in Syria/Iraq now exceeds 20,000; surpasses Afghanistan conflict in the 1980s”. ICSR. Retrieved 23 March 2016.}

Matthew Dalton and Margaret Coker wrote already about Nabil Kasmi and 45 other Sharia for Belgium members who left for Syria, on September 28, 2014 in the The Wall Street Journal. They expressed their view how “ Belgium became a Jihadist-Recruiting Hub”.
This “hotbed of jihadist ideology” was also noticed by many foreign television channels. The quaint but bustling capital of Belgium and of Europe, famed for its picture postcard squares, its chocolate and its beer was rapidly becoming infamous, too, as a fertile recruiting ground for jihadi fighters.

Integration or comedy and Muslim community

The then 27-year old Belgian comedian who performs with a humorous theatrical group that calls itself the “Muslim Raiders,”said in January 2015 he feared young Belgian-born Muslims which could become victims of a backlash after the raid in Verviers.

El Hajjaji, the director of l’ Espace Poincare, opened little more than two years ago, with the goal of promoting a peaceful and productive blend of European and Islamic values, said in January 2015, soon after French jihadis massacred cartoonists in the Paris office of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, that they had threatened this vision of moderation and integration.

“We condemn what’s happened. This is not our vision, our understanding of our religion,”

he said in French-accented English, and explained how Belgium’s Muslim community was finding itself increasingly trapped between two ideological extremes.

“We face [Islamist] radicalisation. But we also face the increase of Islamophobia in Belgium,”

El Hajjaji said.

“We know that stigmatisation, Islamophobia, discrimination help this radicalization of young Muslim people here in Belgium.”

Once more those terrorist attack bring pressure on the relations between Belgian natives and those generations of immigrant families, atheists, Christians and Muslims.

Belgian natives, immigrants and Sharia

You would expect members of the Belgian government taking care they would have enough people infiltrated in the different groups to come to know what was going on and to provide enough information about those different groups.

It is also incredible to believe that Belgian law enforcement officials questioned terror suspect Salah Abdeslam only for about one hour between the time of his arrest Friday and the Brussels attacks Tuesday. {according to Abdeslam’s attorney Sven Mary, whose clients include Fouad Belkacem, spokesperson for the radical Salafist organisation Sharia4Belgium}

Ministers under pressure

Interior Minister Jan Jambon and Justice Minister Koen Geens had both offered to quit after different matters, of jihadists crossing countries, became known by the general public. Given publicity the day before yesterday again pressure was placed on the Belgian government where a wise prime minister refused the resignation of those ministers at this critical moment.

Knowing now that a raid on one of the safe houses in Brussels prior to Abdeslam’s capture was botched, leading to the escape of some suspects and that the Bakraoui brothers may have been among those who got away, it shall be looking for the loopholes and demanding to take measures to avoid such failing incidents.

According to Jean-Charles Brisard, who chairs the Paris based Centre for Analysis of Terrorism,

“this is something that should never have happened.”

Night and day

Also problematic is that shortly after the Paris attacks, Abdeslam was located in a flat in Molenbeek. But because of a 50 year old rule prohibiting police raids between 9pm and 5am unless a crime was in progress, the police had to wait until dawn to try and capture him. By the time they arrived, Abdeslam had already fled. Luckily this absurd law has been changed … but too late.

Today the Belgian police force should also question their interrogation techniques. Do they really think just a little hour would be sufficient to get enough out of a suspect? To mention that he was

too tired to be questioned for any longer

is an absurd excuse. In such a critical situation as this, having had already several times a high alert in this country, even having had the highest alert (Alarm 4), being like at war this looks ridiculous. The situation now comes near to having a war zone and should be treated as such.

Bureaucracy and Incompetence

No wonder the foreign press laughs at the Belgian justice system and blames them to be incompetent. Though I am sure many people in those forces are doing sincere hard work, but they are bounded on the strings of certain very old Napoleonic laws and chained by bureaucratic rules and situations.

When the authorities in Belgium are guilty of a major failure of intelligence, they should be punished in time. But clearly the problems in the country run much deeper than this.

State Coat of Arms of Belgium.svgWe should know that scum, thief’s, robbers, murderers are very well protected under Belgian Law which tries to follow humanitarian rules and wants to protect the human rights of those wrongdoers, but often forgetting the right of the good, honest civilians.

A divided country

Th 58952 logo 122 341lo.JPGProblematic in this country are also the many different regions and their multiple police forces and security agencies. The discontinuance of the Marechaussee/Gendarmerie, the former paramilitary police force or state police a few years ago, replaced by the Federal Police and the Local Police, not bringing any consolation.

The numerous languages spoken in the country and the endemic social frictions between its Flemish and French speaking people is also not helping the case. It can be said that the resulting discord has created a dysfunctional state that can barely operate in any centralised capacity.

On top of that it seems clearly the case that there is not only a communication problem between the forces in Belgium but there is alleged to be poor intelligence sharing with outside countries as well.

Loopholes and Chaos

No wonder when it often takes time before the bureaucratic mills of government turn, many see lots of changes to slip through the net. The immigrants and/or all sorts of refugees when entering this country very well know the Belgian Law. They cleverly make handy use of finding loopholes.

Not only is there the administrative chaos in this small country which has become a leading hub of jihadist radicalism. In several city quarters with growing Muslim populations there are a highly radicalised minority that rejects western norms and liberal values. The policeman on the beat nor the social and street workers seem to get a grip on those radicalised youngsters. Some poor districts or slums are “no go” zones for the police. For much too long the forces allowed such ‘segregated areas’ to exist. And the danger is that certain measures of N-VA minister Liesbeth Homans (Wonen en Steden) limiting those able to get a council flat makes it worse. Such measures excluding teachers and healthcare workers from social housing and all those who earn too much, though still not enough for the private housing market, shall make it more convenient to create getto’s and banlieus, like France has already enough trouble with such neighbourhoods. The governments should take care that those boroughs are inhabited with more diversity of different cultures and different classes of people.

Names, jobs, recruiters and prospects

In such execrable quarters those without job prospects will feel they have no future in Belgium as and are no part of the Belgian state. this they feel increasingly when looking for a job with a name as Mohammed, Aisha or any other Muslim (or Arabic sounding) name.

Has it become too late?

Molenbeek has become a particular focus of attention in recent weeks. According to Jmal Habbachich of ‘Molenbeek Mosques’,

‘At the time when the Syrian crisis started, no one paid attention to the danger of radicalism’ or to ‘the danger or upsurge of recruiters’ who were left ‘uncontrolled’ in the streets.

In other words, Molenbeek has become a no go area in which jihadists operate with impunity. Such segregation remains a stark symbol of the failure of multiculturalism.

Again we have to bring up questions by list with the names and addresses of 80 people suspected of being jihadist militants which was given to the Mayor of Molenbeek, Francoise Schepmans, a month before the Paris attacks. It included the name of Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the alleged architect of the Paris plot, and two other key terrorists.

Schepmans did nothing, claiming later:

‘It is not my job to track possible terrorists’.

But is it not expected of a mayor to care for the safety of his flock? His reply gives the indication that there is something wrong with the attitude of the mayors in Belgium. One could say

Such a response typifies the catalogue of indifference, incompetence and dysfunctional behaviour of the Belgian authorities in dealing with this problem.

Patchwork country to be alert

The patchwork country has to be on the lookout not becoming a literal crazy quilt. Those who wants to divide the country in different independent countries forget that such a diversification can make the things even worse.

The idea of having several federal states making up Belgium is not a bad idea when there is made better work of co-operation and communication of the different ‘states’ and their own federal forces.

With these attacks and the ones still to come we can only hope that the Belgian politicians do take their responsibility and that the whole country awakens to make work of a real integration and a respectful acceptance of the multitude of nationalities living at those few thousand square miles.

It is really a shame that every day we are confronted with fresh revelations about the criminal incompetence of Belgium’s security services and the Belgian politicians who seem to be more concerned in assuring their posts and in getting enough money from the citizens. Those failures represent a major political and intelligence blunder which has only encouraged the murderous extremism of Daesh or Islamic State (IS).


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  2. Marcus Ampe says:

    On the 22nd at 3.54pm I received in my mailbox from Brussels Airport CEO Arnaud Feist:

    On behalf of the entire airport community, I would like to extend our warmest condolences to the family and friends of the victims of these cowardly and heinous acts. I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the emergency and rescue services, passengers and staff for their compassion, solidarity and help. This is without doubt the blackest day in the history of Brussels Airport”

    All flights and other operations at Brussels Airport have been cancelled for the day. The airport site has been entirely evacuated to give the public prosecutor and the police enough room to meticulously carry out their investigation into the explosions at the airport.
    Brussels Airport is fully collaborating with the judicial and police services. Forensic investigation by the public prosecutor and the police in the terminal is still underway. Until the investigation is complete, nobody is allowed to enter the departures hall, including the airport staff.
    Brussels Airport has been hit in its heart, in the departures hall where at that moment many passengers were waiting to leave on holiday. At Brussels Airport tens of people died in the attacks or were severely injured. Immediately following the explosions, the Red Cross and other emergency services arrived at Brussels Airport to take care of the victims. By now, all of the victims have been evacuated from the airport.
    The Red Cross remains present at various locations on and in the vicinity of Brussels Airport to assist victims, witnesses, relatives and friends. Brussels Airport wishes to thank the emergency services for their efforts and humanity in these difficult moments for our passengers, staff and the people who care about them.
    People who wish to inquire about the passengers at Brussels Airport can call number 02/753.73.00.
    Apart from the many victims they made, the explosions severely damaged the departures hall at Brussels Airport. All airport operations have been cancelled for the day
    Press Office: Brussels Airport Company – Corporate Communications – Tel. + 32 2 753 53 53
    Florence Muls, External Communications Manager: + 32 2 753 43 20 –
    Anke Fransen, Media Relations Manager : +32 2 753 43 95 –
    to allow the emergency and police services to do their job. At this moment it is impossible for us to say when operations will be resumed. There is much damage and we do not have access to the building as the investigation is still underway. As soon as more information is available, we will inform the public on the airport website or through the social media channels of Brussels Airport.
    About Brussels Airport
    Brussels Airport is one of the largest airports in Europe, handling 23.5 million passengers and 489,000 tonnes of freight annually. Brussels Airport links the European capital with 226 destinations worldwide that are served by 77 different airlines. (figures 2015).
    Brussels Airport caters for the specific needs of the business travellers, and also has the largest low-fare offer in Belgium.
    Brussels Airport is the second most important centre of economic growth in Belgium providing direct and indirect employment for 60,000 people.
    Brussels Airport is operated by Brussels Airport Company. The shareholders are the Belgian State (25 percent) and a consortium of private investors (75 percent).
    Follow us @brusselsairport on Twitter or on


    Brussels Airport exprime ses condoléances aux victimes et à leurs familles
    et remercie les services de secours pour leur assistance aux victimes
    “Au nom de l’ensemble de la communauté aéroportuaire, je souhaite exprimer toute notre compassion et nos sincères condoléances aux victimes de ces actes lâches et méprisables, à leurs familles et amis. Je remercie de tout coeur les services d’urgence, les passagers, les membres du personnel pour leur solidarité et leur assistance humaine. Ce jour est sans aucun doute le jour le plus noir de l’histoire de Brussels Airport ‘’, a déclaré Arnaud Feist, CEO de Brussels Airport.
    Tous les vols et toutes les autres opérations à Brussels Airport ont été annulés aujourd’hui. Le domaine aéroportuaire a été entièrement évacué pour donner la liberté nécessaire au Parquet et à la police fédérale afin de mener une enquête minutieuse après les deux explosions survenues à l’aéroport.
    Brussels Airport offre sa pleine collaboration aux instances judiciaires et à aux services de police. Le Parquet et la police mènent toutes les investigations nécessaires pour trouver toutes traces éventuelles dans le bâtiment aéroportuaire. Aussi longtemps que l’enquête est en cours, personne ne peut entrer dans le terminal, y compris le personnel aéroportuaire.
    Brussels Airport a été touché en plein coeur, dans le hall des départs, au moment où de nombreux passagers s’y trouvaient pour partir en voyage. Des dizaines de morts et de blessés sont à déplorer. Immédiatement après les explosions, Brussels Airport a reçu l’aide de la Croix Rouge et des autres services d’urgence afin d’évacuer les victimes. A l’heure actuelle, toutes les victimes ont été évacuées du terrain aéroportuaire.
    La Croix Rouge reste toutefois présente à différents endroits à et autour de Brussels Airport pour accompagner les victimes, les témoins, les familles et les amis.
    Brussels Airport remercie les services d’urgence pour leur dévouement et leur engagement dans ces moments difficiles, à l’égard de nos passagers, des membres du personnel et de toutes les personnes qui les entourent.
    Toute personne ayant des questions concernant des passagers à Brussels Airport, peut contacter le numéro 02/753.73.00.

    En plus des dizaines de victimes, le hall des départs est très fortement endommagé. Toutes les opérations ont été annulées aujourd’hui afin de laisser les services d’urgence et les services de police faire leur travail. Nous ne pouvons pas encore dire quand les opérations pourront reprendre. Nous déplorons de nombreux dommages et nous n’avons pas accès au bâtiment étant donné que l’enquête est en cours. Une fois que l’information sera disponible, elle sera communiquée sur le site internet de l’aéroport ou via les réseaux sociaux de Brussels Airport
    À propos de Brussels Airport
    Avec ses 23,5 millions de passagers et 489.000 tonnes de fret par an, Brussels Airport figure parmi les aéroports les plus importants d’Europe. Brussels Airport relie la capitale européenne à 226 destinations, ces liaisons étant opérées par 77 compagnies aériennes (chiffres 2015).
    Brussels Airport répond aux besoins spécifiques des voyageurs d’affaires et des vacanciers tant pour le trafic intra-européen que pour le long-courrier. Il offre également le choix le plus large de destinations à bas prix au départ de la Belgique. L’aéroport est le deuxième pôle de croissance économique le plus important du pays et génère 60.000 emplois directs et indirects.
    L’aéroport est géré par Brussels Airport Company. Les actionnaires en sont l’Etat belge (25%) et un consortium d’investisseurs privés (75%).
    Suivez @brusselsairport sur Twitter, ou sur Facebook via


    “In naam van de hele luchthavengemeenschap wens ik ons medeleven te betuigen aan de slachtoffers van deze laffe en verwerpelijke daden, aan hun familie en vrienden. Ik dank van harte de hulpdiensten, passagiers en personeelsleden voor hun medeleven, solidariteit en menselijke hulp. Dit is zonder meer de donkerste dag in de geschiedenis van Brussels Airport”, zegt Arnaud Feist, CEO van Brussels Airport.
    Alle vluchten en andere operaties op Brussels Airport zijn vandaag geannuleerd. Het luchthaventerrein is volledig ontruimd om het parket en de politie de noodzakelijke ruimte te geven om het onderzoek naar de twee explosies op de luchthaven nauwgezet te kunnen voeren.
    Brussels Airport verleent de gerechtelijke en politiediensten alle medewerking. Het sporenonderzoek van parket en politie in het luchthavengebouw is nog volop aan de gang. Zolang dat onderzoek aan de gang is, kan niemand de vertrekhal binnengaan, ook niet het personeel van de luchthaven.
    Brussels Airport is geraakt in haar hart, in de vertrekhal, op het moment dat heel wat passagiers klaar stonden om op reis te vertrekken. Op Brussels Airport zijn tientallen doden en gewonden gevallen door de aanslagen. Brussels Airport heeft meteen na de explosies hulp gekregen van het Rode Kruis en andere hulpdiensten om slachtoffers op te vangen. Alle slachtoffers zijn inmiddels geëvacueerd van het luchthaventerrein.
    Het Rode Kruis blijft nog aanwezig op verschillende locaties op en rond Brussels Airport om slachtoffers, getuigen, hun familie en vrienden te begeleiden. Brussels Airport wenst de hulpdiensten te bedanken voor hun inzet en menselijkheid in deze moeilijke momenten voor onze passagiers, personeelsleden en alle mensen rondom hen.
    Wie vragen heeft over passagiers op Brussels Airport, kan terecht op het nummer 02/753.73.00.
    Naast de tientallen slachtoffers is de vertrekhal ook zwaar beschadigd geraakt. Alle operaties werden geannuleerd voor vandaag om de hulp- en politiediensten hun werk te laten doen. Op dit moment kunnen we nog niet zeggen wanneer de operaties hervat worden. Er is veel schade en we hebben geen toegang tot het gebouw omdat het onderzoek nog aan de gang is. Van zodra beschikbaar, volgt informatie hierover op de website van de luchthaven of via de social media kanalen van Brussels Airport.
    Over Brussels Airport
    Brussels Airport is met 23,5 miljoen passagiers en 489.000 ton vrachtvervoer per jaar een van de belangrijkste luchthavens van Europa. Brussels Airport verbindt de Europese hoofdstad met 226 bestemmingen. Op de luchthaven zijn 77 luchtvaartmaatschappijen actief (cijfers 2015).
    Brussels Airport komt tegemoet aan de specifieke behoeften van zakenreizigers én vakantiegangers voor zowel binnen-Europees als langeafstandsverkeer, en biedt ook de grootste keuze aan lagetarievenbestemmingen vanuit België. De luchthaven is de op één na belangrijkste economische groeipool in België, goed voor 60.000 rechtstreekse en onrechtstreekse jobs.
    Brussels Airport wordt uitgebaat door Brussels Airport Company. De aandeelhouders zijn de Belgische Staat (25%) en een consortium van privé-investeerders (75%).
    Volg @brusselsairport op Twitter, of op Facebook via


  3. Marcus Ampe says:

    Cindy Verhoeven
    26 maart om 17:42 · Landen, België ·

    Ik sluit mijn ogen en wandel denkbeeldig de luchthaven binnen, zoals ik al zo vaak deed.
    Ik zie mensen rondom mij, ieder met zijn eigen verhaal. Blije blikken van vakantiegangers, bedroefde blikken van mensen die afscheid nemen, zenuwachtige blikken van mensen die voor het eerst zullen vliegen… Het is een kleurrijk tafereel. Ik aanschouw de drukte, het komen en gaan van mensen. Ik zie het zonnetje schijnen door de grote ramen… Hier ben ik graag, mijn luchthaven, …
    Plots doe ik mijn ogen open en ik besef dat dit beeld nooit meer hetzelfde zal zijn. Dat kleurrijke tafereel nam plaats voor donkere sombere tinten van rouw. Ik zie mensen die aan het huilen zijn… Niet omdat ze elkaar een tijdje niet zullen zien maar omdat ze elkaar in dit leven nooit meer zullen zien
    Ik zie bloed… Niet zomaar een klein beetje, ik zie liters bloed…
    Ik zie verdriet… Onnoemelijk veel verdriet.
    Ik zie … Wat ik niet wil zien
    Dit is mijn luchthaven niet meer…
    Dit is oorlogsgebied, ingenomen door de vijand.
    Maar ik heb hoop, want ik geloof niet in haat.
    Zij die zichzelf opbliezen, Voor wat of voor wie jullie ook denken te staan.
    Onze hoop is groter dan jullie haat.
    En hoewel jullie ons diep in het hart hebben geraakt weten wij zeker dat wij hier sterker uitkomen.
    Daarvoor is er maar 1 reden…
    Wij hebben een hart

    en of je nu Moslim, Boedhist, christen of atheïst bent. Zo lang je een hart hebt, is er hoop.


  4. Marcus Ampe says:

    Joke Van de Velde
    25 maart om 14:22 ·

    Vandaag moest voor ons een topdag zijn en het begin van een druk weekend …
    Helaas is dit een dag die we liever snel achter ons laten
    We beginnen stilaan allemaal te beseffen aan wat we ontsnapt zijn hoe veel erger het nog had kunnen zijn
    Zij die niet aanwezig waren hebben nog steeds een dubbel gevoel , blij dat we die horror niet moesten meemaken maar anderzijds thuis de muren opliepen omdat we niet konden helpen
    Stilaan beginnen we terug optebouwen wetende dat hier nog weken werk is en ons mentaal nog een heel zware periode staat te wachten
    De laatste dagen hebben van ons zowel fysiek als mentaal het uiterste gevraagd , dit heeft bij de volledige luchthavenfamilie zware wondes gemaakt die zullen genezen maar altijd littekens achter laten , maar littekenweefsel is veel sterker dan gewone huid
    Dus wij allen zullen hier sterker uitkomen al zal dat veel tijd ,pijn en emotie vragen !!


  5. Marcus Ampe says:

    Jim Somsak Morgen open de lucthan
    Vind ik leuk · Beantwoorden · 28 03 12.29
    Brussels Airport (BRU)
    Brussels Airport (BRU) Dag Jim, het is nog niet zeker wanneer we zouden beginnen met een gedeeltelijke heropstart van de operaties.
    Brussels Airport Website: Brussels Airport in volle voorbereiding van gedeeltelijke heropstart
    Brussels Airport heeft de voorbije dagen uitgebreide analyses gedaan van de infrastructuur van de terminal en van de verschillende mogelijke scenario’s voor een gedeeltelijke heropstart van haar activiteiten. Wanneer deze gedeeltelijke heropstart zal plaatsvinden, is nog niet bepaald. Dat hangt af v…


  6. Marcus Ampe says:

    Brussels Airport (BRU)
    26 maart om 20:01 ·

    A team of engineers, technicians and independent external experts have carried out a first analysis of the damage caused by the explosions at Brussels Airport on 22 March 2016 after detectives released the terminal yesterday afternoon when they had concluded their investigations. This first, provisional analysis shows that both main building and the Connector building where hand luggage and passengers are checked, are stable. Brussels Airport will now investigate the possibilities to install temporary check-in desks.

    The first, provisional investigation into the Brussels Airport’s terminal did not indicate any stability issues related to the terminal building. The adjacent Connector building is also intact and the locations where hand luggage is checked and customs’ checks are carried out, can also be used.

    Brussels Airport will now look at its options to install temporary check-in desks. The ideal location still needs to be identified and its practical organisation needs to be studied in collaboration with airlines and luggage handlers.

    Brussels Airport would like to remind passengers that they can collect their vehicle and luggage until tomorrow, Sunday 27 March. At the moment, after two days, 4,000 of the 6,000 cars which were left behind, have been collected. Today, all luggage was removed from piers A and B and transferred to building 722 at Brucargo, where passengers can collect their belongings. Parts of the luggage hall have also already been cleared and work at the reclaim area will start on Sunday.


    Brussels Airport heeft de voorbije dagen uitgebreide analyses gedaan van de infrastructuur van de terminal en van de verschillende mogelijke scenario’s voor een gedeeltelijke heropstart van haar activiteiten. Wanneer deze gedeeltelijke heropstart zal plaatsvinden, is nog niet bepaald. Dat hangt af van de verschillende her op te starten processen. Feit is dat een heropstart in de verwoeste infrastructuur op korte termijn niet mogelijk is.

    Brussels Airport begon donderdag al met het opzetten van tijdelijke constructies. Deze integreren de bijkomende veiligheidsmaatregelen die van overheidswege op alle Belgische luchthavens werden ingevoerd. De vertrekflow leidt via tijdelijke constructies naar de gelijkvloerse zone van Connector. Daar werd een ruimte ingericht met tijdelijke incheckbalies waar passagiers zich kunnen aanmelden voor hun vlucht en ook hun bagage kunnen afzetten. Van daaruit gaat het via een diensttrap naar het bekende screeningplatform van Connector, dat ongeschonden uit de aanslagen kwam. Hier vindt de controle van personen en handbagage plaats en vanaf daar volgen passagiers het gewone traject. Voor de aankomende passagiers wordt er gekeken naar een oplossing per bus via een hangar.

    Dit scenario moet nu voldoen aan drie criteria:

    De tijdelijke constructies moeten voldoen aan alle bouwkundige en brandtechnische veiligheidsvoorschriften
    De verschillende passagiersflows moet in het echt worden getest om zeker te zijn dat alles vlot verloopt
    De overheidsinstanties moeten hun zegen geven over het veiligheidssysteem dat werd opgezet

    De bouwkundige en brandtechnische keuring van de tijdelijke constructies vindt komende dinsdag plaats.

    Voor het testen van de passagiersflows organiseert de luchthaven komende dinsdag een grote test waarbij 800 luchthavenmedewerkers de tijdelijke opstelling en infrastructuur voor het incheckproces zullen testen. Deze test werd uitgewerkt in samenspraak met de verschillende luchthavenpartners, de Federale Politie, Defensie, het Directoraat-Generaal Luchtvaart (DGLV) en ondersteunende technische bedrijven.

    De betrokken overheidsinstanties dienen uiteindelijk hun akkoord te geven over het veiligheidssysteem en dus over het effectief deels heropstarten van de activiteiten van de luchthaven.


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