The Many Faces of Extremism

To remember

  • Extremism = many forms always existed
  • political & social extremism > multiple forms of political extremism including totalitarian regimes + rampaging military + extreme ethno-nationalism <= including cultural & structural violence against “the other” + anti-democratic force + authoritarianism + rejecting pluralism + against minorities
  • social extremism – social phenomena of exclusion and/or domination of others – exclusion of others > sexism & racism => homophobia or xenophobia
  • political extremism – discrimination > other opinion, membership of a national minority, property, religion or belief
  • sexism > often deeply rooted in many societies
  • racism
  • religious extremism > sectarian groups follow a more particular reading of sacred texts => tension with rest of society > high degree of control of their followers
  • very strong opinions
  • activities far removed from the ordinary
  • not respect dignity of the other or honour their humanity
  • acceptance of labeling by certain groups
  • radical – marginalized > radicalisation > fundamentalism
  • different value systems held by the observers
  • try to shift public opinion
  • extremists use public actions to draw attention to their cause
  • historical & current political context > determines political perceptions
  • not necessarily violent
  • singular thinking + narrow opinion development, potentially leading to hatred + violence
  • violent strategy usually alienates potential allies
  • internet = place to trump the other > aggressive interaction => fragmented societies
  • right-wing parties = anti-system ideology + their narratives directed against current political culture, mixed with ethno-nationalist perspectives + racist attitudes. => issue of immigration high on the agenda
  • violent extremism= errorism > strategies + tactics reflecting power imbalance related to intended target
  • =/= deep-seated and irrational hatred > terrorist attacks >> based on rational + cold-blooded decision to attack other group => counter-attacks => collateral damage
  • seven drivers of violent extremism
    1) denial of basic rights & civil liberties;
    2) harsh & brutal rule including gross violations of human rights;
    3) widespread corruption (perception of impunity for elite);
    4) bad governance & ungoverned areas;
    5) protracted, violent local conflicts;
    6) repressive regimes perceived as illegitimate;
    7) some extremist groups got support from the state but now lost control
  • deradicalisation = demanding a cognitive shift
  • disillusionment with the movement => questioning ideology
  • constant negativity about outside world (linked with missing sense of spirituality) => causes people to become stressed + disillusioned with violent extremist group
  • disengagement = behavioural change including leaving a group or changing one’s role within it
  • social + economic benefits experienced when one disengages + eventually deradicalises
  • clerics or former combatants = critical actors in the deradicalisation process
  • Disarmament, Demobilisation and Reintegration (DDR)
  • ideas of restorative justice> victim-centered approach > holds accountable former extremists, expecting their acknowledgement of crimes committed & challenging them to take responsibility for wrong done to others =>personal transformation > integration into community + some form of reparation => healing with the other + own community
  • critical action > 1. respect, 2. thinking, 3. values




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Johannes Langer

Extremism has always existed although it is since the 9/11 attacks that many people around the world began to fear it. As extremism is a complex phenomenon, scholars and policy makers have significant differences as to what extremism is and is not. Desmond Tutu defined extremism this way: “when you do not allow for a different point of view; when you hold your own views as being quite exclusive, when you don’t allow for the possibility of difference” [1].

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